What makes the perfect home decor? It’s a very subjective matter and what looks perfect for one person may be appalling for another. But we all can agree on certain guidelines that do make interior design pleasing to the eye.

There are certainly rules of thumb that most interior designers follow and that most homeowners appreciate. Here are 12 rules that you won’t go wrong following.

Size Matters

When it comes to choosing furniture, it can be too small for a room. Even if it’s a small space, it can benefit from bigger furniture. It makes a strong statement and all you have to worry about is not to make it overcrowded, which is a layout issue more than anything. Don’t be afraid to go bigger, it makes a difference.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Most rooms we see are very underlit. Lighting is crucial to home decorating so make sure you have at least three light sources in a room. Create layers of light with recessed light, chandeliers, lamps and sconces to eliminate all those unnecessary shadows.

Live with It

Source: brabbu.com

Source: brabbu.com

First thing you have to understand is that you shouldn’t expect to completely decorate your home in one day. Don’t rush into buying things especially if you’re on a budget. Carefully choose furniture and accessories for your room and live for a while with them to make sure it makes you happy and it’s functional as intended. Each piece has to live in to your home and your interior design will grow over time.

Avoid Furniture Sets

Don’t cut corners by getting all pieces in a furniture set. Your home decor should be unique and have a character which evolves over time, it shouldn’t look like something you did overnight. Each piece you buy should be evaluated and blended in the rest of the decor and look natural.

Don’t Go Overboard with a Theme

Source: hative.com

Source: hative.com

Following a theme is a good idea as long as you don’t go overboard with it. You can choose a nautical color scheme, for example, but when it’s all blue and white stripes with rope knot pillows to boot, your room starts looking like a strange theme park. Avoid that and keep the theme subtle.

Choose Your White

If you paint white, you have to choose the right color, and there are thousands of whites to choose from. Paint a swatch with a select color and go around the room to see how it looks in different places and lighting.

Don’t Fight the Architecture

It’s great if your walls have beautiful moldings but don’t paint the walls in an accent color to emphasize cheap window and door frames. Understand the best qualities of your room and emphasize them while hiding the weak points.

Start with an Empty Room

Source: www.bloodandchampagne.com

Source: www.bloodandchampagne.com

When decorating, start with an empty room and go from there. Even if it’s not empty follow the same path as if it was. First, choose the wall colors, windows, light fixtures, then start adding big furniture and move on to smaller things. Try to always start with big things and move on to smaller, building the room bit by bit.

Make Surprising Decor

Source: www.purewow.com

There’s good home decor and there’s great decor. What makes it great is that it surprises with accents that throws the look a little bit off. So add accents like a rustic TV board, or leather furniture in the bathroom to make your interior design great.

Use Colors

Source: www.bhg.com

Source: www.bhg.com

Avoid making your decor bleak in neutral colors. Yes, a neutral scheme is safe and non-committing but even if you just use accent color throw pillows, add color as much as you can.

Create Vignettes


Vignettes create character out of personal items. But don’t make a mistake of putting all your personal belongings on display on the shelves, group them in vignettes by carefully choosing what you want to show off and putting away the rest. Remember that you can and should change them up from time to time.

Soften the Corners

A room has a lot of sharp edges so try to add elements with rounded corners, such as this rounded corner shelf, round rugs or round furniture like a coffee table or an ottoman. Houseplants in the corners work too.

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