Decorating your home is a very creative activity so sometimes it’s easy to disregard professional advice thinking that only you can decide what goes in your home and what doesn’t. However, taking into account what designers have to say can give you a direction that you may very well need.

Starting with the most basic home decor guidelines and ending with fine tuning little details – you will get inspired to create your own style, if anything. So here are 10 things that a professional designer would tell you about your home decor.

You Don’t Have to Love Every Piece of Decor



Think about your home decor as a whole. It’s not likely that you’ll love every feature, color, piece of furniture, and while you should try to fill your home with things you love, the big picture is all that matters in the end.

Follow the Plan

Make a plan and stick to it. It doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from the plan as you go but a general sense of direction is always necessary to keep you on the track.

Get Inspired By Your Wardrobe

Short on ideas for colors and patterns? Use your clothing style to get inspired. After all, you have your own dressing style that you like to follow, your home should reflect that in every detail too.

Create a Conversation Area



A popular (for a good reason) layout for the living room is to create a conversation area by pulling furniture away from the walls to a group around a coffee table. It solves two problems in one go – preventing the boxed out feel that furniture pushed against the walls gives, and making a functional setup to entertain your guests.

Paint Ceiling Black

If you want to elevate the ceiling visually, paint it black (think of a night sky). Black paint can do wonders in rooms with low ceiling, like basement, and it makes a surprising decor feature.

Free Wall Art with Magazine Covers and Pages

Looking for interesting but inexpensive ideas for wall art? Instead of buying prints, why not take pretty covers and pages from old magazines?

Use Towel Hooks Instead of Bars

Towel bars tend to make a mess in the bathroom as you carelessly throw towels on them. Instead, install hooks and you can even add them to the bar for a quick and easy solution.

You Need More Lights

Do you think your home has enough lighting? Chances are you are used to your home and can’t notice what it may be lacking. If a room has only recessed lighting and there are lots of shadows cast by various objects, you probably need more lighting. You can add it with floor and table lamps or sconces which is very easy to do, and you get an extra decorative benefit.

Make the TV Look Like Art

The easiest way to draw any attention away from the big black flat box is to decorate heavily around it, thus balancing the space out. You can do that with pictures and wall art.

Create Mood Boards When Choosing Color and Decor Pieces



A mood board would help you keep the theme of the room in check and be consistent. A room that doesn’t look like a mash up of ten different styles always looks more sophisticated and complete.

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