While there’s a lot of leeway in decorating your home, you still want to make it look pretty and without very obvious inconsistencies and mistakes. Even if you’re not one for rules, you will appreciate some guidelines on what does work and what actually doesn’t work in home decor.

So here are 10 of the biggest home decor do’s and don’ts. It is a recipe for a truly beautiful home.

Don’t Hang Small Art on Big Walls

There’s nothing wrong about small art but if you hang it on a big empty wall, you either have to build a gallery to take that space up, or use bigger art. Choose either one of the two options but don’t just hang a small picture and leave the rest of the wall empty – it immediately makes the room look smaller and under-decorated.

Do Hang Curtains High

Remember, drapes decorate the wall, not the window. So you have to hang them just below the ceiling, or if your ceiling are too high, at least a foot above the window. Correctly hung drapes make the ceiling look higher and the space bigger, while hanging them too low makes them stick out in an uncomfortable way.

Don’t Get a Rug That’s Too Small

Another way to make your room look smaller is to use a rug that is obviously too small. Such a rug divides the space visually and it’s not what you may want, especially in a smaller room. Make sure the rug is big enough to fit all the furniture it is supposed to anchor.

Do Mix Textures

To introduce more home decor interest, use different textures to create a well decorated look. Choose different furniture finishes, upholstered furniture fabric patterns, rugs and curtains.

Don’t Clutter Up

Source: www.hgtv.com

Source: www.hgtv.com

Clutter is a major no-no in home decor, it’s pretty obvious. And it includes not only misplaced everyday use items but unmoderated display items and decor pieces as well. Make sure you establish storage space and drop zones for various items and edit your displays to keep only the most important accent and statement pieces on view.

Do Use Color

Use color to make your decor interesting but do it moderately. While an all neutral color scheme is boring, random pops of color that don’t play well together don’t work either and make the place look cluttered. Instead, match a few accent colors and introduce them with accent pieces making sure they compliment each other.

Don’t Forget About Seating

Surprisingly, chairs can be quite expensive and you always need extra seating. The solution is getting relatively cheap poufs that are compact, comfortable and cute. Not only they provide the seating, they add to home decor and they can easily be stored under a table (even a coffee table).

Do Test Paint Colors

So you’ve decided on a color based on its psychology and the mood you want to create for the room, you paint the room and notice it doesn’t look how you imagined it would be. Test before painting the entire walls, use swatches and mood boards to get a good idea of what it will really look like.

Don’t Ignore Architectural Details

Having molding in a room is a feature that has to be used to it’s full extent. Paint it in accent color (or paint the wall in contrasting color or pattern) to create architectural interest. Use furniture that compliments the classic style but don’t be afraid to introduce a few modern pieces as well.

Do Trust Your Instincts

Finally, trust yourself in decorating you own home. Everything goes if it feels right and you believe it is a great fit for your home. So feel free to go on splurges for statement pieces, feel free to experiment, and even break some of the rules. Nobody know better how your home should look like than you.

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