41 Easy Creative DIY Lamp and Lampshade Ideas

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Want to improve your home lighting by making your own lighting fixtures? Here’s how to make a DIY lamp, lampshade, or hanging lights using one of these easy tutorials.

Improving your home lighting is one of the most important things you can do to improve the look, feel and even the price of your home. A well planned and installed lighting can mean a huge deal to your interior design and decor value. You have to consider well before doing it yourself or buying lighting fixtures. If you do decide to go the DIY way, we are here to help.

To make it easier we’ve grouped the tutorials into three sections – lamp, lamp base, and lampshade. By mixing and matching the three you can create your own unique light fixtures. Let’s begin!

What's Inside?

How to Make a Lamp

In a nutshell, here are the steps to make a lamp:

  1. Take a DIY light kit, which includes a light bulb socket and a wire;
  2. Make a lighting fixture of your choice (use the tutorials below);
  3. Make a lampshade if you need one.

DIY Pendant Light (Fish Scale)

Here is a fabulous DIY lamp project you can take on with ease! If you like all thing a bit dynamic, this fish scale idea will keep your interest going! Completing this concept will require various elements, such as paper, paraffin wax, mineral oil, crockpot, paper lantern, and a few others. The tutorial itself is simple to follow, while the project will cost you no more than $20. After cutting plenty of circles, you will need to paint them accordingly and let them sit for a while. Then, it is all down to making the pattern work with your plain white lamp! Easy and effective!

Rustic Lamp (Jute Wrapped)

Looking for a change in lighting? Here is a great idea to motivate you. This precious jute-wrapped DIY project is time-friendly, budget-appropriate and cool to have at home! Jute, an old drum light, and some precision are elements needed to carry out the task right.

You will have to keep a stable balance of rope across the lap surface, making sure no cracks or spaces turn up in the end. Although it requires a bit of technique and patience, this DIY lamp doesn’t need light to stand out in any room of the house!

DIY Hanging Lamp (Doily)

Doily and adorable DIY projects should never go unnoticed! For those reasons here is how you can make yourselves a large and charming night lamp, shining in multiple doily patterns. For this project, you will need a set of doilies, a balloon to hold your lamp’s frame, and some glue to bring it all together.

Of course, the cable and bulb will be incorporated in the lamp later. The central concept here is to glue the entire balloon with doilies, making sure they stick well together. When done, pop the balloon, install the bulb and cable and turn on the light!

Globe Light Fixture

How to make a majestic globe  lamp
Tutorial: madincrafts.com

Recreating night lamps is not only fun but creative and practical as well. This tremendous DIY globe pendant lamp project is easy to do and doesn’t require plenty of effort. What you’ll need for this task are two large plastic bowls, tin snips, a drill, sanding paper, duct tape, and glue.

Create the holes in each bowl. Tape your bowls and drill holes in each. Then, glue the two pots together leave them overnight to dry. Remove the duct tape in the morning. Attention to detail is required, especially while drilling. Ultimately, introduce nocturnal charm to your lamp and paint it in deep navy shades. Brilliant!

Unique Pendant Light Fixture

Geometric shapes have always been popular, so let’s give this DIY lamp project a try. This pendant lamp creates a mellow atmosphere and is very simple to do as well. Accomplish this fabulous DIY lamp by using a handful of cocktail straws, a crafting wire, wire cutter, and glue, among others.

Initially, start creating your geometrical shape. Choose a dynamic and vibrant form to give your lamp a kick. Once everything is glued together well, you will need to use felt Tetris-like pieces to secure the lamp even further.

With a resourceful tutorial in mind, you’ll have yourself a fancy pendant lamp in no time.

Colorful Rope Lamp

How to make a flirty  rope lamp
Tutorial: blog.etsy.com

Coastal and playful vibes are correctly translated into this sensational DIY rope lamp.  What’s better this piece can be created in a few simple steps. For it, you will need a long rope, a balloon, an old vase or other cylindrical objects, glue, and some paint of your choosing.

First, use the balloon to shape your lamp accordingly. Leaving an opening for your light kit, move onto the vase to make sure the rope is firmly glued into place. Next, paint your lamp halfway up and install the lighting details.

All in all, this is a smart and practical DIY idea that works!

Wood Pendant Light Fixture

How to make a spherical  hoop pendant lamp
Tutorial: petalandply.com

Creating an affordable, yet impactful DIY lamp is possible, and this great idea is here to prove it. Spherical and geometrical shapes are ideal for any rustic or breezy setting, and this idea requires minimal effort to complete. Some of the bits you’ll need to do it include quilt hoops, paint, square dowel, pendant light kit, and a few other elements.

The techniques involve a bit of drilling and technical arranging of the hoops, but nothing too challenging even for beginners.

The result of this DIY project is just dreamy, and the steps needed to do it are relatively easy to follow as well!

Basket Light Fixture

Did you know that metallic garbage bins work amazingly as night lamps? Today, let us teach you how to accomplish a great project with minimal budget included, but a significant effect while at that. For this spectacular lamp, you will only need an empty, metallic garbage bin and a lighting kit.

The primary point is to make a hole at the bottom of your bin, allowing the lamp cable to fit in perfectly. And, that’s about it! If you have all the elements ready to go, you won’t spend a dime, but will still deliver a beautiful retro effect that makes this DIY project so worthy of your time!

Paper Chandelier

How to make a neon papercut  lampshade
Tutorial: makezine.com

Here is a paper chandelier idea to make you proud of your skills, even as a rookie. This catchy colorful lamp uses papercut and looks dreamy for its budget as well. As for the elements included, you will need paper in many vibrant or neon colors, scissors, and some imagination. And, yes, for this project glue will become your best friend!

Know that you will have also to draw out your pattern, so make sure it’s graphical and futuristic. Finally, folding your masterpiece into a cone will give your lamp the shape it needs. Fancy, right?

Bird Cage Lamp

Tweet cage DIY projects are charming, impactful and know how to stand on their own. For that, this precious lampshade project is the perfect weekend project to do. Creating the concept requires a set of supplies, including an old lamp’s plastic base, and floral wire. The birds come at the end, so bear with us.

The first thing to do is connect your round, plastic base with your wire. For a more profound impact, you can also paint your cage in copper or gold. Next, placing branches for your birds. Then, assemble the birds across space, and there you go – another incredible DIY project completed!

DIY Table Lamp (Paper Plate)

All whites are always a hit, so here is an excellent lampshade idea that works great in any space. Completing this task is very simple, and will give you an oriental effect in no time. The making of the lamp itself requires a few elements, such as Dollar Store paper plates (cut in half), a glue gun, and a lampshade base.

Cutting your plates in halves will help you create that specific 3-D effect, which makes the lamp so chic.

Make sure you have an eagle eye for details as well. But be sure that once you get the hang of it, you’ll come out as a true DIY superstar!

DIY Desk Lamp (Glitter)

How to make a  glitter lampshade
Idea via Pinterest.com

Making things look expensive is one of the joys of DIY. Covering a lampshade with glitter can add a touch of luxury at a fraction of cost. Who says you need expensive furniture to add some class to your home?

Dining Room Light (Grater Lamp)

Recycling and upcycling can be a lot of fun. Turning simple graters to lamps is a brilliant way to add a rustic accent to your kitchen decor.

Tree Branch Floor Lamp

How to make a  tree branch lamp
Via: Pinterest.com

Nature-inspired furniture is a great way to add a unique accent to your decor and make it truly stand out. A tree branch lamp brings a warm rustic style and whimsy to minimalist decor. This lamp will make a great addition to your reading nook and serve as an excellent floor lamp for reading.

Corner Light Fixture

While it’s a simple lamp design, it’s genuinely brilliant. Use the otherwise dead corner space to create additional lighting in a room.

Unique Lamp Design

How to make a quirky  lamp design
Via: Pinterest.com

Making this quirky lamp design is easy from a simple light socket. Perfect for the kid’s room or anywhere you want to add a fun and unexpected decor accent.

Concrete Industrial Lamp

How to make  concrete lamps for  on a
Tutorial: www.brit.co

For some industrial style, make these DIY concrete pendants. The process is made simple by using plastic bottles. Check out the tutorial.

How to Make a Lamp Base

If you’re going to make a lampshade you will need a base for it. Now, you can re-use an old lamp, use a kit, or make the lamp base from scratch. This is a set of tutorials that will help you make one either way.

Recycled Book Lamp Base

Recycling is widespread in all aspects of life, and DIY projects happen to be just one of the many. Get ready to take on this excellent lampshade project that oozes rusticity and warmth at the same time. This lampshade idea needs several supplies to complete. Some of them include a big book, a bulb holder, a drill, and strings, among others.

First, cut your book in the very middle. Attach the bulb holder to it. Next, drill holes in the book, and thread them through each hole of the book, to keep it open. Don’t forget to install the bulb just before that! So nice!

Birch Tree Branch Floor Lamp

Here’s one more way to create a simple but lovely lamp inspired by nature. Dried birch tree branches make perfect lamp posts with lots of rustic warmth.

Recycled Strainer Hanging Lamp

How to make a DIY kitchen strainer lamp
Via: Pinterest.com

We had lamps made of recycled grates, here’s another idea for a lamp made of a strainer pot. Once you find a strainer that begs to be used as a light pendant in its design, it’s a matter of simple transformation.

Whiskey Bottle Lamps

Whiskey bottles make awesome light pendants if a bit quirky and whimsical. Here’s how to turn them into real lamps.

DIY Sconce Fixture

How to make a DIY Lamp sconce fixture
Via: Pinterest.com

By using some creativity, you can create light fixtures from the most unexpected things. That makes home decor unique with a lot of character.

Skateboard Lamp

How to make a DIY skateboard lamp
Tutorial: imgur.com

You can make a lamp by transforming and upcycling many things for unexpected decor accents. This skateboard lamp idea is a perfect example of that.

Shelf Bracket Lamp IKEA Hack

IKEA has Ekby Valter brackets for wall mounted shelves that can be used for another purpose. They make brilliant minimalist lamp fixtures with some modification.

Artist’s Dummy Lamp

How to make a DIY lamp from artist's dummy
Via: Pinterest.com

IKEA also has the famous artist’s dummy decorative accessory which can be used for many different DIY projects. One of them is turning it into a lamp.

Mason Jar Light Fixture

There are many things you can make from mason jars, and a chandelier is one of them. If you like the rustic style that these jars bring to home decor, you’ll love this project.

DIY LED Lamp (Wood Board)

This lamp design is brilliant in its simplicity and minimalist decor quality. All it takes is two boards with LED lights to create a simple but attractive lamp.

Concrete Copper Industrial Lamp

How to make a DIY copper concrete lamp
Via: Pinterest.com

This DIY project may be a little bit more involved, but it’s brilliant if you’re a fan of the industrial style. Who wouldn’t love to have this adorable desk lamp in their home?

Quadripod Wooden Floor Lamp

How to build a  quadripod lamp for living room
Tutorial: houseologie.com

If you need more rustic accents for your home decor, try building a floor lamp from wood. It gives the room an accent emphasis in a warm texture and another source of lighting.

How to Make a Lamp Out of a Bottle

Let’s start a simple DIY project with a lamp made from a bottle. It’s a straightforward process to create a lamp that looks quite quirky and adds a lot of character to room decor.

Wood Floor Lamp

The design of this simple floor lamp made of wood is inspired by nature and the basic shape of a tree. It adds some rustic element to your room and brings extra lighting to any corner of the space where it’s needed.

How to Make a Lampshade

And here are the basic steps to make a lampshade:

  1. Choose the material for your lampshade;
  2. Cut the material in the shape you need;
  3. Paint the material;
  4. Prepare the material for the lampshade – this usually includes waxing it to make it heatproof;
  5. Glue the lampshade together;
  6. Attach it to the lighting kit or a lighting fixture.

Materials That Can Be Used for a Lampshade

Most materials can be used to make a lampshade except anything that is easily flammable and not resistant to heat. Here are some of the materials you can use for a DIY lampshade:

  • Light cotton fabrics;
  • Waxed paper;
  • Jute and rope;
  • Plastic;
  • Metal;
  • Glass;
  • Wood;
  • Concrete;
  • Recycled materials;

Once you choose your materials and know-how to make a lamp and a lampshade, let’s continue to the step by step tutorials for the specific DIY lamp you want to make.

Rustic Lamp Shade

How to make a shabby chic rosette  lampshade
Tutorial: simplyciani.com

If you are on the search for the next great DIY project, here it is! A fabulous lampshade idea takes the form of a rose garden and delivers guaranteed romanticism to any setting. To do it, you will need a few bits and pieces, including fabric, simple lampshade, and hot glue and scissors.

The first thing to do is to create your rosettes. If you are into creativity, this is just the time spender to keep you busy. Once that’s done, you only have to assemble all rosettes onto the lamp itself. Pretty and striking, indeed!

Fabric Lampshade

Lamps are prone to changes, which is precisely why you need to try out this next DIY project! Turning your plain, white lamp into a greatly patterned piece is possible. For that, you will need an old light you want to redo, a patterned fabric of your choosing (the brighter, the better), and of course glue.

What you are looking to do is a lamp wrap, using the chosen fabric and an appropriate spray. Once done, make sure your lamp is smooth and doesn’t wrinkle.

This practical and affordable idea can trigger up your creativity for more projects to come, so let’s have some fun!

Crochet Lampshade

If you are into color and crocheting, this is the perfect DIY lamp project for you.  Here we have a beautiful homemade lamp design that is both trendy and nostalgic at the same time. All you need is a few crocheting skills, but a helping hand can be used as well.

For the project itself, you’ll need a crocheted shell pattern, intended to fit the lamp perfectly. Use a metallic frame and wrap it halfway. Finally, install your light kit and you are done. A truly dynamic and practical idea that puts your creative skills to the test!

Cloth Scrap Lampshade

Cloth scraps are an interesting fabric to work with, so if you’re up for it, here is a DIY project to experiment with. This cloth-wrapped lampshade is very easy to make, and still gives out a sense of liberation and breeziness to your space.

To make it, you will need a light, slightly transparent piece of white cloth (always go for lighter shades). You will also need fabric cutter and a circle-shaped wire as the frame.

After making your cloth into fringes, begin wrapping them around the metal wireframe. Secure them well and let your fantastic new lampshade introduce fun to your home!

Industrial Lampshade (City Scape)

Welcome to the city of lights, turned into a fabulous DIY project. If you want an authentic lamp in your home, this cityscape idea will win your over. Making it requires a few elements, among which are a central cone or cylindrical lamp, a hole piercing tool and a contemplated design in mind.

With a bit of effort, you will create a mini-city that shines brighter than sunshine. The final steps include regluing your lamp back and exhibiting it for everyone’s sore eyes. Simple, captivating and anything but pricey, this DIY project is a definite ‘Go.’

Recycled Sweater Lampshade

Wondering what to do with your old sweater? Then, here is a DIY project you’ll love for sure. This unusual lamp ides uses two simple elements – a metallic frame and a well-stretched sweater around it. Make sure you choose a sweater that is light, finely transparent and playful regarding pattern.

Cut as much of the middle section as you need, and stretch the fabric across the lamp base surface. Glue everything in together, and install your lighting kit. Lighting the path towards romance, for sure!

This excellent idea will create a mellow, yet comfortable space, so why not give it a shot?

Colorful Ombre Lampshade

Ombre is not just for hair anymore! This perfect blend of colors is impressive as it is, but once transformed into a lampshade, it becomes even more glorious. To complete it, you will need a handful of items, such as a white or neutral nightstand lamp, basin, warm water, and chosen hair fabrics (bright colors, please!).

From here, mix the water and color and start dipping the lamp in it. Make sure you work in levels, so the nice blend translates well. All in all, this project is beyond worthy of your time and has a detailed tutorial to follow. Be my guest!

Vintage World Map Lampshade

World maps are a fresh element to have at home, so why not incorporate them creatively? Look at this fancy lampshade project that is easy to do, and very suitable for your wallet as well. Creating it requires a few tools and items, such as a plain, white lampshade, a paper world map, and a permanent spray to hold it all together.

Now. Make sure you get your figures right, so you don’t overcut the map itself. Regarding details, this is an easy project to manage, but definitely, a one to make you a better handyman…and handywoman.

Balsa Wood Lampshade

Have a look at this gorgeous and classic Balsa wood lampshade?! Want to do it? Great, because we’ll teach you how. This lamp is made with a few essential elements, like a white lampshade, Balsa wood in different sizes, and of course, glue.

Begin wrapping your lampshade with the Balsa wood pieces, but create a level to it. Overlay your pieces on top of each other and form a diagonal bliss. The glue will help hold it all in one place, giving your lamp stability and firmness.

Good for its price, this DIY lamp idea will always be ‘in.’

Burlap Ruffle Lampshade

Inspired by Anthropologie, this burlap ruffle lampshade is pretty straightforward and easy to make. If you’re looking for something simple that you can DIY but something that will have an impact on your decor, try this lamp.

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