There’s nothing worse than misplaced shoes lying around a living space creating a mess and a real home decor eyesore. Not only it’s distasteful, it is a real nuisance when it comes to finding the shoes you want in a disorganized clutter. Having your shoes organized, on the other hand, doesn’t only look tidy, you can create a decor feature with a clever storage solution.

There are hundreds of shoe storage ideas out there but we have selected 40 of our favorites and we want to help you re-evaluate your own organization at home. We’ve tried many things and have decided on the best clever and the most stylish solutions of the year.

Shoe Rack from Rustic Crates

Love the idea for shoe storage rack using rustic crates

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Stacking several wooden crates to store your shoes makes a very appealing rustic storage shelf. You can fix simple crates together and even add divider shelves for more storage.

Hanging Shoes in the Closet

There’s no better idea for a small closet than to hang shoes on rods and coat hangers. Install more rods in your closet for more shoe storage space.

Shoe Storage Shelves

Open shelves are great to store shoes and even put them on display. Color coded organization makes a visually appealing and a very convenient setup.

Shoe Storage Baskets

If you want to hide all shoes away from the view, use baskets and tuck them away in otherwise unused space, such as space under the bench. Labeled baskets for each family member makes a very functional and fun storage solution.

DIY Pallet Shoe Storage Shelves

Love the idea for shoe storage rack made from pallet wood

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If you like DIY projects, this shoe storage solution is for you. Using pallet wood, you can create wall mounted shelves that take very little space and are great for entryways.

Shoe Storage Using Ikea Billy Bookcase

Ikea’s Billy bookcase is really very versatile. You can easily use it as a shoe storage unit and put your beautiful shoes on display.

Tilt Out Shoe Storage Unit

A tilt-out shoe storage unit is very functional and convenient. Shoes are hidden away and can be easily accessed when needed.

DIY Shoe Storage Cubby

This DIY shoe storage cubby can store a lot of shoes and it looks visually appealing at the same time. It’s a great way to add some decor interest to your entryway.

Shoe Storage Bench

If you like to hide your shoes away, this storage bench will do just that. While it’s attractive and convenient itself, it puts unused shoes away safely.

Shoe Storage Hook Rack

Install a hook rack low and close to the ground in your entryway for easy access and storage of your shoes. No more clutter of shoes lying around your entryway.

Wire Baskets

Great idea to store shoes in wire wall mounted baskets

Via Pinterest

Hanging wire baskets is a pretty clever idea to keep your shoes and it’s quite interesting as far as decor goes. It’s perfect for keeping the shoes of your toddlers together in one place.

Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

Check out how to make this DIY copper pipe shoe rack


Copper accents make interesting modern decor and you can have the benefits of it in a functional way. Create a copper pipe shoe rack in an empty corner and enjoy visual as well as storage benefits.

DIY Ladder Shelf

If you like to make your own shoe rack, this idea of a shoe ladder is a fun DIY project. Make use of small empty space to store your shoes in a visually attractive way.

Over the Door Shoe Rack

An over the door shoe rack is a great solution for walk in closets.

Bench with Storage Space

Love the bench with storage space for shoes

Via Pinterest

Here’s another excellent bench with plenty of storage for your shoes and boots alike.

Magazine Organizers for Slippers

Brilliant idea to store slippers in magazine holders


Small shoes and sippers can be stored in magazine holders on the shelves. It’s a pretty clever solution.

Hidden Staircase Storage

Hidden space in the staircase is the perfect place to hide your unused shoes. It’s pretty accessible too.

Built-in Shoe Storage Rack

We love elegant built-in solutions that add architectural interest to a room. Such is this clever built-in shoe rack.

DIY PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

PVC pipe is a great material for a DIY shoe rack which you can build together for as many storage space as you need.

Towel Rods for a Shoe Rack

Love the idea for a shoe storage rack using towel rods


Install towel rods in a walk in closet for as much shoe storage space as you like.

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