Improving room lighting is one of the essentials of good home decor and interior design that you can do on a budget. If you did just this one thing, you’d do very well to revamp your entire decor. Adding more lighting fixtures, table and free standing lamps will enable you to do exactly that.

To make it even more interesting, why not DIY your own lamps to add more character to your decor while you improve lighting at the same time. And even if your room lighting is perfect already, you can always create mood lighting or just add an accent. Here are 20 truly creative DIY lamp ideas to brighten up your space and not only literally.

Bottle Lamp

Let’s start simple DIY project with a lamp made from a bottle. It’s a straightforward process to make a lamp that looks quite quirky and adds a lot of character to room decor.

Nature Inspired Floor Lamp

The design of this simple floor lamp made of wood is inspired by nature and the basic shape of a tree. It adds some rustic element to your room and brings extra lighting to any corner of the space where it’s needed.

Glitter Lamp

Love the idea of a DIY glitter lampshade

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Making things look expensive is one of the joys of DIY. Covering a lampshade with glitter can add a touch of luxury at a fraction of cost. Who says you need expensive furniture to add some class to your home?

Burlap Ruffle Lamp

Inspired by Anthropologie, this burlap ruffle lampshade is pretty straightforward and easy to make. If you’re looking for something simple that you can DIY but something that will have an impact on your decor, try this lamp.

Grater Lamp

Recycling and upcycling can be a lot of fun. Turning simple graters to lamps is a brilliant way to add a rustic accent to your kitchen decor.

Quadripod Lamp

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If you need more rustic accents for your home decor, try building a floor lamp from wood. It gives the room an accent in warm texture and another source of lighting.

Tree Branch Lamp

Love the idea for a DIY tree branch lamp


Nature inspired furniture is a great way to add a unique accent to your decor and make it truly stand out. A tree branch lamp brings warm rustic style and whimsy to minimalist decor.

Corner Lamp

While it’s a simple lamp design, it’s truly brilliant. Use the otherwise dead corner space to create additional lighting in a room.

Quirky Lamp Design

Love the idea for a quirky DIY lamp design


Making this quirky lamp design is easy from a simple light socket. Perfect for the kids room or anywhere you want to add a fun and unexpected decor accent.

Concrete Lamps

Check out this easy idea on how to make #DIY concrete lamps for #homedecor on a #budget #project #crafts


For some industrial style, make these DIY concrete pendants. The process is made simple by using plastic bottles. Check out the tutorial.

Birch Tree Branch Lamps

Here’s one more way to create a simple but very attractive lamp inspired by nature. Dried birch tree branches make perfect lamp posts with lots of rustic warmth.

Recycled Strainer Lamp

Love the idea for a DIY kitchen strainer lamp


We had lamps made of recycled grates, here’s another idea for a lamp made of a strainer pot. Once you find a strainer that begs to be used as a light pendant in its design, it’s a matter of simple transformation.

Whiskey Bottle Lamps

Whiskey bottles make awesome light pendants if a bit quirky and whimsical. Here’s how to turn them into real lamps.

Quirky Sconce Fixture

Love the idea for a DIY Lamp sconce fixture


By using some creativity you can create light fixtures from the most unexpected things. That makes home decor unique with a lot of character.

Skateboard Lamp

Love the idea for a DIY skateboard lamp


You can make a lamp by transforming and upcycling many things for unexpected decor accents. This skateboard lamp idea is a perfect example of that.

Shelf Bracket Lamp IKEA Hack

IKEA has Ekby Valter brackets for wall mounted shelves that can be used for another purpose. They make brilliant minimalist lamp fixtures with some modification.

Artist’s Dummy Lamp

Love the idea for a DIY lamp from artist's dummy


IKEA also has the famous artist’s dummy decorative accessory which can be used for many different DIY projects. One of them is turning it into a lamp.

Mason Jar Chandelier

There are many things you can make from mason jars and a chandelier is one of them. If you like the rustic style that these jars bring to home decor, you’ll like this project.

Wood Board Lamp

This lamp design is brilliant in its simplicity and minimalist decor quality. All it takes is two boards with tube lights to create a simple but attractive lamp.

Concrete Copper Lamp

Love the idea for a DIY copper concrete lamp


This DIY project may be a little bit more involved but it’s brilliant if you’re a fan of industrial style. Who wouldn’t love to have this adorable desk lamp in their home?