Shoes can get anywhere around the house if you’re not keeping them organized. And needless to say that’s not a good decor decision at all. To avoid making decor eyesores and chaos with shoes, you have to keep them organized as much as possible. But that can be tricky if there’s a lot of them at home, owned by all family members.

You can get a cabinet or another storage unit dedicated to shoes but that may not be as simple if you have limited room space. This is where clever DIY storage solutions come in. They are functional, often have multiple purpose and don’t take much space at all. You need at least one of these solutions at home and you can build it yourself. And after reading this list, head over for 40 more clever shoe storage ideas.

Shoe Storage Bench

This shoe storage DIY bench is simple but doesn’t lack decor interest at all. We especially like this design in pastel green and beautiful top surface in wood finish. It may not provide a lot of space for storage but it’s perfect for your entryway to keep those shoes tidy.

Easy Shoe Rack

Check out how to build an easy DIY shoe rack


If you need more space for shoe storage but don’t want the unit to occupy a lot of room, this is a great solution to build for yourself. You can easily place it in a closet or in an empty corner wherever some space is available. It can fit a lot of pairs of shoes.

Easy Shoe Peg Rack

This peg rack is one of the easiest and quickest to build shoe racks you can DIY. Being wall mounted, it doesn’t take up room space at all and it can fit as many shoes as you want. It’s a perfect addition to your entryway or mudroom.

Pallet Shoe Rack

Here’s another shoe rack that you can build very easily. All it takes is cutting up a pallet and you can build as many rack levels as you need. It may not be the prettiest rack for your home decor, but you can experiment with wood stain and paint to make it visually attractive.

Shoe Ladder

A shoe storage ladder is a functional piece of furniture with a lot of decor interest. It’s relatively easy to build and you won’t need a lot of materials. It may not store that many shoes but it will look great in your entryway.

Wooden Shoe Rack

If you need something simple that does the job, this wooden shoe rack is the most simple shoe storage unit that you can build yourself. Its simple design only takes a few wood planks to make and it looks attractive enough to be placed in the entryway or a closet.

Rustic Shoe Rack from Crates

We always prefer interesting rustic design so this brilliant shoe rack is one of our favorites. It’s as easy to build as it is attractive and it gives you ample of storage space for shoes and more. This crate rack will easily become an accent piece in your decor.

Shoe Rack for the Mudroom

Need something interesting but functional for your mudroom? This DIY shoe rack will be the perfect accent. It will give you a lot of space for shoe storage and it will be an attractive piece in your entryway for your guests to see.

Hexagon Shoe Rack

If you need something more from a shoe rack than just storage space, an interesting design will be a great addition to your home decor. The hexagon shoe rack may be a bit more involved to build as a DIY project but it’s all worth it.

Crown Molding Shoe Rack

Check out how to build a DIY shoe rack from crown molding


This DIY shoe rack is as much a hack as a project. Crown molding makes a quick and easy solution to store those high heels in a classy way. Not to mention that lines of molding on a wall look whimsical and interesting as far as decor goes.

Shoe Storage Unit from an Old Bookshelf

Check out how to turn an old bookshelf into a DIY shoe storage unit

Idea via Pinterest

And old bookshelf can be used as a shoe storage unit for a quick solution. Make it interesting by applying wallpaper to the backboard and paint it in a new color.

Adjustable Shoe Storage Bench

This shoe storage bench may be an involved project to build but it can be a great addition to your entryway. It will give you enough space to store shoes of every family member and it has an adjustable shelf to adapt to the size of the shoes.

Skateboard Shoe Rack

Here’s an idea of a great repurposing/upcycling project if you can get your hands on a few old skateboards. They make a great shoe storage rack in a room of a teenager.

Shoe Organizer

This DIY shoe organizer looks better than most storage units you can pick up in stores and you can build it yourself. It adds style to your closet and can be used as a cabinet with a tabletop as a vanity.

Farmhouse Storage Bench

We like all things farmhouse and this shoe storage bench is a lovely DIY project to make in this style. The wooden crates providing closed storage is an easy and stylish design decision.