25 Decorative Privacy Fence Ideas to Create Living Spaces Outdoor

Last updated on June 4, 2024

These are trendy ideas for a privacy fence to decorate your outdoor space and provide a sense of security.

The privacy fence is, first and foremost, functional — it has to create a secluded space in your backyard.

Decorating it is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space. You can do it by adding decorative accents like vinyl fence siding, customizing it with different colors and textures, or even adding plants, art, and other decorative elements.

With the trends of creating outdoor living spaces, the privacy fence has a new meaning. It’s a wall that now needs to be decorate it.

My favorite accents are the vertical gardens and the use of decorative panels akin of indoor wallpaper.

Saul Cerni, Editor

Choose sturdy materials such as wood, vinyl, and iron for your fence posts and panels to ensure maximum security and privacy.

Inspired by these ideas, you can create an attractive yet secure privacy fence that will last for years.

Vinyl Fence

ActiveYards Moonstone Vinyl Fence privacy fence
Source: @myfence2go

This privacy fence design is a perfect combination of style and function. It features a low-maintenance vinyl fence with accents, gates, and DIY supplies from ActiveYards, a leading supplier of customized fencing solutions.

The fence is easy to install with its “It’s A Snap” installation system and provides a maintenance-free option for those looking for an attractive yet secure solution. This privacy fence offers additional security with its tall height and solid construction that block unwanted outside views.

Custom Color Privacy Fence

Custom Color Privacy Fence privacy fence
Source: @mrcfence

This privacy fence design features sturdy vinyl construction with picket panels, creating an attractive and secure barrier between your property and the outside world.

Ornate Panels

Inspiring and Inexpensive Privacy Fence Design Ideas privacy fence
Source: @kreatecube

This ornate fence design is a modern and stylish way to secure your outdoor space. It features a combination of wood, vinyl, and iron materials for a unique look that will stand out in any garden or backyard.

Built-in Planters

Built-in Planters and Bench Privacy Fence privacy fence
Source: @simaspaces

Instead of a trellis, this fence features a tall vertical panel construction with built-in planters. The fence is constructed of durable materials such as wood or metal and incorporates an appealing pergola overhead.

Lush potted plants line the top of the fence to bring more light into the design while still providing privacy. The gate adds an inviting touch and features decorative elements that can further enhance the modern feel of this exterior design.

Brick Wall

This design features lightweight cills, stone cladding, and stone masonry for a strong, sturdy structure that will last for years.

The boundary wall is made with Fernhill Stone which provides an elegant look while still being secure and reliable.

Bamboo Privacy Fence

This privacy fence design is perfect for creating a cozy outdoor oasis. It is made of wood panels and provides complete privacy to the backyard space while adding a stylish touch to the landscape design.

The patio features a flagstone patio and raised garden beds, with Adirondack chairs and patio furniture providing comfortable seating.

With this design, you’ll have your own backyard paradise to enjoy all year round!

Birch Trees

It features a tall, solid wood construction with a natural finish that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

The fence is topped with a decorative lattice pattern that adds an aesthetic touch to the overall look. The panels are also designed to provide maximum privacy, blocking out unwanted views and noise from outside.

Birch trees can be planted along the base of the fence for an inviting and lush garden feel.

Deck Enclosure

The deck enclosure features composite TimberTech materials to create a beautiful and durable deck.

The pergola lights add an extra touch of elegance while providing additional lighting during the evening hours.

DIY Privacy Fence

DIY Privacy Fence privacy fence
Source: @carmynjoy

This design features a tall wooden fence with a privacy screen affixed to the top. The screen allows for enhanced security and seclusion while allowing sunlight and air to pass through.

It also provides an attractive visual barrier that can add character and charm to any outdoor space.

Hardscape Fence

This fence design features a high-quality hardscape that adds style and functionality to any backyard. It is made of durable retaining walls that provide stability while creating beautiful curves and lines around the yard’s perimeter.

The fence is tall for maximum privacy and topped with a decorative fencing material for an elegant look. At the base of the wall is a no-weeds or mud zone, so there won’t be any puddles or messes from plants getting out of control.

Outdoor Living Space

This idea is perfect for creating a peaceful outdoor living space. It features tall wooden panels, creating an effective barrier from the outside world and providing complete privacy.

The panels are painted light grey, giving it a modern look that will fit seamlessly into any backyard oasis. To add a touch of rustic charm, the top of the fence is adorned with stock tank pools filled with freshwater plants and surrounded by lush landscaping ideas like shrubs and flowers.


This privacy fence design creates a lush and inviting outdoor space. It features a hedge of Emerald Green Arborvitaes, reaching up to 6ft tall, providing an effective barrier for privacy.

The path between the trees is ideal for winding walks through the garden or leading guests into the yard. With its vibrant greenery and natural appeal, this fence will add beauty and coziness to any home.

Horizontal Fence Extension

It is stylish and functional, with sleek wooden panels and accents of stunning brick walls.

The tall fencing creates a natural oasis with lush plants and gardens surrounding the area, creating an urban jungle perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Plant life provides added beauty to the landscape, while small gaps between each panel allow added light and visibility, making it an excellent choice for those desiring privacy but not wanting to compromise on style or comfort.

Even in large yards, this design adds rustic charm when combined with landscaping or a nature photography backdrop – giving you the perfect balance of security and an eye-catching aesthetic.

Rustic Fence

It consists of dark wooden slats that provide complete privacy from neighbors and passersby.

The slats are arranged in horizontal lines and border both sides of the property. The unique font used on the framework allows for a more personalized feel to the overall design, making it an excellent choice for any homeowner wanting to express themselves in their space.

Vertical Garden

This vertical garden features a tall wooden fence with a privacy wall and planter boxes.

Such a wall can be made of wood, vinyl, or metal for added security, while the planter box provides a beautiful display of outdoor plants.

Succulent Garden Privacy Wall

This modern fence design is made of aluminum and features succulents and garden art for a stylish and unique look. It provides an enclosed outdoor living space in the backyard.


Privacy Fence privacy fence
Source: @simaspaces

This pergola design is perfect for creating a cozy outdoor living space. It features a tall, solid wooden fence that provides complete privacy from the outside world.

The top of the fence is adorned with decorative finials, adding an elegant touch to the design. The bottom of the fence has a lattice pattern that allows light and air to pass through while still providing plenty of security and privacy.

Wall Signs

Talking about decorating your outdoor space like an indoor room. You can treat the privacy fence like a room wall and decorate it with signs and other art.

Privacy Fence with Lighting

This privacy fence design is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any backyard oasis or outdoor space. The wood construction creates a barrier between you and the outside world, allowing you to have a peaceful and private area without sacrificing style.

Screening and Deck Alterations

It features two separate alfresco seating areas, each with its own screening and slight deck alterations to provide an extra layer of privacy.

The sturdy fence panels ensure that your outdoor space remains private, while the open-air design allows for natural light and ventilation.

Privacy Planters

Bamboo Privacy Fence privacy fence
Source: @kim_dti

Another beautifully designed vertical garden of a privacy fence. It creates a backyard oasis without using much space.

Cedar Fence

Cedar Fence and Adirondack Chair Combination privacy fence
Source: @real.cedar

Constructed with sturdy materials, the cedar fence stands tall and wide to ensure complete privacy from the outside world.

Greenery Accents

Wooden Privacy Fence with Greenery Accents privacy fence
Source: @kate.onan

Potted plants and climbing vines along the sides of the fence increase the visual appeal. This is a simple way to decorate a regular fence.

Rustic Spa Garden Fence

Rustic Spa Garden Fence privacy fence
Source: @ccamullet

This is rustic and modern, with a classic look that makes it the perfect addition to any cozy garden. The high wooden panels create extra privacy, while the mid-century modern accents add a unique touch.

Sequoia trees provide natural beauty and add an element of grandeur. Redwood forest panels mingle amongst them for subtle elegance.


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