25 Lively Fence Ideas with Plants

Last updated on June 4, 2024

Create a unique and beautiful outdoor space with these modern fence ideas with plants. Read on!

Fences with plants are becoming increasingly popular for bringing life and beauty to any outdoor space.

This trend is characterized by various plants arranged in ribbon patterns along the length of the fence, as well as an added dimension with retaining walls or planter boxes.

Creating a vertical garden on a fence is also becoming more common, using hanging plants and pots for extra greenery that won’t get lost among taller foliage.

Here’s a list of ideas for you if you want to use plants to improve your fence garden.

Pinkish Wooden of Succulents Fence Garden

The fence’s unique pattern allows sunlight to filter through and create dappled shadows on the ground below. It adds a bright and cheerful atmosphere to any garden.

The construction is sturdy and reliable, perfect for keeping unwanted guests out while providing an inviting area to relax or putter in the garden.

With its vibrant colors and intricate design, this fence will give your garden a touch of elegance. This is the perfect way to start your day – rise and shine!

The Greenery Fence Garden

The plants are arranged in ribbon patterns along the length of the fence for an eye-catching look before and after installation. Caulfield and Ormond lily pily shrubs can be incorporated into the design to add texture and interest.

This living wall will provide privacy while bringing life to any outdoor space, whether a balcony or pool room.

Pots can be used along the bottom of the fence for additional greenery that won’t get lost among taller foliage. Retaining walls can also be added to give this beautiful garden fence design more dimension.

Vines on Fences

Star Jasmine fence with plants
Source: @byiwen

The black fence might be the perfect choice if you’re going for that minimalist approach. It could also help your home stand out from other houses on the block.

The black garden fence works well with green. The dominant color in most gardens is excellent for showcasing plant arrangements.

Various garden plants are planted along the bottom of the fence to bring color and texture to this beautiful outdoor space.

Traditional Herbs Fence Garden

Joanna Lefko's Herb Garden fence with plants
Source: @jo_lefko

Inside the fence are fragrant peppermint plants, bright cilantro, flavorful basil, and other herbs in abundance.

The perfect combination of greenery and design makes this fenced garden an attractive addition to any backyard.

Horizontal Herb Fence Garden

Herb Garden Fence fence with plants
Source: @_cupcaking_

Plants lovers will love this project, as it is easy to construct and requires minimal maintenance. The vibrant colors of the plants will make any outdoor space look inviting and add a touch of nature to your home.

Herbs can be planted along the bottom of the fence for a bonus, while tall climbers can be trained up the sides for a stunning effect.

With careful planning and creative use of color, this fence design with plants will make any yard look amazing!

Square Trellis Fence Garden

Trellis with potted flowers makes the fence beautiful. You can easily construct this fence for your outdoor space, adding an eye-catching feature to impress you.

Splashing Bougainvillea Picket Fence

The soft branches of the bougainvillea gently adorn the length of the timelessly classic fence, adding a splash of color to contrast its rustic charm.

Accentuating the natural beauty of this lively design are other low-maintenance plants clinging to and cascading through gaps in the fence.

Perennials are interspersed throughout, while evergreens provide steadiness and structure along both sides, with colorful foliage adding texture to an already captivating aesthetic.

It’s enough to make anyone feel inspired by nature’s vitality!

Golden Bloom Fence Garden

This shiny metal fence is an absolute delight. Blooming flowers guide your vision through the beautiful garden. The overall effect is calming and energizing, creating a peaceful oasis where one can slowly appreciate life’s precious moments.

Vivid Blooms Fence Garden

Vivid blooms of petunias and pansies line each side of the fence, full of tall perennials like daisies and snapdragons. The garden is sure to bring beauty and life to any outdoor space. It’s a great way to use the flowerboxes and put them over a fence to extend your home’s gates further.

Hanging Fence Planters

Hanging fence planters highlight the plants, creating a stunning focal point that adds beauty to any garden.

The striking combination creates an inviting atmosphere with lush greens, bright flowers, and stunning textures. With such a unique arrangement, this walking path will surely be the envy of all who witness it!

This is both beautiful and affordable too. You don’t have to build a planter or a whole new flowerbox. Add some hanging plants, and your home will have an eye-catching fence home.

Natural Trellis Fence Garden

The plants create a natural trellis, providing an eye-catching display of vibrant greenery. Combining wood and foliage creates a beautiful contrast that adds texture and color to any outdoor space.

With proper care, this fence design will continue to thrive for years. Nothing beats nature when it’s this beautiful.

Rosy Fence Garden

The vibrant colors of the roses and other flowers add a splash of color to the garden, while the greenery of the rosebush and other foliage provide texture and depth.

Outdoor lights create a warm evening atmosphere, making this fence design perfect for entertaining or relaxing after dark.

Gardeners appreciate it if maintenance for gardens takes minimal effort. With careful planning and thoughtful design, your fence will look just like this.

Hanging Flower Boxes Fence Garden

The flowers are arranged in planter boxes along the top of the fence and can be easily changed to suit your style.

The planter boxes provide an easy way to bring nature into your yard without taking up too much space.

Add some flair to handmade items such as flower decals or garden gifts. This simple design keeps your fence exciting and gives you more land space for your garden.

Charming Backdrop Hanging Plants

Fencing is hung on either side of the wall-hung planters to form an attractive backdrop. This provides extra protection for the plants without compromising the style.

Place the terracotta pots along the fence line. Fill them with ivy plants to create that beautiful cascading look. These elements create a summertime atmosphere perfect for any holiday cottage or home renovation project.

Add decorative fencing around the perimeter of the garden area for safety and enhanced aesthetics. This design gives any garden a beautiful, natural feel while providing privacy and security to its occupants.

Gorgeous Outdoor Fence Garden

This decorative fence garden looks gorgeous. It features wall-hanging plants and cornered trees, adorned with a sofa and artificial grass looks like a great idea. Any home’s outdoor area can be transformed into an inviting space perfect for relaxation.

Rectangular Boxes Fence Garden

This fence planter uses colorful flowers and other foliage to bring a little bit of nature to any garden or backyard.

Combining different green hues creates a stunning visual effect that will bring life to any landscape.

Strategically place pots along the fence at varying heights to add interest. It also provides more space for planting more diverse varieties of plants.

This is ideal for those with limited ground space who want to enjoy their private garden oasis.

Rustic Fence Garden

"Living Fence" fence with plants
Source: @hei_lo_me

Plant tomatoes, succulents, and other green-fingered favorites in the ground along the fence line. This provides an eye-catching contrast to the supporting posts.

Scatter potting soil and compost around each plant to complete the look. Ensure that their roots get all the nutrients they need to thrive.

With tender loving care and dirt under our fingernails, we can create a stunning garden feature that will bring joy for years.

White Rectangular Boxes Fence Garden

Several window boxes line the fence, while trough planters hold flowers in full bloom.

Fence plants, like ivy and shrubs, are scattered in various places for interest and texture. A tall trough sits at the base of the fence to provide a place to plant different flowers or vegetables.

The Castlewellan new builds make the fence a beautiful design with plants that can easily be constructed.

Rectangular Planter Boxes

There are windowboxes, flowerboxes, trough planters, and fence plants that add texture and depth.

Your garden is the perfect place for this handmade project, as it has all the elements to improve your home’s curb appeal.

With a few simple steps, your garden can look its best quickly.

Rain Gutter Fence Garden

Succulents, such as California succulents, are planted in rain gutter planters hung along the length of the fence.

The planters are filled with soil and arranged to create a colorful tapestry of foliage that will add texture and color to any garden.

Hanging planters can also be added for additional greenery, while potted succulents can create an eye-catching arrangement along the base of the fence.

This creative design gives you a unique and beautiful living wall to bring life and beauty to your outdoor space!

Stunning Fence Garden

The bright colors of the blooms contrast beautifully against the dark wood of the fence, creating a stunning look that will draw attention.

The planter boxes are strategically placed along the top of the fence for a unique touch, adding texture and dimension to this eye-catching design.

With careful maintenance, these plants will thrive in their new home and provide a lovely backdrop to any outdoor space.

Tin Can Fence Garden

Tin Can Fence fence with plants
Source: @kylowie

The design starts with a row of tall evergreen shrubs, such as boxwoods or yews, at the base of the fence.

These are then interspersed with climbing vines, like ivy and clematis. For added color, bright tinned flowers and other colorful perennials can be added to the mix.

To complete the look, top off the fence with low-growing ground covers like creeping thyme or sedum for a lush green finish.

Luxurious Fence Garden

The grey wicker panels provide contrast against the warm tones of the oak, while rattan furniture and corner sofas add to the cozy garden feel.

Solar lights illuminate this space in the evenings, giving it a romantic glow. Complete with a slate has been used to create an eye-catching border around each post.

The tortie cats love lounging on comfy cushions while they survey their domain – a perfect way to enjoy a sunny day.

Lush Fence Garden

The plants can hang in planters from the top of the fence, be grown along the sides, or even be planted in rain gutter planters running down the length of the wall.

With handmade options, gardeners can customize their look and choose from various colors and textures to create a lush and eye-catching display.

Succulent addicts will especially love this design as they can quickly propagate new plants from their existing collection. This colorful fence design is sure to add vibrancy to any outdoor area!

Did you get the idea you want for your fence? Save the ones you like and come back for more.


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