20 Best Garden Fence Ideas for a Fairy-Tale Landscape

Last updated on September 23, 2023

Looking for garden fence ideas to revamp your green space and landscape? Here are 20 best creative garden fences to inspire you.

There are many types of fences to choose for your garden. And every style works for different purposes and landscape styles. Whether you have a small backyard garden or a large beautiful flower garden, the choice of the garden fence is equally essential. It all depends on your needs. Do you want a privacy fence for a secluded space, or do you want to show off your garden in style?

Whatever your goal is, we strive to help you achieve it. These ideas are diverse, but all of them are creative in their ways. You’ll see how even the simple wood slat fences can have a lot of charm. We don’t even have to talk about the value of classic white picket fences. And the wrought iron garden fences can be quite an art.

Finally, there are arbors and trellises which allow you to take the aid of the live plants in planning your fence. So check out these brilliant ideas and design the fence of your dreams. Enjoy this list!

Wooden Privacy Garden Fence

This backyard with a small flower garden has all it needs for privacy. The wooden fence is high enough to provide the screen from the outside, and it’s interesting enough to be visually appealing. The use of two patterns in their design make this fence attractive.

Urban Trellis Garden Fence

This trellis fence is set out in a building complex and shelters this mini garden. The look is modern and industrial – all an urban setting needs. Once the vine fully grows, it will provide privacy to the small area.

Flower Garden Border Fence

The whole purpose behind border fences is to set out the limits to a garden. But also, the right fence will provide it with a lot of decor value. This wrought iron fence with embellishments successfully does all those things.

Artificial Ivy Trellis Garden Fence

Artificial Ivy Trellis Garden Fence
Source: www.etsy.com

This ivy isn’t real; it’s artificial. That means two things. First, it’s doesn’t require maintenance. And second, it can be used indoors. As a garden fence, it’s a great looking solution for a privacy fence.

Classic Maple Wood Garden Fence

This maple wood garden fence is built to look simple. It is the wild array of flowers that you give it to contain that lends the fence its complexity.

Slat Wood Privacy Garden Fence

If you’ve ever thought that a slat-wood deck would make an attractive looking fence, it does. The finished effect will make your backyard look as though it’s surrounded by a stylish lumber yard.

Brick Wall Wooden Mesh Garden Fence

Combining a low brick wall with a mesh-style wooden fence on top of it makes for a high contrast. For that extra bit of adventurousness, have some ivy or other creepers weaving through the slats.

White Picket Garden Fence

A simple white picket fence is always beautiful. However, you can make it stunning by growing pink roses in between the posts.

Embellished Slat Privacy Garden Fence

Parallel, overlapping redwood-stained panels with crisscross framed slats built on top makes the ideal border for a bright, green lawn.

Walnut Picket Garden Fence

Walnut Picket Garden Fence

If a white picket fence laced with pink roses is stunning, a plain, well-built walnut picket fence
surrounding a tree-filled lot is sublime.

Trellis Arc Garden Fence

Take a low stone wall and place a copper-finished wooden fence over it, adding a wooden trellis at the entrance. The finished result is sort of medieval with a touch of sophistication.

Weathered Picket Garden Fence with an Arch

Add a twist to the white picket fence design by roughing up the paint a bit and thinning it out in spots. This gives it a weathered look. A great extra touch is to add a white gate behind the trellis entrance.

White Picket Garden Fence with Big Posts

Channel your inner Charles Dickens by building a white picket garden fence interspersed with thick posts, then have a red brick or cobblestone path leading up to the gate.

Whimsical Pencil Garden Fence

Think outside the pencil box and create a colored pencil fence. Sharpened posts of red, yellow, blue, and green will make even the most jaded passer-by do a double-take. For an added touch, just under the tips, leave the wood its natural color. This will complete the look of a fresh-sharpened color pencil.

Tree Branch Trellis Large Garden Fence

If you are extremely patient, you can actually train tree branches to lay across the tops of large fence posts. Expert trimming will give you long, natural rows of horizontal fencing.

Unique Vegetable Garden Fence from Branches

An extraordinary effect is to build a pewter-stained fence with parallel planks and cross-slats on top. Bush branches are placed inside for a unique fence.

White Garden Fence with an Arbor

This take on the white picket fence may cause the neighbors to view you as the showing off type. Have each section escalate, and then de-escalate in size. This will give your garden fence a wavy pattern interspersed with posts utilizing intricately designed tops. Give the fence a huge white trellis for optimal style points.

Redwood Slat Garden Fence

Redwood slats, planted sideways in a curving pattern across an estate give the illusion of dominos ready to tumble.

Metal Panel Garden Fence

Huge metal panels surrounding a bank of landscaping makes for a breathtaking backdrop. The effect is almost that of a stadium full of plants and flowers.

Garden Gateway Fence

Garden Gateway Fence

If you have a garden large enough, you can build a picket fence with a large gateway. Let the vine grow on it as a simple trellis. Leaving the natural wood finish gives it a raw, rustic look.


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