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Looking for white picket fence ideas to complete your home landscape? Here are 20 classy ideas that will inspire you. Updated for 2019.

The white picket fence is a real classic when it comes to landscape design. Most homeowners consider it to be the ideal fencing style. Whether or not that’s your ideal too, this type of fence is worth considering nonetheless. It can help you increase the curb appeal of your house or garden, indeed.

There are numerous types of white picket fences, and we’ll go through most of them in this list. We’ve chosen only the most creative uses of the fences to feature. Each idea has something unique and offers design value to the landscape. It’s important to know how these designs work and how you can use them too. So check out the list and take notes for your inspiration.

White Picket Fence with Rose Arbor

Nothing can make a white picket fence prettier than an arbor with climbing red roses. It’s such a whimsical design for a beautiful garden.

Traditional White Picket Fence

This is such a beautiful house with a traditional white picket fence. The dark color of the house contrasts with the white fence giving the whole landscape a balanced look.

Alternating Picket Fence

This is a lovely small white house surrounded by a beautiful white picket fence in alternating pickets. Such a landscape is what dreams are made of. The garden flowers make great accents in this white background too.

Zig Zag Picket Fence

Unique design solutions make everything interesting. This zig-zag picket fence setup is one of those cases. It adds so much architectural interest to a simple landscape.

Wave Picket Fence

The wave design of this white picket fence is a very well chosen solution for this garden. It makes the landscape visually appealing and doesn’t take away anything from the garden itself.

Pointed White Picket Fence

This white picket fence with a pointed picket style serves as the perfect front accent in this Mutiny Bay Victorian home. A rounded arch and curved, waist-high gates open to a walkway that leads to the front door. Lush foliage is creeping around and over the fence to add a homey touch.

Low White Picket Fence

A low-set pointed picket fence is perfect for this cheerful yellow house. Open entryway accented by high shrubbery balances out the low height of the fence.

Rounded White Picket Fence

Rounded picket fences with pyramid cap post tops and top and bottom crosspieces surround this coastal 2-story home. The gate-less entryway opens to a wide stone pathway that leads straight up to the front porch.

Alternating Picket Fence

White Osborne picket fence in alternating heights show off the playful and bold colors of this blue and yellow house in Nevada City, California.

Osborne White Picket Fence

This charming 2-story house is accented by a white picket fence with a rounded Osborne picket style, round posts, and double swing gates. The fence opens up to the cement pathway that leads to the front door.

Molded Post Picket Fence

Short white fence with pointed pickets and molded cedar posts skirt around this charming one-bedroom property in Saugatuck. Pickets are done in alternating heights, and the small swing gate that’s opening up to the walkway inside the property is barely distinguishable from the rest of the fence.

Torrens Picket Fence

A white picket fence with Torrens-style pickets wraps around this cozy cottage. The white paint ties in beautifully with the cottage’s white windows. Small swing gate in the middle opens up to the walkway and front yard.

Arched Gateway Picket Fence

Beautiful pointed picket fence in matte white front this lovely Victorian property. Instead of a gate, there’s a wide arched entryway with double vertical supports and rounded segmented top.

Overgrown White Picket Fence

This fence with pointed pickets that stand in alternating heights surrounds this charming Cape Cod cottage. Overgrown shrubbery with summer blooms adds a splash of bright color that pops against the fence’s matte white finish.

Flat Top Picket Fence

White, blank-style pickets with molded blank posts give this Massachusetts cottage a sweet and cozy feel. Pastel hydrangeas accent both sides of the swing gate which opens up to the lush and grassy front yard.

Curved Picket Fence

Classic white picket fence in a curved arrangement and molded-cedar posts, as well as thick double crosspieces, provide a sturdy partition between the sidewalk and the front yard. The arched and gated entryway opens to the small footpath that leads to the front of the house.

Low White Picket Fence

Low White Picket Fence

Low picket fence in alternating heights skirts around this charming house in London, Canada. Understated pointed picket styles and invisible posts do not distract from the natural charm of the home. The gate-less entryway opens up to the short walkway that leads to the red front door.

Even White Picket Fence

Even White Picket Fence

This ranch picket fence is built to last and keep animals in. Horizontal and diagonal crosspieces give the fence its distinctive look. The simple design matches the low profile of most ranch-style houses.

Rounded Osborne White Picket Fence

Charming fence with narrow, Osborne-style pickets and posts accentuate the colonial charm of this Kearny 3-bedroom property. Pickets are widely but evenly spaced, and the bottom crosspiece hovers slightly over the ground. Small swing gates open up to the front steps and small landing.

White Picket Fence with Embellished Front Gate

White Picket Fence with Embellished Front Gate


Charming picket fence with rounded pickets and posts guard this homey cottage in Reepham Moor. The low but sturdy front gate is designed with a rounded top crossbar, while the fence itself is supported by top and bottom crosspieces.