26 Fence Ideas with a Lattice Top to Level Up Your Curb Appeal

Last updated on October 27, 2023

Add a touch of style and privacy to your yard with these creative fence ideas featuring a charming lattice top. Keep it classy and stylish with these ideas!

If one thing can truly elevate the look and feel of your home’s exterior, it’s a beautifully designed fence. Traditional fences are always reliable, so why not step up your game with something more unique?

That’s where a lattice top fence comes in! This trend has taken over homeowners for a good reason – its natural wood finish adds rustic charm to any backyard.

In this post, we’ll explore some gorgeous fence ideas with a lattice top that will make you want to revamp your outdoor space!

Scroll below for the best design to improve y our curb appeal! Take note of your favorites and incorporate them into your own home.

Cedar Lattice Fence

Check out this stunning fence design that is perfect for a backyard! The horizontal cedar boards give an elegant look, while the lattice top adds privacy and style.

This is an impressive upgrade for your home’s aesthetics and adds extra security for your family.

Lattice Fence Design

This beautiful lattice fence design is more on the modern side. The fence is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability.

The upper part of the fence had a criss-cross design for added texture. Get this one if you’re going for heavier security for your family. Nobody would see what is happening inside your fences!

Custom Lattice Fence

Custom Lattice Fence fence with lattice top
Source: @gerryostos

Get a custom lattice fence for your home if you want that personal touch.

This beautiful red cedar fence with a custom lattice top is perfect for any home improvement project. Its construction exudes durability and style that effortlessly elevates the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

The lattice top adds a touch of elegance to the design, making it more visually appealing.

Red Cedar Lattice Fence

Lattice Fence Home Privacy Red Cedar fence with lattice top
Source: @gerryostos

This is another custom-built fence from red cedar. It’s the perfect addition to any home’s exterior and adds an extra element of privacy with its sturdy construction. Upgrade your home improvement game with a fence like this!

Lattice Fence for Privacy and Dogs

This fence features a beautiful design that is perfect for homes with already built-in brick fences. The lattice top adds texture and personal touch to the wall.

The primary purpose of the fence is to provide safety and privacy. However, there are other things you can add to it to add curb appeal to your home. Moreover, the new fence creates a secured playground for dogs without them escaping.

White Lattice Fence Design

Everybody dreams of that white picket fence, but this lattice fence is much better looking! This beautiful lattice top adds charm and privacy to any outdoor space.

The white paint adds to the elegance and class of the fence. You can customize it further by adding some lanterns to every post. You’d never see a more romantic lattice fence in your neighborhood!

Privacy Fence Lattice Top

Privacy Fence Lattice Top fence with lattice top
Source: @allmaintain

This fence design with a lattice top provides privacy and adds elegance to your outdoor space. The intricate lattice work on the top is made from highly skilled woodworking techniques.

The durable and long-lasting structure is constructed using sturdy wooden frames that require minimal maintenance. It’s a smart choice for homeowners who value both form and function.

Lattice Fence Privacy + Style

Lattice Fence Privacy+style fence with lattice top
Source: @jafence

Don’t compromise privacy or style. Make sure you have both like this beautiful lattice fence here. It’s made from high-quality wood, and you can paint it any color.

It’s a great fence to enhance any outdoor area. Make it personal by adding some potted plants along the wall.

Cedar Fence Lattice

Cedar fences aren’t just durable but also beautiful. The natural wood looks stunning even from a distance. Added to it is the lattice design to make it even more impressive for onlookers.

The intricate details of the woodwork create a charming look that perfectly complements any home decor style. It’s also durable wood, so you can expect it to last despite harsh weather conditions.

Custom Lattice Fence Gate

Keep it classy with this custom-made lattice front gate. It’s perfect for adding privacy while maintaining an airy aesthetic. The entrance offers easy access to the property without sacrificing security.

It’s also functional, as you can open just a portion of the gate or all the way through. This is how you make your curb stylish and impressive.

Classic Lattice Fence Design

Lattice Fence Privacy fence with lattice top
Source: @1904square

Lattice fences often have similar designs. They vary in color, material, and durability. The best thing about lattice top fences is the beauty they add to your home. Furthermore, a lattice top provides privacy for your backyard. It’s a true classic not only in terms of security but also in style.

Stylish Lattice Fence

This stunning lattice top fence design of red cedar is perfect for your yard makeover project. It has impressive and intricate details to elevate your backyard.

It gives you the feeling of not being too close to the outside world. You can still see what’s happening beyond the fence, but your privacy is nowhere near compromised.

Classis White Lattice Fence

Lattice Fence Design fence with lattice top
Source: @pnmfencing

You can’t go wrong with white. It’s classic; it’s elegant and stylish too! This gorgeous fence features a traditional lattice top design made from durable PVC material. Perfect for adding privacy and style to any outdoor space.

Red Cedar Fence Lattice Top

This beautiful new fence is made with high-quality red cedar. The lattice top adds a touch of elegance and style to any yard.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your curb appeal or enhance your outdoor living space, this stunning cedar fence is a perfect choice.

Charming Lattice Fence Design

This charming and timeless fence design has intricate lattice patterns at the top. It exudes elegance and privacy, making it perfect for any backyard oasis. You can add flowers and other plants to make your yard more personalized and colorful!

Stylish Privacy Fence

This fence design features a beautiful lattice top that adds an attractive touch to this sturdy, durable board-on-board privacy fence. It’s ideal for enclosing outdoor spaces with style and security. It’s perfect for any home or garden.

Lattice Fence Design

Add elegance to your fence with a lattice top. The privacy fence is perfect for enhanced security and aesthetics.

It’s an ideal outdoor DIY project for any weekend warrior ready to enhance their home decor with one of the most popular fence styles on the market!

Grey Lattice Fence

Anyone can have a lattice fence, but not all can do it in grey! This beautiful fence design features a grey lattice top for charm and character.

The vinyl material makes it completely maintenance-free, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your backyard without worrying about upkeep!

Vinyl Lattice Fence Elegance

This elegant fence design features a lattice top that adds beauty and privacy to any backyard. It’s made from vinyl material, which is low-cost and low-maintenance.

You don’t have to keep cleaning it or checking for pest attacks. The vinyl material makes it easy to maintain while providing durability every season.

A perfect addition to any home improvement project.

Lattice Fence with Plants

Add flavor and color to your lattice fence. Use garden decor items or even plants to make the yard your own.

Don’t forget your plants when designing a top lattice fence. The plants don’t only add color and life to your yard. They also add dimension and personal taste.

Arched Wooden Lattice Fence

Keep it interesting with this arched lattice fence. The wooden timber construction creates a classic yet modern look that is perfect for any property style.

This fence is made with feathered boards and has a gate to match, making it suitable for surrounding your entire plot.

If you love working with wood or adore the natural allure of wooden fences, this lattice-top fence will surely steal your heart!

Cement Foundation Wooden Lattice Fence

Make your lattice fence more durable than ever with a cemented foundation. The timberwork and craftsmanship are of high quality, making this fence the perfect addition to any home garden.

The strong foundation ensures that your lattice fence keeps on despite severe weather conditions. It’s both stylish and nothing short of practical!

Low-Maintenance Vinyl Lattice Fence

This beautiful and modern fence design features a white vinyl lattice top that adds elegance to your garden or backyard. It’s made of high-quality vinyl, durable, and easy to maintain.

This type of fence is perfect for those who want a long-lasting, stylish wall without worrying about constant upkeep.

White Lattice Top Fence

This beautiful lattice top vinyl fence is an excellent addition to any home decor. The intricate lattice pattern adds a touch of elegance to the fence design while providing privacy and security.

Add your style to the type of plants you have. You can plant some tall grasses, bushes, and other things. You can even make it colorful with different kinds of flowers.

Cedar Fence Lattice Top

Cedar Fence Lattice Top fence with lattice top
Source: @craig_1584

Cedar fences look good from all angles, just like this one! A beautiful wall made of cedar with a Lattice Top. The groove style enhances the overall design, which reflects excellent artistry.

The top lattice fence works perfectly with flowers, bushes, and potted plants.

Durable Lattice Fence Design

This beautiful fence design features a durable lattice top, adding an elegant touch to any garden or outdoor space. The timber fencing is made from premium materials and installed by professionals with years of experience.

Steel-reinforced concrete posts ensure maximum strength and durability, making the fence ideal for the ever-changing weather!


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