11 Door Sweep Alternatives for Better Insulation

Last updated on September 29, 2023

Do you need a door sweep for its benefits? You might not need the expense. Here are the door sweep alternatives that do the job. Read on!

A door sweep is a great way to stop drafts and soundproof your door. But buying and installing a door sweep can be expensive. Considering options that do a better job than the door sweep, you need to know the alternatives.

So here they are — all of the alternatives that can replace the door sweep for the better (most of the time).

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Which alternative would you choose?

Automatic Door Bottoms

Tms Automatic Door Bottom/fully Mortised/heavy
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To get a better seal at your door, you should use an automatic door bottom instead. Automatic door bottoms are adjustable and often provide a better seal. Automatic door bottoms aren’t as bulky as door sweeps, but the reason is that there is something on the inside. The “automatic” part is a rod that sticks out slightly on one end that acts as a button.

The door is closed, the button is pressed in by the hinge side of the frame, which causes the seal to drop and close the gap at the bottom of the door. When the door is opened, the activator button is released, and seal material pulls up inside the door bottom, allowing the door to swing open and close without seal material dragging along the floor.

A fire rating determines how much heat or cold the door can withstand. Mortises are slots cut into the door frame that holds the door in place. Surface mounting means the door rests directly on top of the frame. Half mortise means the door is mounted halfway down the frame. Full mortise means the door goes all the way down the frame.

V Strip Tension Seal

Frost King M13wh V-seal Weather-strip 7/8-inch By
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V strips are used to ensure windows stay shut and doors stay closed. You can buy them in stores or online.

Foam Tape

Fowong White Door Weather Stripping 26 Feet, 1/2
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Foam tape is a flexible material to seal gaps around doors and windows. It comes in different sizes and is easy to install.

Tubular Rubber, Vinyl, or Silicone

Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip, Adhesive Door
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Tubular rubber, vinyl, and silicone are effective air barriers. Vinyl and silicone types are usually inserted into grooves. Wood and metal mounting strips are used to attach tubular rubber, vinyl, silicone, and other types of air barriers.

This door sweep alternative can be used on the glass door as well.

L-Shaped Door Shoes

M-d Building Products 81927 36-inch Db001 L-shaped
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L-Shaped door shoes are useful for keeping out pests such as insects and rodents. They are available in different colors and styles. They are made with a sturdy metal material that will last a long time. Some models come with drip caps that prevent water from dripping onto your floor.

Weather Stripping

19.7 Feet Long Weather Stripping Seal Strip For
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Weatherstripping is a cheap way to close the gap between your door frame and threshold. It’s easy to apply and lasts longer than other door stops. However, it isn’t as attractive as others.

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Felt Door Bottoms

Weather Stripping Brush For Sliding Windows/doors
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Felt is cheap but durable. It goes around doors and windows. You cut felt to fit your door or window frame. Then you staple or nail it in place.

Felt bottoms give you an option that is fire-resistant, long-lasting, and cheap. You can also buy them on Amazon by clicking here.

Aluminum Door Bottoms

Baining Metal Door Draft Stopper, 36 Inch Under
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Aluminum door bottoms are another type of door sweep alternative. Aluminum is strong and durable. It doesn’t rust easily. 

Plastic Sheeting

Sunmon Silicone Door Draft Stopper – 39 Inches
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Plastic sheets for doors are cheap and easy to use. You can easily install them yourself without hiring professionals. Interior plastic sheeting works similarly to shrink wrap. Stretch it tight and carefully trim off the extra.

Caulk Rope

Frost King Indoor & Outdoor B2 Mortite Caulking
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Rope caulk is an easy-to-use temporary weatherstripping solution. It offers lasting protection against winter drafts. When the weather warms up, you can peel off rope caulk.

Weatherstripping options include permanent and temporary solutions. You can choose a permanent solution to save money by keeping heat inside your house. A temporary solution may be more convenient because you can easily remove it when you’re done using it.

You should hire the best pick for your project.

Draft Stoppers

Maxtid 38" Under Door Noise Blocker Draft Stopper
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Draft stoppers are also known as door snakes and they are basically long pillows with heavy stuffing that will block drafts. They are designed to be placed under doors. They help stop the door from slamming shut when you place them under doors.

Draft stoppers are actually pretty simple to make. A towel stuffed under a door works as a draft stopper. You can also use other materials such as foam, a long piece of cloth, or even tights or pants.

You can make a draft stopper by using a hot glue gun. A pillow is made out of two tubes and then filled with sand, rice, or other material. Pops of color aren’t essential. You could use an old sock or even a piece of fabric instead.


Are door sweeps necessary?

Yes! If you have an open doorway, cold air can enter your home. This causes your heating bills to increase. Door sweeps keep out cold air so that your home stays warm.

How do you temporarily seal the bottom of a door?

If you don’t have time to seal the bottom of a doorway permanently, you can use a piece of tape. Tape is inexpensive and effective at blocking cold air.

How do you make a door draft stopper?

A simple way to stop door drafts is to use weatherstripping. Other alternatives might include using felt or rubber to close the gap under the door.


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