Do Door Sweeps Keep Cold Out? [Solved]

Last updated on June 2, 2024

Yes, the right door sweep can keep cold out. Here’s everything you to know about what type of door sweeps will insulate your home.

These are the types of door sweeps that keep cold out during the cold winter months. Choosing the right door sweep for insulation can help you keep your home warm and that energy bill lower.

Exterior doors should offer a complete seal against cold weather. Door sweeps prevent cold air from entering homes. They come in three different styles: strip, brash and under-door.

Door sweeps are made of metal, plastic, rubber, or foam to fit the bottom gap of your exterior door. The sweep is attached to the bottom edge of the door. It’s usually about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches high. A door sweep should be installed on all exterior doors open into an outside environment.

How Do Door Sweeps Work to Keep Cold Out?

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Door sweeps act as insulation by keeping cold air out of your home. When you close the door behind you, it creates a partial vacuum inside the house. This pulls warm air through the gap between the door and the frame. If there isn’t enough room for this hot air to flow back out, the cold air gets trapped inside.

Types Door Sweeps for Insulation

Door sweeps are used to keep cold air out of your house. They are also used to keep dust out of your house as well as provide soundproofing.

Weatherstrip door sweeps are practical and convenient. They are easy to install, don’t take up any floor space, and replace if they lose their effectiveness.

Brush door sweeps are designed to brush away dirt and debris beneath the door. They can help reduce mold growth if they get dirty.

Standard Door Sweep

The standard door sweep is typically about one-half to three-fourths thick. It has two sides, each side being approximately two inches wide. The top surface is flat, while the bottom surface is slightly curved. There is a small lip along the edges of the door sweep to make sure that it doesn’t move off the door.

The standard door sweep is available in rubber and vinyl. Rubber door sweeps are more durable than vinyl ones. However, they tend to rust over time. Vinyl door sweeps are easier to clean and maintain.

Vinyl Door Sweep

A vinyl door sweep is similar to a standard door sweep. It’s made from flexible material and comes in various colors. Vinyl door sweeps are often used in bathrooms because they’re easy to clean.

Vinyl weatherstrips are made from plastic and rubber. Screws are used to install these strips. These strips are designed to be screwed into wood.

Vinyl door sweeps aren’t as effective to keep cold out, but they are more effective than aluminum sweeps. Aluminum door sweeps are less expensive than vinyl door sweeps.

Rubber Door Sweep

Rubber door sweeps are, also known as weatherstrips, are ideal for sealing gaps around doors. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Rubber door sweeps are great to stop drafts.

Rubber door sweeps have a soft feel and are generally thicker than other types of door sweeps. They are commonly used in bathrooms because they are easy to clean.

Metal Door Sweep

Metal door sweeps are usually made from steel or aluminum. They are solid and durable. Metal door sweeps are best suited for areas where moisture is present.

Metal door sweeps are not as effective at stopping cold air from getting inside your home. But they are also helpful for preventing water damage.

Automatic Door Sweep

Automatic doors sweepers are great if you want to save money. However, they’re more complex to install than other types of door sweeps.

If you live in an area where snow and ice build-up quickly, you may want to consider installing automatic door sweeps. Automatic door sweeps are also helpful for people who frequently leave their front doors open.

An automatic door bottom works by lifting when you open the door and closing it shut when you close the door. This not only provides good insulation but saves your flooring from wear and tear.

Installing a door sweep along a bottom of an exterior door prevents cold air from entering the house. A variety of door sweeps include heavy-duty drip caps and brush sweeps. Measure the length of the door before installing the sweep.

Energy Efficiency of Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are not only good at keeping cold out, but they also improve energy efficiency. If you don’t use door sweeps, you might find yourself paying higher utility bills.

You should always check its warranty information when you buy a door sweep. Some manufacturers offer warranties on their products. This will ensure that you can replace or repair any problems that occur during the product’s life.

What Door Sweep Materials Insulate Best?

Foam door sweeps are best at blocking heat transfer. Foams are also lightweight. Therefore, they’re ideal for outdoor applications.

Rubber door sweeps are better at preventing moisture from getting inside the home. Rubber is also soft and flexible. It’s perfect for indoor use.

Metal door sweeps are the most durable. Metal is also solid and sturdy. It’s great for outdoor use. Metal door sweeps are usually made from galvanized steel. However, they are not as effective to keep cold about as metal, especially aluminum, is conducive to heat.

Plastic door sweeps are best for preventing moisture from getting inside the home. Plastic door sweeps are usually made out of polyethylene.

Brush door sweeps are best at cleaning debris from the outside of the door. Brush door sweeps come in different shapes and sizes. However, they are not as good at insulating.


How do I know which type of door sweep to use?

You should choose the right size based on the width of your door and the bottom gap size. If you don’t know how wide your door is, measure it first.

What are the benefits of using a door sweep?

Door sweeps help prevent moisture and cold from getting into the home. They also help protect against insects such as ants and termites.

How effective are door sweeps?

A door sweep is very effective at keeping cold and moisture out of the home. You’ll notice that many homes have them installed.

Why do some people still use old-fashioned door sweeps?

Some people think that door sweeps are outdated. However, they’re pretty efficient. The problem with traditional door sweeps is that they aren’t adjustable.


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