How to Insulate Your House on a Budget [Winter is Coming]

Last updated on October 3, 2023

Winter is coming, and it’s going to be colder than ever. You have to insulate your house even if you’re on a tight budget. Here’s how.

Have you ever felt annoyed after receiving the heating bill during winter? Well, we all know that feeling. If your house is not constructed well, energy costs might go sky high during colder seasons. As your heating source is not capable of heating the entire place, you’re forced to supplement the rest of the house with other space heaters. Don’t worry; there are plenty of other ways to efficiently insulate your home without spending too much money. Simply implement some of the tips below.

Follow our ideas below to save some money on your energy bill!

Insulate Your Windows

Windows are the most common cause of your high heating bills as air leaks may cause constant heat loss. If you have single-glazed windows, it’s time to add another layer. You can find window insulation kits in most department stores. That way, you’ll keep your house cozy and warm during these freezing seasons. Remember to check some online and local shops for all your building product needs to find the best bargain.

Would you ever think that curtains can help you with air leaks? They definitely can! It’s a perfect temporary solution to reduce your heating bills. Look for thermal insulated curtains or ones made out of thick material for the best results.

Make a Door Stopper to Fix Your Drafty Doors

Let’s start with the basics – the most simple way of keeping your house warm is to close the door! To make it even more effective, add a door draft stopper. Create an air blocker to place at the bottom of your door to keep the warm air inside the room. This is a perfect and cheap DIY idea to make your house well insulated. You can make them out of materials such as old socks and pillow stuffing. For the lazy ones, you can find plenty of those online.

Block Your Chimney If Not Used

Studies show that heating bills can be even 30% higher if your chimney is not sealed properly. To fix the problem, you can either buy a ‘chimney balloon’ covered in laminate or make one on your own to block the hole. You’ll only need cardboard and bubble wrap! Simply cut the cardboard into small pieces as a ‘filling’ and then wrap it up.

Take Care of Your Attic

We are usually not aware of how much heat can escape through your uninsulated attic. To fix this problem, use foam. That way, you’ll be able to block the leakage. For even more improvement, place some reflective foil material on the attic roof raffles for better results.

Bleed Your Radiators

Sometimes your radiators can get clogged with air. Causing them to be less warm and efficient over time.

Here are 8 easy steps to bleed out your radiator:

  • Check all your radiators while the central heating is on.
  • Turn the heating off.
  • Wait till the radiators are cooled.
  • Find the bleed valve.
  • Slowly loosen the screw.
  • Wait till the clogged air comes out.
  • Tighten the valve.
  • Turn the heating on.

Secure Your Water Heater

The water heater tank contains water that has been heated by a boiler. If it’s not properly secured, it can lose heat quicker, which makes the boiler reheat the water causing more energy. This can be an invisible cause of your high energy bills. To fix the problem, you can buy insulation material to cover the pipes and boiler. It will also prevent the pipes from freezing during the winter.

Cover the Air Condition

We all know that the aim of an air conditioner is to keep your room cold during warmer seasons. But what we are not aware of is that it also can make your place colder during winter even while turned off. To fix the problem, try to cover your air condition installation located outside of our house with a case made out of special material. You can find many options online.

How to Find Air Leaks?

Use smoke to locate all the possible air leaks in your house. Here is what you should do:

  • Close all the doors and windows.
  • Turn on all the fans and external fans.
  • Shut off the furnace.
  • Slowly walk around the house with incense or something else which produces smoke while burning.
  • Observe where the smoke goes.

The Takeaway

The arrival of winter is a difficult time for a variety of reasons. The freezing temperatures are one of them, but so is the dilemma regarding the constantly rising heating bills. Do you wear another layer when at home to save some dough, or will you increase the heating and risk facing an elevated bill at the start of next month? 

All the work and sacrifices you’ve made this year will keep you warm during the upcoming seasons and provide you with a satisfying return on your investments. If you are on a tight budget, remember about the DIY ideas you can find in this article. We hope our tips helped you with finding ideas for proper insulation, making your home warm and cozy.


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