The Top 10 Best Handheld Showerheads [2022]

Last updated on September 1, 2021

The best handheld showerheads are water-efficient (new trend), increase water pressure, are a durable and high-quality item and have good design appeal. These are our top recommendations.

Top pick: Moen Handheld Showerhead

Like other bathroom components from Moen, this product feels solid and durable. It increases water pressure to unobstructed streaming. The gorgeous polished metal finish matches home decor beautifully while providing optimum enjoyment of all your favorite soaps and good hair days.

Costumers have great things to say about the product: it was easy to install, reduces mildew in hard-to-reach places like low angles in corners, provides convincing protection against high-pressure flow problems due to clogs that would not allow necessary flow for other brands. It has exceptional control of temperature and water flow strength.

What should you look for in a perfect handheld showerhead?

  • You want the best combination of water efficiency and water pressure. Handheld showerheads have lower pressure by design but the right model will still provide you with water pressure that’s high enough.
  • Take note of your shower water pressure and compare that to the showerhead models your are shopping.
  • Find the type and design that matches your bathroom decor.
  • Decide on what spray settings and pressure control you need.

If our recommendation is not right for you, check out our other picks below. They are also great and might even be better for your needs. Please note that our links earn our site a commission.

Moen Handheld Showerhead

moen handheld showerhead
Moen Showerhead

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Moen’s showerhead is our top pick.

The Moen Handheld Shower Head is a good mix of high-quality and durable materials with design appeal. In the beginning, this product appears to be made well with no complaints of poor manufacture or malfunctioning pieces. The few negative reviews it may have are mostly due to the element turning their shower off until adjusted again. Nevertheless, many users love the built-in shower-head since they only need one device rather than 2 for different model showers without worrying about missing parts for either model.

Pros: This product can withstand corrosion from moisture and rust, so it’s easy to maintain when wiping clean daily using a handheld showerhead; this hardy material is also perfect when needing something strong but still lightweight.

Moen, a company that watches the trends and listens to customer feedback, sets its products apart from the competition. Their no-drip faucet hinge is one distinct example, but their excellent design is not their only feature that makes this Handheld Shower Head just as great. The chrome finish of this product reflects light and mirrors whatever decor you have going in your bathroom, making it easy for homeowners to get everything they can out of their shower accessories.

Overall, this handheld shower has many qualities such as competitive pricing, high-quality materials used, and ADA-compliant when it comes to physical disabilities meaning that disabled people can use it just as well (especially since soap gets involved.)

High Pressure Handheld Showerhead

aquadance Showerhead
AquaDance Showerhead

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High-Pressure handheld showerhead by AquaDance is an efficient and aesthetic design. US shower experts have vigorously tested this product to meet the highest quality and performance standards. One great aspect of this product is that it increases water pressure, enhancing bathing more enjoyable and leaving you fresh for hours afterward.

Some important features of this product are;

  • High-power click lever dial that protects any setting to maintain hygiene (even at the switch danger zones)
  • Ergonomic grip handle which fits securely in place.
  • Rub clean jets
  • All surface brushed nickel finish including face and accessories
  • Improved water efficiency thanks to its full flow path from shower head all the way through nozzle
  • Patented design with 6 finish options for a perfect match to your bathroom

Overall, the deluxe 6-setting 3.5″ Face Hand Showerhead is an overhead hand shower with an ergonomic grip handle. It has rub-clean jets that are designed for easy maintenance as well as preventing buildup and limescale. The showerhead is all surface brushed nickel and comes packaged in a stunning gift box. There are also swing arm stems that change the direction of the water flow, so you can use this hand shower cistern for both handheld mode or wall-mounted model with an adjustable head to be able to point it where you want it for hands-free monitoring over your bathtub when washing the soap off your body or much more.

Handheld Showerhead for Low Water Pressure

LOKBY Showerhead
SR Sun Rise Showerhead

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The LOKBY is a handheld showerhead, which means it can be held in your hand or mount to a piece of plumbing after installing the proper hardware. It’s made out of food-grade silicone and chrome-plated ABS plastic.

This product is for people with low water pressure and wants to feel like they’re getting more water than before. This corresponds well with those that are most conscious about conserving resources or even environmentally friendly but still appreciate the convenience offered by this showerhead. Its biggest function is being an affordable alternative under a dollar for someone that wants something more basic without feeling like they are sacrificing durability, design appeal, utility, or quality of construction.

High-Pressure: There is a powerful and multi-functional handheld showerhead kit that can be used for low water flow and pressure showers.

6-Spray Functions: Even though there is a low-pressure pause function for water-saving, the showerhead has 5 different spray patterns that give it a pressure boosting effect in the shower.

Easy to Clean Nozzles: Silicone jets keep lime and hard water out.

Overall pros of this product are the durability, five modes of spray that produce an extensive stream with good power from low powerful pumps, easy cleaning features.

The cons are costliness due to its 6 features; also assembly.

Stainless Steel Handheld Showerhead

HammerHead Showers Showerhead
HammerHead Showers Showerhead

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The Stainless Steel Handheld Shower Head:

  • The HammerHead products are made from all metal (stainless steel) which gives them the durability to last.
  • Because the shower head is made of metal, it has the look and feel of quality.
  • The handheld showerhead delivers the industry maximum 2.5 Gallon Per Minute flow rate which means it offers good water pressure for less money on your water bill!
  • It also features a 70 inch long hose that can extend to most places in your bathroom because who needs a bucket when you can bathe yourself or someone else?
  • Since the stainless steel head attaches directly to standard plumbing without any adapters guarantees compatibility with all homes/showers — no hunting through

HammerHead Showers products are made from all metal (so they don’t break as much as plastic heads do). The manufacturer selects high commercial-grade materials, like brass and 304 stainless steel, so you spend less time replacing and more time relaxing.

Delta Handheld Showerhead


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The Delta Handheld Shower Head comes with a lifetime limited warranty and is compatible with American standards.

Pros include the handheld component and 4 spray settings: full body spray, massage pulsating sprays, a shapely contoured design that feels good in hands, while an adjustable swivel hose makes maneuvering within the shower area easy.

This product is intended for a luxurious experience when showering or bathing as it creates very pure water pressure water due to its advanced 2-sided technology, which improves the flow by directing clean water out from both directions. Additionally, our research has shown that some consumers are concerned about durability and quality because of how quickly this product corroded without any signs of limescale.

A handheld showerhead by Delta that has a massage option and several spray types. Works with low water pressure. It also attaches to the wall, so it doesn’t take up counter space.

This is a great product because it allows you to switch between all of the different foam settings, tightens/loosens the water flow, and angle and position on your head where you would like to shower. The highest setting for this is what hotels have, i.e., high-pressure jets and rain-style mist functions.

Users should keep in mind not getting carried away with the On button too much because, after some time, that drainage can become scarce. One should be cognizant of its limitations by saving more for later rather.

Luxury Modern Handheld Showerhead

Taiker Showerhead
Taiker Showerhead

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It is a handheld model also available as a fixed model if desired. This showerhead offers a luxurious fix. There are chrome plated detailing that make the shower product nicer and high-quality materials used to create this product, such as ABS, made with a modern and luxurious design for any homeowner or business owner who wants to upgrade their bathroom decor! The filter can purify the water, reducing exposure to harmful chlorine, impurities, and heavy metals. These features provide this product with more benefits than other competitive models of its type.

It’s really lightweight when in use which is excellent for those who regularly bathe pets or children but not so much just for regular people.

This showerhead is made of rustproof ABS plastic and chrome plated. And the swivel ball connector allows it to be adjusted at any angle, making this a perfect hand-held shower head for a hotel-style experience. This product also features a luxurious looking and modern design.

It can purify water by filtering out chlorine, unwanted impurities, heavy metals in the water, as well as bad odor, which customers would not want to sip on during or after their bath experience while saving up on water in the process since it needs a lesser amount of time than beating to witness all these regenerative effects such as removing hair dye.

Rainfall and Handheld Showerhead Combo

kaqinu Showerhead
kaqinu Showerhead

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  • Dramatic design adds to style of bathroom environment
  • Promotes water conservation


  • At the highest setting the force of the shower head’s flow may irritate skin.
  • Enhances health with spray designed; self-cleaning property saves time for routine maintenance.

The most commonly known benefits of installing a rain shower head are visual appeal and exceptional efficiency. The cascading drops of water from this rainfall shower make it easy for customers to go green on any given day by conserving water.

Often when rain showers at a hotel, guests often find the shower heads set back, but this one is up against a wall and positioned from face level. There is a hand-held function for convenience if, for example, bathing kids or applying shampoo to the hair. Different streams are offered by adjusting water pressure inside of the showerhead. While these features can be seen in other products on sale, their installation is not as flexible or classy–much more common plastic materials found in cheaper store-grade models.

Wall Mount Handheld Showerhead


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Double showerheads come with a handheld showerhead. Both have been made from the brushed nickel on the body and hard-faceplate, making them modern and sleek. The arm is not included with this product – you must purchase it separately to mount the product to your bathroom wall. With only three hand-tighten connections, you can set up this product within minutes!

The fittings are solidly screwed together, so they are not at risk of falling as opposed to other products which have these connections exclusively glued into place and may loosen over time or drip when turning on water flow.

Durable and flexible full-body ABS construction features a solid nickel ball joint. An innovative coupling system comes with an anti-twist conical nut connector.

Designed to take the dull edge of traditional brackets. This product is perfect little packages that include the 1wall mount handheld showerhead combo with flexible 5 ft stainless steel shower hose that most custom jobs come with.


  • Hassle-free installation means there’s no waiting for a plumber and hours lying on your back asking yourself what you were thinking trying to install the old fashioned way.
  • The horizontal arm assembly is enginered with aluminum alloy helix design which designed.

High Pressure Rainfall Dual Showerhead System

esnbia Showerhead
Esnbia Showerhead

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This shower set package includes a shower valve, rain shower, handheld showerhead, lobby arm, lobby holder, and hotel hose.

The high-pressure rainfall dual shower head size is 10 inches, and it has great water coverage. It never changes the power even when it’s under low water conditions (rain), giving you a constant powerful rainforest from/of your choice by using the hot and cold switches on either side by using patented technology. The handle also has a fulfilling campaign with a good grip that makes it easier to switch showers without discomfort.

Compliant with ASME A112:2018 standard and California’s standards CEC listed; CUPC Certificate- For conforming performance equal to the level or exceeds UPC recommendations.

Pros: The price is affordable, the sleek matte black design improves the look of any bathroom decor, water-efficient.

Cons: some customers found that it was difficult to install without professional plumbing knowledge. Pressure could be lacking for those who have low water pressure because of the size of the showerhead.

Massage Spray Handheld Showerhead

AquaStar Showerhead
AquaStar Showerhead

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It makes your shower cleaner, improves water pressure—antimicrobial protection to protect from bacterial degradation over time, easier to clean between routine cleanings.


The price may not be ideal for some budgets when you have other necessary costs (particularly any payments needed each month).

This product increases water pressure, is durable, and has a design appeal. The antimicrobial feature is not effective on all surfaces and will wear away over time.


Are expensive showerheads worth it?

Yes, they are. They can make a big difference in your bathroom and how you feel about yourself when taking showers. If you’re looking for something that will last forever but still look good, then this is definitely what you need to get!

What do I have to consider before buying a showerhead?

You should know how much water pressure you currently have at home, so you don’t waste money on an overpriced product.

Are handheld showerheads more water-efficient?

Yes! Handheld showers use less water because there isn’t as much distance between the user and the water source. This means that the flow rate is reduced, which results in lesser wastage.

Do handheld showerheads have lower pressure than fixed shower heads?

Yes! Some models offer more than one type of spray pattern, allowing you to select the perfect amount of force when washing or cleaning up after your pet. You may even find some models that allow you to adjust how much water flows at any given time.

Do handheld showerheads have lower pressure than fixed shower heads?

There is less pressure when using a handheld showerhead because the stream comes directly from the nozzle. This means that the flow rate is reduced compared to a fixed shower head with its own pump. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a powerful shower. You need to adjust the distance between yourself and the showerhead to get enough power without getting wet.


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