The Top 10 Shower Drain Brands

Last updated on October 8, 2023

These are the top shower drain brands you can get a quality drain from. If you want a good water drainage solution for your shower, you need one of these.

Most brands that sell shower drains are also known for their bathroom and plumbing products overall. However, there are a couple of brands that specialize in drains. These are known for their wide variety of drain options and designs — they are the trend setters. For instance, do you know who invented the linear drain? The brand is on this list.

So this list will do you good when trying to find the right shower drain of any type, whether it’s a point or linear drain, in any finish, shape, and design. There’s one thing in common among these manufacturers: the quality of products they make.

Let’s start with our shower drain brand list. We have included links for examples where available. Some of these links earn our site a commission.


Oatey No-calk Shower Drain
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Since 1916, Oatey has sold high-quality products for residential and commercial plumbing. They provide a commitment to delivering quality concerning all of their products. Today, they have manufacturing and distribution networks that cover thousands of customers around the world. Oatey has sold high-quality items specifically for residential and commercial use.

Oatey’s drains are made of brass and stainless steel, which provides strengths in durability compared to plastic alternatives; furthermore, they offer more options as to surface finish – nickel or bronze plated or bi-metallic high polish.

Oatey’s drains are more than just a standard shower drain; rather, this product brings different advantages to create the perfect home spa-like experience: aesthetics, accessibility, quality, and efficiency.

In 2017, Oatey acquired another popular brand QuickDrain. The QuickDrain system is a drain with many features that makes it the ideal choice for residential and hospitality markets. The drain is elevated, making it so easy to use. It stands out from other drains because of its design, ease of use, and versatility.

The linear QuickDrain shower drain is more than just a pipe going down your wall. It’s a shower solution that can be used for many different plumbing configurations. You can also build it anywhere, so there will not be any pipes seen, and it will have a luxurious look.

ESS Easy Drain

ESS is a company that produces products that allow for easier and more sanitary installation while also helping out the end-user.

ESS is the inventor of linear shower drains, who also developed and sold Easy Drain at retail and wholesale outlets worldwide. In doing this, they have become one of the initiators for barrier-free showers. It is the only company that provides designer drains to give your shower a luxurious touch.

The point drains from Easy Drain are most suitable for bathrooms that have any tile. Whether it be mosaics or ceramic, we have a variety of different materials to choose from. Furthermore, the point drains come with either horizontal or vertical outlets; there will always be an outlet option that will work best depending on your needs and expectations.

Easy Drain linear shower drains are for people looking for an easier way to install, clean, and maintain a drain in their shower. They come in different colors, such as black, gold, white, and more. These drains are highly functional, and they’re available in sizes too.

Infinity Drain

Infinity Drains
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For over a decade, Infinity Drain has been designing and distributing the most durable and beautiful shower drains in America. They have helped thousands of people through installations of their outstanding products, made out of only the most durable materials. Customers can choose from a broad range of styles available or opt to allow Infinity Drain’s designers to create something for them that meets their individual needs or tastes.

In 2020, Infinity Drain was granted 2 patents for design and 1 utility patent, so they will be working hard as they predict more to come.

Ferguson PROFLO

Proflo Cast Iron Square
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A plumbing supplier company, Ferguson is distinguished because of its commitment to best industry practices and price competitiveness, among other things. Staff are available at all times to provide customer service assistance and have been trained on-site for this purpose.

Ferguson aims to deliver the highest quality in terms of its performance and design. They consider these aspects as all being equally important, leading to quality craft from beginning to end. You’re usually looking for Ferguson when you want something durable, such as cast iron shower drains.

Kohler Drains

Kohler Shower Drain
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The Kohler company produces made of durable materials and also ensures it is of high quality. These company products are both long-lasting and reliable while still being affordable. Like many Kohler’s products, you will find their shower drains featured on Amazon.


Neodrain 24-inch Linear Shower Drain With Quadrato
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Neodrain is a company located in Ningbo, China, that has existed since 2006. Their main specialization focuses on designing covers and drains pipes, linear shower drains, and channel drains. Neodrain seeks to distinguish itself from other international producers through its representation of innovative designs. But this brand is the most popular for its affordable shower drains while still offering decent quality.


Schluter Kerdi Drain Stainless Steel Abs Version
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Schluter KERDI-DRAIN is renowned for its special shower drain design. It consists of a large flange that provides a large contact area for the waterproofing membrane. This means you can cover this drain in any design cover or tile (for a hidden drain.)

Nicmondo Drains

Square Shower Drain 4 Inch, Nicmondo Floor Waste
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Nicmondo’s drains are sleek and look good with any flooring type — like tiles, stone, and of course, concrete. Nicmondo linear shower drains are thin filters that send dirty bathwater away.

Dallmer Drains

The Dallmer company offers functional and stylish point drains for bathroom and shower drainage. You can turn to Dallmer for an efficient system whether you install it yourself or get one installed by a professional.

WingTite Drains

Wingtite Shower Drain Replacement, Installs
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WingTite provides replacement shower drains, and they are quite popular. The shower drain is the only top installed drain that can work with multiple types of sub-floor systems. It works because the patented O-ring seal allows for vertical movement and prevents stress on the drain from causing failure. Thousands have been installed by professionals and homeowners.


What shower drain brands are made in the USA?

Oatey, Infinity Drain, Kohler, Ferguson PROFLO are examples of shower drains made in the USA.


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