How Much Are Shower Drains? [Solved]

Last updated on October 26, 2023

About to install a new shower drain? How much is a shower drain going to cost you? It depends on a few factors, and we are about to lay them out. Read on!

In a nutshell, here’s how much buying a shower drain can cost you:

  • On the low end (budget) a shower drain can cost as litte as $30 on Amazon. The quality is going to be OKish.
  • The best value for the money drain will cost about $60, coming from less known brands. But it will have decent quality.
  • A higher end shower drain from a popular brand will cost you $100 to $400 and more. These are the highest quality drains from brands like Infinity Drain, ESS, Kohler, etc.
  • Finally, there are the trendy designer drains made of expensive materials as a luxurious accent. These can cost up to $1,000 and more.

Of course, the price of the drain itself is only part of the cost. The installation will typically cost more if you hire a professional plumber, and it depends on the type of shower drain and your project specifically.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Shower Drain?

shower drain installation

It is often necessary to replace a shower drain, and this costs on average about $300. The range of the cost for labor and materials per individual drain is between $275 to $350, depending on location, job size, conditions, or finish options chosen by the homeowner.

Shower drains can differ from traditional points to linear drains depending on whether the floor slopes. Point drains should have sloping sides, while linear drains are placed against the wall.

Different kinds of showers might also require different sizes for a certain type of drain, making sure to drain water quickly to prevent damage to floor surfaces. This is because floors will often become damaged when water cannot be drained off fast enough – or if the drain size is too small.

Ideally, you should make sure that your drain can empty water in as little time as possible.

Consult a Professional Plumber

Installing a shower drain requires a lot of research and legwork to do things right. For new construction, a sloping hole should be cut at just the right size. Those with an existing shower can measure the correct size of the drainpipe at the bottom of their current drain hole. It is important to get a professional plumber’s opinion on how best to install these items. They are in charge of doing it correctly without causing any mold or leaks that could lead to expensive clean-up jobs down the line.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, shower drains and installation costs vary depending on the material, size, and extent of work needed. While simpler materials like plastic are typically the cheapest, using higher quality steel to avoid rusting can also be very expensive. Size can also affect any installation’s costs because more material will need to be purchased or had for structural modifications.


How much is a linear shower drain?

Linear shower drains are typically more expensive and cost more than $100.

How much is a point shower drain?

Point shower drains cost about $50.

Can you replace a shower drain?

Yes, in most cases, it is possible to replace the shower drain from the top. The key thing is to have the right kit and figure out the right measures.


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