The Top 10 Best Dining Tables of 2020

Last updated on February 7, 2021

Looking for the best dining table for your kitchen or dining room? Here are our top-rated picks that will help you choose. Read on!

An everyday type of furniture, dining table is common in small apartments or with small families because of their size and mobility. Even though most of them are used in eating, a lot of them have evolved from the standard dining table to a multipurpose one.

The right dining table in the right room can make it look spacious, beautiful, or modern. So with so many tables out there, what are the best? Don’t worry, we’ve made a list of different types of furniture for easy shopping.

However, before you buy one of these, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself first:

  • How you will use it because some have extra drawers and some can be used as a workshop.
  • What are its features because there are modern tables that can transform from a small one to a large dining table.
  • How long to assemble because you might need help in assembling bigger and bulkier tables.

And here are some of the problems you might get:

  • Damaged easily especially wood tables which are not good against liquid stains.
  • Lightweight tables tend to wobble more.
  • Some tables can easily scratch floors.

Picking the right table is definitely harder that it should be! But here we are. If your Pinterest board is full ideas of dining tables, and you have a computer disk full of table images, we will help you cut through the noise. Only be aware that we get compensated for some purchases by our partners which is indicated by #ad. This costs you nothing.

At which one of these tables are you going to have your next dinner at home?

What's Inside?

Best Small Dining Table

Best Small Table
Ravenna Home Traditional Dining Table

This is a very simple dining table that is easy to build and has a drawer for extra storage for office items. Cleaning up is a breeze though it doesn’t do well with liquid spills because it’s made of wood.

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Pros: Has an extra drawer, straightforward assembly, small but durable.

Cons: Not good with water.

Modern Dining Table

Modern Table
Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Rectangular Dining Table

This furniture is plain looking so it wouldn’t stand out as well as heavy to carry but it’s due to its sturdiness that can carry up to 100 lbs of items. Takes about 15 minutes to assemble and it’s ready to go.

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Pros: Strong steel frames, effortless assembling, smooth top, stable.

Cons: Wobbles, plain-looking, small but heavy.

Glass Dining Table

Glass Table
Signature Design By Ashley Sariden Rectangular Dining Room Table

If a table that is both elegant and durable is what you’re looking for, then this one will surely make you happy. It’s made of unbreakable glass that can reflect light but can hurt people due to its sharp corners.

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Pros: Elegant, no assemble needed, non-breakable glass.

Cons: Hard to clean, can hurt people especially children.

Drop Leaf Dining Table

Drop Leaf Table
Nathan James 41002 Kalos Solid Wood Drop Leaf Folding Kitchen Dining

Due to its versatility, this dining table takes a while to assemble and it can get scratches easily. However, with the right care, this can last long plus it has drop-leaf sides to expand the table to your desire for multi-functionalities.

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Pros: Multipurpose, scratch-free floors, stable wood base.

Cons: Longer assembly time than others, leaf table is a bit weak, easily damaged.

Expandable Dining Table

Stakmore Traditional Expanding Table

This table is what you can literally call a transforming table. It can shift from a small desk table to a console table and then to a big family table by adding 1 or 2 extra leaves that can accommodate up to 8 people. It even has an extra 5th leg for more stability and 2 drawers.

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Pros: Versatile, extra drawers, up to 8 people can use it.

Cons: Heavy, might need an extra hand for assembling.

Oval Dining Table

Oval Table
East West Furniture Butterfly Leaf Oval Dining Table

Don’t underestimate this table just because it looks plain. It can transform into a bigger table using its hidden table leaves in the middle to easily accommodate up to 6 people. It can be transferred easily from one place to another too.

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Pros: Portable, easy cleanup, expand into a bigger table.

Cons: Damaged easily, a bit longer to assemble.

Square Dining Table

Square Table
DHP Fusion Metal Square Dining Table with Wood Table Top

This table is as basic as it looks but can get the job done because of its durability. It’s not heavy so extra care is necessary. It can be used by up to 4 people and has a good design that can fit a modern room.

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Pros: Solid build, scratch protection, stylish.

Cons: Very basic, thin, lightweight.

Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid Wood
Zinus Jen Mid-Century Modern Wood Dining Table

This table is smaller than compared to others because it’s designed for smaller rooms or spaces. It is so easy to assemble, durable even though small and the price is really good unlike other tables with similar features.

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Pros: Can be assembled in 3 minutes, sturdy, affordable compared to similar tables.

Cons: May scratch floors, smaller than common dining tables.

Narrow Dining Table

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Torjin Counter Height Dining Room Table

A long, slim dining table that is quick to assemble and is made of great quality materials, this furniture can be a working space or additional seating depending on your needs. Has the swagger looks.

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Pros: Long length, good quality, assembling is easy.

Cons: Uneven tabletop, heavier than it looks.

Marble Dining Table

Marble Table
Nathan James Lucy Small Dining Table with Faux Carrara Marble Top and Brushed Metal Pedestal Base

This dining table is sophisticated as it looks and has that distinctive modern look that will compliment any kind of room. It can accommodate bulky objects and sticks to the floor.

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Pros: Doesn’t wobble, can carry up to 200 lbs of items, assembling is easy.

Cons: Easily damaged.

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