22 Bedroom Ideas with a Loft Bed (You’ll Be Sleeping on Cloud Nine)

Last updated on July 6, 2024

Revamp your bedroom with lofts with these modern bedroom ideas. These are ideas for storage solutions and more!

Loft ideas are trending these days! It’s often brought about by functionality and efficiency. Loft beds are just so space game changers, and aside from that, they offer a modern and stylish look that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

You can use and incorporate many things in designing your loft bedroom. This list gives you some of the most popular ideas for your bedroom.

Make your abode the best space in the house to chill, do your thing, call down, and be you. Relax in the best place in your home. Make your loft bedroom the best space with these ideas!

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Comfort and Aesthetics

If you want to go for comfort and style, then check this one out. The room is designed with minimalist and architectural elements, creating a cozy and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

The natural light from the windows brightens up the interior design. There are also hybrid work options that provide flexibility to work from home. This dream setup includes a comfortable desk tour for productivity and relaxation.

Black and White Room Makeover

Jaci Daily's Son's Room Makeover bedroom with loft bed
Source: @jaci.daily

This black-and-white ensemble is both simple and stylish. The black and white decor provides contrast while adding an element of sophistication to the space.

Add pops of color with bright accessories such as lighted letters, cute stools, and an indoor potted plant for that healthy air.

Ship-Inspired Bedroom

This ship-inspired bedroom is perfect for your adventure-seeker family.

The floating loft bed creates an open, spacious feel in the room. It provides plenty of storage underneath it. Add pops of color with decorative cushions, throw pillows, and patterned wallpapers to make it your own.

Transform the walls into a kid-friendly nautical landscape by hanging artwork depicting whales, ships, and lighthouses – giving your son’s room an unforgettable look that he can be proud of.

Floating Whimsy

Floating Whimsy bedroom with loft bed
Source: @kiminmarin

This loft bed is whimsical and beautiful from every angle. The main attraction is the floating bed with hanging lights. The whimsical design of the bed adds a lighthearted touch to the space without sacrificing its contemporary style.

Add the black rattan stool and the swing to keep it traditional. The white couch, throw pillows, and crocheted blanket add to the neat design of the room.

Young Professional’s Dream

The loft bed is perfect for small spaces, such as studio apartments. This is the young professional’s dream home with impressive architecture and design. It’s both minimalist and elegant at the same time.

It is decorated with Scandinavian design elements and inspiring decor pieces to give it a cozy yet modern feel.

Neutral colors like white and grey are used throughout the room to create a calming atmosphere, while pops of color add personality and warmth.

The walls are adorned with art pieces that bring in some extra inspiration, while the furniture provides plenty of storage space for all your belongings.

With its style, comfort, and practicality, this loft bedroom will surely be an inviting place to relax after a long day!

Pink Bedroom Makeover

Michelle Lehan bedroom with loft bed
Source: @mlehan11

This pink bedroom makeover is perfect for pre-teens. It has pink walls, accents, and a chair. The study desk is just the right size; add to it is the carpeted floor for all those dance nights. Make your pre-teen happy with this loft bedroom makeover.

Team Metal Loft Bedroom

TenMetal bedroom with loft bed
Source: @10metals

The metal loft bed is a nod to an industrial-look space. It’s black and suitable for all those mix-and-match projects you have in mind.

This combination of modern design and rustic charm creates a unique atmosphere in the room. The loft bed provides additional storage space, making it easy to keep clutter out of sight.

With its elevated sleeping area, this bedroom idea offers a cozy yet sophisticated look that will impress guests.

Scandinavia-Inspired Loft Bedroom

This loft bedroom is perfect for those looking for a Scandinavian-inspired room. The interior is both modern and minimal at the same time. The room is brightened by natural light from the windows, while the loft bed provides plenty of storage.

The walls are painted in a soft neutral hue, allowing for pops of color from the furniture and decor. The accents and decor, such as the swing crochet chair, are perfect for that cozy look.

Farmhouse Look Loft

This farmhouse-inspired loft is cozy and homey. The stairs are also a shelf for storage. It’s the perfect solution for one-bedroom spaces. This is how you maximize space without compromising comfort and style.

To complete the look, interior design elements like wall art or throw pillows can be added to create a cozy atmosphere that reflects your style. With this loft bed, you can enjoy the creativity flow in your bedroom!

Heavy Duty Loft Bed

This one is for you if you’re going for the heavy-duty and industrial look.

The loft bed is made of metal and finished in a sleek gray color, with a staircase leading up to the elevated sleeping area. The design includes a locker and fire pole for added storage and convenience.

This American-made furniture piece is ideal for small spaces, offering an attractive interior design solution that maximizes floor space while adding style to any room.

Adult Loft Bed

Are you looking for an adult loft bed? Then this one is perfect for you.

The metal frame is strong and sturdy, providing a secure base for the mattress. It’s ideal for teens, college students living in dorms or fraternities/sororities, and adults looking to maximize their space with a loft bed.

This bed’s design allows you to use the area underneath it by adding storage solutions or creating an office space or home workspace. With its sleek look and modern style, this loft bed will surely add character to any bedroom!

Queen Loft Bed

Make it spacious with this queen-sized bed loft. The queen size bed is great for small apartments and offers a creative way to save space with custom furniture. You can create a unique look in your bedroom while maximizing your limited square footage.

This loft bed also features an influencer-approved design. There are hanging little lantern lights and a space underneath the bed for your planned office or private room.

Black Bunk Bed

The black finish is perfect for a modern look, while the staircase and desk tray offers easy access and plenty of storage options.

Add accessories like furniture covers and extra shelves to customize this loft bed further. With its space-saving design, this stylish loft bed creates an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing or studying in style.

Modern x Traditional Loft Design

Get this mix of traditional and modern loft design. The loft bed is made from sturdy wood and painted black for a sleek look. The bed is complemented by rustic decor and furniture, including a comfortable armchair and side table.

The walls are painted in a light neutral shade that opens the room and provides an ideal backdrop for artwork or other decorative accents.

A plush area rug ties the look together, making this bedroom functional and inviting. It’s a loft bed of dreams.

Bachelor’s Loft Bed

The king-sized bed is perfect for bachelors as it offers plenty of space-saving benefits in small apartments or studio spaces. Its gray finish adds to the urban living vibe, and its American-made construction ensures quality craftsmanship.

The loft bed also provides extra storage for decluttering and organizing your bedroom. Complete the loft bed with stylish furniture like a nightstand or dresser to create an inviting interior.

All Black Ensemble

Get his sleek black loft bedroom design. It’s perfect for adults and bachelors looking to maximize their small space.

The sleek lines of the loft bed are complemented by the furniture, decor, and interior design elements that make this room perfect for a young professional’s pad.

Neutral colors surround the black bed to create an inviting atmosphere while providing plenty of storage options with its space-saving furniture.

Complete the look with home decor pieces like wall art and plants to add warmth and personality to your space.

Work From Home Setup

This custom-made bed is ideal for those who are working from home. The loft bed gives you ample space for a full desktop underneath.

Its sturdy construction and space-saving design can help add a touch of elegance and character to any small space or apartment living setting.

Beautiful and Functional Loft Bedroom

This is perfect if you’re looking for a functional and equally stylish loft bedroom for your kids.

It’s great as the bed has enough space underneath to fit a desk, seating area, or other furniture pieces. Add in accessories and statements to make it more beautiful.

Small Bedroom with Loft Bed

Make use of your small bedroom space with this loft bed design. Light grey walls and white furniture give the room a modern yet calming look, while splashes of color provide just enough personality to make it feel like home.

Soft rugs cushion the floor beneath the bed, adding comfort and inviting guests to lounge around and enjoy the conversation.

The study area is illuminated by warm, ambient lighting, perfect for late nights spent poring over books or typing away on projects.

With its minimalist aesthetic and open layout, this bedroom idea is perfect for comfy relaxation and productivity!

Bean Bag Chair

The bean bag chairs keep this loft bed the coziest one on the list. The loft bed is the centerpiece of the room, providing plenty of space underneath for additional furniture or activities.

The bean bag chair offers comfort and extra seating. Together they create an inviting atmosphere that encourages imaginative play and creativity.

Industrial Loft Bed

Get this industrial look for a room. It’s perfect for those with creative minds. The space screams personality, and one way of doing so but putting personal items in it.

The loft bed provides extra storage beneath it and is perfect for creating a cozy yet stylish atmosphere in any room. The industrial elements add texture and interest to the space, while the brick wall adds a unique touch to the overall aesthetic.

Wooden Loft Bedroom

Check out this wooden bedroom loft with a dresser and a desk space underneath. It is functional, stylish, and cozy. This bedroom space has a Japanese hint, giving your maximization solutions to the extreme.


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