10 Key Airbnb Statistics in San Diego, CA: A Comprehensive Insight

Last updated on February 7, 2024

Explore the fascinating trends and insights in this deep dive into San Diego’s Airbnb market, a dynamic landscape that tells an intriguing story of travel, tourism and real estate.

San Diego, a gem of Southern California, is a popular destination for Airbnb guests, thanks to its year-round pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife.

san diego a gem of southern california is a popular destination for airbnb guests thanks to its

This article provides an insightful analysis of Airbnb statistics in San Diego, covering key data points such as average rental prices, occupancy rates, most popular neighbourhoods, and seasonal trends.

This comprehensive guide will be invaluable for anyone considering becoming an Airbnb host in San Diego or for guests planning their next trip.

Dive in to discover all the details that will help you make informed decisions.

Airbnb expects an annual revenue of $107,662 and a media occupancy rate of 77% for a 3-bedroom unit

Promising figures emerge when spotlighting the potential of 3-bedroom units. The current trending data in San Diego boasts predicted annual earnings of around $107,662 for such listings.

This significant sum is due in part to the impressive occupancy rate which stands at 77%, creating a steady flow of income for hosts and solidifying the appeal of Airbnb investment.

Be mindful, though, that these figures are averages and actual earnings can be influenced by factors such as location, amenities, and guest experience.

San Diego has a total of 301 Airbnb listings

As a thriving vacation spot, San Diego houses 301 active Airbnb listings. This burgeoning inventory amplifies the city’s appeal to tourists, providing them with varied accommodations catering to different preferences and budgets.

Given this substantial number, hosts have the opportunity to secure a profitable and sustainable venture by leveraging their rentals’ unique factors, and potential renters enjoy a wide spectrum of choices that enhances their stay in this sunny Californian city.

The best bedroom size for Airbnb units in San Diego are 3-bedroom units

When considering the profitability of Airbnb rentals, it’s essential to focus on the optimal amount of rooms in your property. Three-bedroom units have shown to perform exceedingly well in San Diego. These properties hit the sweet spot in terms of space and cost, offering enough accommodation for families or larger groups without incurring excessive expenses.

This arrangement translates to maximized return on investment for hosts, showing the efficacy of leveraging this category of rentals. Impressively, such units can anticipate an estimated annual income upward of $107,662 with a commendable occupancy rate of 77%. Hence, investing in three-bedroom properties yields promising returns, making it a viable consideration for aspiring Airbnb hosts.

San Diego has a 64% Airbnb occupancy rate

Peering into occupancy rates, it’s interesting to note that roughly two-thirds of Airbnb properties in the city are booked at any given time – a solid 64%. This indicates a healthy demand for short-term vacation rentals in the area.

It also implies opportunities for hosts looking to enter the marketplace as over half the available listings are generally occupied throughout the year.

San Diego has an average price per square foot of $818

Aligning with relevant data, investing in Airbnb property in San Diego might appear costly at first with an average pricing standing at $818 per square foot. This higher upfront cost is a reflection of San Diego’s appeal as an attractive tourist destination and the financial prosperity of the surrounding area.

However, considering the city’s high occupancy rates and potential rental yields, the initial cost could be offset by the lucrative returns in the long run. It’s essential to analyze these factors before making a real estate investment decision.

The monthly rental income is $4,267

In San Diego’s thriving rental market, leveraging properties through Airbnb has resulted in remarkable income figures. Property owners average out monthly earnings at an impressive $4,267. This substantial value reflects a combination of the city’s touristic appeal and a high demand for short-term lettings.

It’s important to take into consideration, though, that this figure can fluctuate depending on factors such as location, rental size and the season.

The cash-on-cash return for Airbnb is 1.97%

In San Diego’s thriving Airbnb market, investors can anticipate an enticing 1.97% cash-on-cash return. Though seemingly modest, this return rate marks a favorable investment considering the city’s competitive real estate landscape.

This figure represents a tangible, positive yield for those eyeing short-term rentals as a lucrative income source within the Californian metropolis.

Keep in mind, this percentage is an average, meaning individual returns could be higher or lower depending on factors like property location and occupancy rates.

San Diego welcomes over 35 million travelers each year looking for Airbnb spaces

With increasing numbers of visitors each year, San Diego has rapidly transformed into a hotspot for Airbnb accommodation. The city’s popularity has seen a surge of over 35 million tourists annually, a considerable number of whom prefer the comfort and convenience brought by Airbnb stays.

The uniqueness of staying in local homes, the incredible array of choices across various price categories, along with the personal touch Airbnb hosts infuse into their properties, are the primary driving forces behind this rapidly growing trend.

Downtown San Diego has over 700 listings with an annual revenue of $84,664

A significant concentration of Airbnb listings is found in Downtown San Diego. This bustling, urban core, known for its picturesque skyline and vibrant nightlife, boasts over 700 listings. These rentals run the gamut from intimately cozy units for single travelers to spacious lofts designed to accommodate larger groups.

With an appealing mix of visual aesthetic and strategic location near key tourist attractions, it’s no wonder that they generate an impressive annual revenue amounting to $84,664. This figure implies a robust market demand and offers a persuasive testament to the profitability potential for future hosts considering this area.

The gross rental yield in Downtown San Diego is 10.58%

With a percentage amounting to 10.58%, one can confidently point out Downtown San Diego as a profitable area for potential investors. This figure, known as gross rental yield, allows property owners to compare income potential across different regions or different types of properties. Specifically, it provides a general idea of how much rental income a property can generate in relation to its cost over a year.

Hence, the high gross rental yield signifies that owning Airbnb rentals in Downtown San Diego could quickly recoup their investment than other locations, thereby offering substantial returns.


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