10 Insightful Ideas Based on Airbnb Statistics Dallas, TX

Last updated on February 7, 2024

Explore the fascinating world of Airbnb in Dallas, Texas, as we dive deep into its statistics and trends that are shaping the home-sharing landscape.

Dallas, TX, is a bustling hub of activity and its Airbnb market is no exception. In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive analysis of Airbnb statistics in Dallas, including rental rates, occupancy rates, and the most popular neighborhoods for short-term rentals.

dallas tx is a bustling hub of activity and its airbnb market is no exception. in this article

Whether you’re a property owner looking to maximize your rental income, or a traveler curious about the best areas to stay, you’ll find all the data you need right here. Dive in to get the full picture of the Dallas Airbnb landscape.

Dallas joins Austin to introduce strict rules for short-term rules

Following in Austin’s footsteps, Dallas has devised rigorous regulations for short-term stays, which directly affect Airbnb operations in the city. The implications are far-reaching, with hosts now being required to obtain a permit and ensure all listings meet city safety, health, and zoning requirements.

Strict caps have also been imposed on the number of short-term rental (STR) permits in residential zones, keeping neighborhood peace and quiet in check, and parking guidelines established to prevent overflow into streets. The measures exemplify Dallas’s proactive approach in organized STRs, ensuring a fair, safe, and sustainable environment for both hosts and guests.

Informing guests of these regulations is essential, reinforcing the importance of a well-informed host. Adherence to these guidelines not only legitimizes an Airbnb operation but also contributes to the overall positive experience for guests.

Prices in Dallas surged nearly 71% according to Texas Real Estate Research Center

Recent data from the Texas Real Estate Research Center underscores a surge in prices within Dallas’s Airbnb market. The cost of listings has spiked dramatically, showcasing a 71% increase. This trend symbolizes the city’s flourishing popularity as a travel destination and the growing demand for more unique, personable accommodation options.

The heightened price point, while possibly discouraging to some visitors, may also reflect an improvement in the quality and range of options available, from luxury apartments to quaint, culture-rich homes. As potential hosts contemplate entering the market, it’s imperative to consider this shift in prices and strategize accordingly.

Median rent for all bedrooms and all property types in Dallas is $1950 per month

Recent data reveals a steady upward climb in the Dallas housing market. Both for entire property rentals and individual rooms, the median monthly rental cost now stands at a noteworthy $1950.

This incorporates a full range of residences from compact studio apartments to multi-room family homes. For potential hosts aspiring to tap into the Airbnb market, these figures serve as a crucial benchmark – a keen eye on the price point is pivotal to stay competitive while garnering lucrative returns.

There are 5,500 active and registered Airbnb units in Dallas for short-term rentals

In Dallas, a significant number of properties dedicated to providing short-term accommodation have been registered with Airbnb. The figure stands at an impressive 5,500 units.

These offerings vary from the humble one-bedroom apartments to grand multi-roomed houses, catering to various guest preferences.

As a testament to the vitality of the city’s tourism sector, these properties regularly see occupancy throughout the year.

This high demand is fuelled both by locals who rent out their places on a periodic basis or by dedicated hosts who have invested in property specifically for Airbnb rental.

Based on just 2,872 Airbnbs, the annual revenue projection is $26,661 per year

Diving into the financial aspect, it’s worth noting that current data attributes an interesting annual revenue projection to Dallas Airbnb hosts. For a subset of 2,872 Airbnbs, this projection comes around to be $26,661 — a promising figure for those considering becoming hosts themselves.

This emphasizes the potential profitability within the Dallas short-term rental market that investors and homeowners may desire to leverage.

This data, however, doesn’t guarantee similar earnings for all hosts, as other factors such as location, home size, and amenities can impact the final income.

Dallas, Texas has a 44 ROI score fair

On a scale where a higher number translates to a more lucrative investment, rental properties in Dallas score a fair return on investment (ROI) of 44.

This figure reveals that investors can anticipate a decent return from Airbnb rentals within the area, adding to the city’s appeal for owners of short-term rental properties.

A substantial determinant of this score is the city’s popularity as a tourist and business hub, driving a steady year-round demand for vacation rental homes.

Airbnb rentals in Dallas have an average daily rate of $174 and an occupancy rate of 40%

In the bustling cityscape of Dallas, Airbnb provides a wide range of accommodation options at affordable prices. Holding true to affordability, the platform offers an average daily rate of mere $174. This competitive pricing attracts a lot of guests, leading to an impressively high occupancy rate.

Approximately 40% of Dallas Airbnb properties are booked at any given time, reflecting a thriving Airbnb market helpful for both guests seeking budget-friendly options and hosts aiming to gain extra income.

October is the high season with a monthly revenue of $2,548

Having a clear understanding of the Dallas Airbnb market’s rhythm is crucial. Interestingly, the occupancy peak doesn’t happen during the hot Texas summer, but in mild October. This month sees the greatest influx of guests, raking in an impressive average revenue of $2,548. Such a high figure can be attributed to events like the Texas State Fair and popular Dallas Cowboys home games, drawing crowds from across the country.

Hence, if you’re pondering when to maximize your property’s potential, the answer, quite clearly, is October.

During the off-season, the monthly revenue is $1,687

As the tourism ebb sets in, Airbnb listings in Dallas nonetheless remain profitable. While the peak season boasts higher income, owners can still expect to rake in approximately $1,687 per month during quieter times of the year. This figure ensures a steady stream of income, reinforcing the investment value of short-term rentals in the city.

High-quality photos and service, competitive pricing, along with special touches, can all help maintain stable occupancy, setting the stage for robust earning potential throughout the year.

1-bedroom Airbnb rentals have the most number with 1,300 listings in total

In the competitive landscape of Dallas’s short-term rental market, one type of property emerges as the most popular: the 1-bedroom rental. The city’s Airbnb data reveals an impressive 1,300 listings of such properties, marking them as the leading choice for Airbnb offerings. These rentals are a testament to Dallas’s appeal to solo-business travelers, couples, or small families seeking budget-friendly, comfortable accommodation with ample privacy.


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