10 Key Airbnb Statistics San Antonio, TX: Insights for 2022

Last updated on December 10, 2023

Dive into the fascinating world of Airbnb in San Antonio, Texas as we unravel intriguing facts and figures that highlight its growth, popularity, and impact on the local tourism industry.

San Antonio, Texas, is a hotspot for Airbnb with a unique blend of listings that cater to diverse traveler preferences.

san antonio texas is a hotspot for airbnb with a unique blend of listings that cater to diverse

This article provides a comprehensive review of Airbnb statistics in San Antonio, TX, covering aspects like the average rental price, most popular neighborhoods, occupancy rates, and more.

Delving into these statistics will offer valuable insights for both potential hosts looking to invest in the area and travelers seeking the perfect stay.

With a detailed analysis of the data, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of the Airbnb market in San Antonio, TX.

Stay tuned for the complete breakdown.

San Antonio is the fifth hottest city in the country for short-term rentals

Securing the fifth spot nationwide for short-term rentals signifies the robust allure of San Antonio. With its historic attractions, vibrant cultural scene, and year-round events, the city has become a favored destination for travelers.

This surge in popularity has directly impacted the short-term rental market, making it a thriving field for hosts. Steadily increasing demand and a dynamic travel landscape point to promising potential for those considering this investment avenue.

The suburb also saw a growth in listings with a 43.1% increase

Reflecting the city’s growing popularity, local suburbs recorded a staggering 43.1% rise in short-term property listings. This surge indicates a promising market for prospective hosts considering to venture into the Airbnb business. It also suggests increased availability for travelers seeking diverse accommodation options away from the city’s central hub, thus contributing to an enriching visitor experience.

The median home value in San Antonio is $265,322, which is lower than the national median of $382,000

Homes in San Antonio present an affordable choice for Airbnb hosts when compared to other American locales. The city’s median property value sits at $265,322, significantly beneath the national figure of $382,000. This vast difference in pricing can enable hosts to get started with an Airbnb venture without requiring as hefty an upfront investment.

There are 7,472 active short-term rentals in San Antonio, TX

Boasting a significant number, San Antonio is home to 7,472 active short-term rentals.

This bustling array of options caters to diverse preferences, offering a wide spectrum from luxurious villas to cozy city apartments.

This plethora of choices mirrors the city’s robust and lively cultural amalgamation, playing a key role in attracting renters to the city.

The average daily rate for short-term rentals is $174 and an occupancy rate of 59%

In San Antonio, short-term rentals carry an average daily rate of $174. This figure competes favorably when compared against hotel rates, offering excellent value for guests while ensuring profitability for hosts.

Simultaneously, the 59% occupancy rate underscores the consistent demand from travelers. This implies that for more than half the year, these rentals are occupied, demonstrating a dependable income stream for property owners in the area.

The combination of a substantial average rate and a strong occupancy rate creates a favorable climate for both the current and prospective Airbnb hosts.

The annual revenue for short-term rentals in San Antonio is $27,048

Diving into the annual earnings from these accommodations, a telling figure emerges. Owners of short-term rentals can anticipate generating approximately $27,048 each year. This can be attributed to San Antonio’s appeal as a tourist destination and the steady demand for diverse lodging options.

Notably, this figure may vary significantly depending on several factors such as location, rental type, and management practices.

The average gross yield for Airbnb rentals in San Antonio is 10.19%

San Antonio’s short-term rental market offers a fairly attractive return for investment. With the gross yield hovering around 10.19%, landlords can expect a decent profit margin. This figure represents the potential rental income as a percentage of the property price, illustrating the strong performance of the market in this region.

Although this figure will vary from property to property, it underlines San Antonio as a thriving location for Airbnb hosts. It denotes opportunities not only for those wanting to make a full-time commitment to hosting but also for those looking to supplement their income.

San Antonio welcomes over 35 million visitors each year from Mexico and other parts of Texas

With a rich cultural legacy and diverse attractions, it’s not a surprise that San Antonio is a tourism magnet. Drawing in a staggering number of over 35 million tourists annually, a significant portion of these visitors are from neighboring Mexico and various parts of Texas itself.

This influx of tourists establishes a robust market for Airbnb hosts, catering to a wide range of budget preferences and accommodation needs.

The cost of living in San Antonio, Texas is 9% lower than the national average

This below-the-national-average cost of living presents an attractive option for potential Airbnb renters looking for affordable accommodations. They can benefit from competitively priced short-term rentals without compromising the quality of their stay. Excellent eateries, shopping options, and cultural attractions in the city also reflect this cost advantage.

For property owners, this results in an increased interest in their listings, potentially leading to a higher occupancy rate. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, making San Antonio an appealing location for the Airbnb business model.

A 3-bedroom property can generate an annual revenue of $73,223

Investing in a three-bedroom property for hosting Airbnb guests in San Antonio, TX can be a lucrative decision. With strategic marketing and effective property management, annual revenue generation can hit highlights reaching approximately $73,223. It’s crucial to consider factors like high tourist seasons, local events, and trends in travel when strategizing rental prices and dates. Ultimately, the potential profitability for hosts in this booming short-term rental market is substantial.


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