10 Key Insights from Airbnb Statistics Houston, TX

Last updated on December 10, 2023

Explore the dynamic landscape of Houston’s Airbnb market as we delve into insightful statistics, unveiling trends and patterns that shape this thriving sector in Texas’ largest city.

Diving straight into the heart of the matter, Houston, TX, with its warm hospitality and booming economy, has become a bustling hub for Airbnb rentals. This article will equip you with the latest Airbnb statistics for Houston, TX, providing insights into average rental prices, occupancy rates, and the most popular neighborhoods for Airbnb rentals.

diving straight into the heart of the matter houston tx with its warm hospitality and booming

Whether you’re a host looking to maximize your rental income or a guest seeking the best deals, this comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for all things Airbnb in Houston. Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis and a wealth of actionable tips.

A two-bedroom rental has a solid 49% occupancy rate

In Houston’s robust short-term rental marketplace, a two-bedroom property is one of the attractive choices for guests. Such properties maintain a healthy occupancy rate throughout the year. Almost half the time, these rentals are allotted to guests, indicating a strong demand and steady income stream for hosts.

This popularity can be attributed to the perfect balance of space and affordability that two-bedroom rentals provide, appealing to small families, groups of friends, or business travelers.

An Airbnb host earns an annual revenue of $25,190 in Houston

In Texas’s vibrant metropolis, a host’s potential for annual income is impressive. Staggering figures report that successful hosts in Houston can accumulate a total of $25,190 throughout the year. With a savvy approach to real estate, hosts can enhance their economic prospects significantly.

This considerable sum testifies to the profitability of taking up hosting. Thus, for aspiring hosts or homeowners looking to monetize their property, Houston’s Airbnb landscape presents an appealing venture, offering a sizable return on investment.

An Airbnb host can expect a gross rental yield of 17.27%

In terms of profitability, entering the Airbnb market in Houston can be a smart move. The average gross rental yield stands at a promising 17.27%. This figure represents the gross annual income generated by the property as a percentage of its cost. It factors in the rental revenue gained from guests, excluding costs associated with maintenance, property management, and other operational expenses.

Therefore, an Airbnb location in Houston can provide a substantial return on investment, making it a viable option for property owners looking to diversify their income stream. For potential hosts, calculating this yield is crucial to understand the rental property’s feasibility and profitability.

A 2-bedroom home has a reasonable occupancy rate of 49%

With almost half of the year booked, a two-bedroom property in Houston proves to be a practical choice for Airbnb hosts. This data, showcasing a 49% occupancy rate, indicates the city’s continual demand for such accommodation.

Maximizing bookings throughout the year is achievable with focused marketing during Houston’s peak tourism season. This valuable fact ensures hosts can effectively strategize their booking management and pricing to optimize revenues.

AHome prices are expected to rise 3.2% over the next year

Next year will see a notable change in Houston’s housing market. According to financial forecasts, homeowners and investors can expect an upward trend in home prices. The predicted increase is estimated at 3.2%. This hints at potentially good news for Airbnb property owners. An ascent in property values can yield higher rent charges, thereby boosting income from Airbnb rentals. This equity gain may heighten the attractiveness of investing in the Houston property market, especially for Airbnb hosting purposes. Potential investors should, therefore, pay keen attention to Houston’s promising real estate trend.

Houston has an Airbnb daily rate of $144

Earning potential from a single daily booking in Houston is significantly profitable due to the nightly rate that is quite attractive to hosts. Currently, this rate averages out to $144. This means that hosts, by offering their properties on Airbnb for short-term stays, have a viable source of income.

It is necessary to note that this rate might fluctuate or change based on factors such as location, property size, amenities provided, or the hosting season. For instance, rates could rise during periods of high demand such as holidays or special events, making it even more rewarding for Airbnb hosts in Houston.

This attractive nightly rate makes Houston a competitive marketplace for Airbnb hosts, providing a substantial reward for their investment.

The median home value in Houston is $26,540 and the average property tax is 2.13%

Houston’s real estate market thrives with a modest median home value, standing at $26,540.

As an Airbnb host, it’s beneficial to be mindful of the average property tax rate which hovers at about 2.13%.

This percentage may subtly impact your rental income, so always factor it into your financial forecasting and budgeting plans.

While it’s a small percentage, when dealing with properties, even small numbers can accumulate and add significant value or cost over time.

Be savvy in your calculation to ensure your Airbnb journey in Houston is a profitable endeavor.

Houston currently has 15,331 active short-term rentals

In the vast landscape of the city, the presence of approximately 15,331 active short-term rentals showcases Houston’s thriving short-term rental marketplace. A myriad of these units range from cozy apartments to luxury villines, catering to a diverse set of visitors.

This large number not only signals a vibrant traveler influx but also a potentially lucrative income stream for those considering hosting on platforms like Airbnb.

Short-term rentals have 52$ occupancy rate and an average daily rate of $155

A robust part of Houston’s Airbnb market is represented by short-term rentals. Crucially, these rentals often see an occupancy rate residing around 52%. This essentially means that, for more than half the year, these accommodations are rented out, generating income for the hosts. The profitability of this approach is also reflected in the daily rate, which stands on an average of $155. This figure indicates the demand for short-term spaces, especially in peak travel seasons, thus making it a viable source of supplementary income for many homeowners in the Houston area.

The average gross yield for short-term properties is 8.02% and revenue of $21,216

Consistently strong returns are enjoyed by short-term rental owners in Houston. The 8.02% average gross yield is a testament to this profitability. It’s also remarkable to note the annual revenue generation from these properties. Owners can expect to rake in around $21,216 per year, providing a fantastic opportunity for a substantial income stream. Therefore, ambitious investors searching for a profitable venture shouldn’t underestimate the potential of Houston’s short-term rental market.


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