10 Essential Airbnb Statistics for New York, NY

Last updated on December 9, 2023

Dive into this comprehensive exploration of New York City’s vibrant Airbnb landscape, as we unpack intriguing patterns and trends shaping one of the world’s most dynamic short-term rental markets.

Diving into the world of Airbnb statistics in New York, NY, we’ll explore the trends, numbers, and insights that shape this bustling market. Whether you’re a host, guest, or just an interested observer, these data points will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Airbnb landscape in the Big Apple.

diving into the world of airbnb statistics in new york ny well explore the trends numbers and

From occupancy rates to average nightly prices, we’ve got it all covered. So, let’s embark on this data-driven journey to discover what makes New York’s Airbnb market tick.

New York has a market score of 72 and an annual rate of $12.1K

The Big Apple boasts an impressive market score of 72, a testament to its lucrative short-term rental potential. This denotes strong demand, limited regulation, and positive investment conditions, making it a prime choice for Airbnb hosts.

Furthermore, an annual income of about $12.1K can be expected from a typical listing. With savvy marketing and top-tier service, hosts can potentially earn more, a promise that continues to attract new hosts to this bustling city.

78% of rentals are 1-bedroom units

In the bustling city of New York, Airbnb rentals primarily consist of compact and cozy 1-bedroom units comprising a whopping 78% of the total listings. This prevalence caters to the numerous solo travelers or couples visiting the city, providing a quaint, comfortable sanctuary amid the urban hustle. The trend signifies a high demand for smaller, more affordable accommodation alternatives, offering a unique and intimate living experience, over traditional expensive hotel suites.

Airbnb rentals have a nightly rate of $252 and an occupancy rate of 70%

On average, travelers spend $252 per night to experience the city that never sleeps in the comforts of New York Airbnb’s. These units, offering a personalized twist to visitors’ stays, showcase an impressive 70% occupancy rate.

This means out of all the available rentals at any given time, 70% are rented out. Such high occupancy indicates both the popularity of Airbnb among visitors and the potential high return for New York hosts.

100% of Airbnb listings are Condo properties

In the bustling metropolis of New York City, condo properties take center stage on Airbnb. These accommodations cater to diverse travelers seeking a touch of home while enjoying the vibrant city vibes.

Whether guests are looking for a dash of luxury from high-end condos or a quaint experience from small-scale ones, they won’t find any shortage of options.

This complete predominance of condo properties paves the way for an Airbnb experience that offers both comfort and convenience for those exploring the Big Apple.

The top three hosts are Global Luxury Suites, Bluebird, and Vida

Diving into the figures further reveals the major contributors to Airbnb’s presence in New York. Global Luxury Suites top the list, offering guests a high-end living experience within the city’s vibrant neighborhoods. They have surpassed other hosts in terms of number of listings and total bookings.

Second on the list is Bluebird, known for its customer-centered approach and value-for-money lodging. They offer an array of options suitable for kinds of guests, from solo travelers to large families.

Rounding off the top three is Vida, whose properties boast a mix of aesthetic appeal and comfort. Their positive reviews are a testament to their ability to provide quality experiences to guests. Each of these hosts contributes to New York’s diverse and thriving Airbnb market.

Manhattan alone has 7,117 listings

With an impressive array of options for travelers, Manhattan holds the throne when it comes to the number of Airbnb listings. The borough dominates with a total of 7,117 units. This offers a diverse selection ranging from luxury lofts to cozy studios, ensuring there’s something for every traveler’s needs and budget.

With such a wide variety, guests are bound to find a place that suits their preference, whether they seek the hustle and bustle of Times Square or the tranquil scenery of Central Park.

This wealth of choices contributes to Manhattan’s popularity amongst vacationers, digital nomads, or business travelers alike. Clearly, Manhattan’s Airbnb sector is thriving, making it a hotspot for those seeking unique and affordable accommodation in the city.

The highest revenue/peak season for rentals is in June with $7,552 and the lowest in February with $4,187

Raking in an impressive $7,552, June proves to be the most lucrative time for Airbnb hosts in New York. This significant surge can be attributed to the influx of summer tourists flocking to the city, excited to explore the myriad of outdoor activities and vibrant cultural events New York offers during this time.

February, on the other hand, sees a downturn in revenue, plummeting to about $4,187. The reduced numbers can be linked to the harsh winter weather that New York experiences, discouraging visitors and resulting in a slow period for rentals. Despite the drop, savvy hosts can still maintain steady cash flow with the right strategies suited for the off-season.

The most common amenities in Airbnb rentals are hot tub and pet-friendly spaces

Travelers relish the comfort of ‘home away from home’, and Airbnb hosts tend to appeal to these preferences with tailored amenities. Two features that largely stand out in New York’s Airbnb rental scene are hot tubs and pet-friendly spaces.

Soaking in a hot tub can be an ultimate relaxation tool after a long day exploring the city. It’s no surprise that many hosts in New York have capitalized on this, offering rentals with hot tubs to entice visitors. You may find this feature across different types of properties, from luxurious loft apartments to quaint houses in quieter neighborhoods.

On the other hand, the increasing trend of traveling with pets has seen a rise in pet-friendly Airbnb listings. Recognizing the difficulty in finding lodging that accommodates pets, hosts have swung into action, offering open spaces and comfort facilities conducive for furry friends. Whether you’re on a short city break or a prolonged stay, these accommodations can effortlessly cater to your pet’s needs, making your sojourn more homely.

Brooklyn has 6,410 Airbnb listings with October as its highest peak with $6,937

With a substantial count of 6,410 properties, Brooklyn showcases a significant presence within New York’s Airbnb landscape.

Surprisingly, the highest surge in revenue does not align with summer vacations, as one might expect; instead, it coincides with the fall season.

Specifically, in October, the revenue jumps to an impressive $6,937, marking it as the most profitable period for this borough’s Airbnb hosts.

During off-season, Brookly has a revenue of $3,313

When examining off-peak timeframes in the boroughs of New York, Brooklyn stands out. This bustling neighborhood, known for its eclectic culture and unique charm, tends to see a dip in Airbnb revenue to an average of just $3,313 during its slower months. This is a significant contrast to higher-earning months, underscoring the seasonality prevalent in the home rental market.

Analyzing these trends can be crucial for investors and homeowners interested in optimizing their property rental strategies.


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