10 Key Insights: Airbnb Statistics Los Angeles, CA

Last updated on December 9, 2023

Dive into our comprehensive analysis of Los Angeles Airbnb data, where we unravel fascinating trends and insights about rental properties in the City of Angels.

Diving headfirst into the world of Airbnb in Los Angeles, CA, it’s essential to understand the statistics that shape this thriving market. This article will unravel key data points like average rental prices, occupancy rates, best neighborhoods for Airbnb investment, and even the legalities surrounding the business. With this comprehensive look into LA’s Airbnb scene, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions, whether you’re a host, a guest, or a potential investor. Stay tuned for a deep dive into these critical insights.

diving headfirst into the world of airbnb in los angeles ca its essential to understand the

LA hosts earned a combined $375 million in 2022 and are likely to increase in the current year

The lucrative nature of the short-term rental market is evident in Los Angeles, with hosts assimilating a total of $375 million in 2022. This impressive figure accounts for accommodation earnings from Airbnb bookings alone.

Indicative trends suggest a climbing curve; host earnings are envisaged to rise further this year. Economic indicators, an increasing demand for short-term rentals, and a resilient tourism industry contribute to this projected uptick.

Therefore, property owners might recognize an appealing income source by listing their homes or apartments on Airbnb.

Airbnb rentals spiked from $154 in 2019 to $244 in 2023

Over the course of four years, from 2019 to 2023, Los Angeles has seen a significant increase in the average price of Airbnb rentals. The average rental rate saw a notable leap, climbing up from a modest $154 to an impressive $244. This surge underlines the growing popularity and perceived value of Airbnb accommodations in the bustling city.

The change is also indicative of the relentless competition in the shared accommodation marketplace, which has inevitably driven the costs upwards. The upward trend is expected to continue into the forthcoming years as more tourists and business travelers choose Airbnb for their lodging needs in Los Angeles.

The number of rentals dropped by 70% from 36,600 in November 2019 to just 10,000 in June 2023

In a stark contrast to earlier trends, a precipitous decline swept over Los Angeles’ Airbnb market. Figures closely approaching 36,600 in November 2019 dwindled drastically as June 2023 rolled around, leaving a mere 10,000 rentals in its wake.

A considerable 70% dip in the realm of Airbnb rentals characterized this period, reflecting a significant alteration in the trajectory of the city’s short-term rental scenario.

This shift represents critical insights into market performance, local demand and consumer behavior towards Airbnb rentals, factors to consider from forward-looking and strategic perspectives.

LA charges a 14% transient occupancy rate, often called a bed tax

In Los Angeles, Airbnb hosts must contend with a local levy known as transient occupancy tax or bed tax. This cost is a significant aspect of running a short-term rental in the city, amounting to 14% of the rental price. As a host, it’s important to factor this into your pricing strategy to ensure profitability.

This tax is directly applied to the transient’s bill and remitted by the operator to the municipality. It’s a necessary contribution that helps fund city services and infrastructure, underlining the interconnected relationship between the Airbnb market and the local economy.

LA, CA has a total of 59,278 active Airbnb listings

Well-distributed across the city, these active listings provide tourists, business travelers, and locals seeking staycation options with a variety of property types to choose from. Be it urban lofts, beachfront condos, or traditional homes, travelers are truly spoilt for choice.

This huge number of active Airbnb units not only facilitates tourism but also supports local property owners in generating additional income, bolstering the city’s economy in the process.

69% of Airbnb rentals are 1-bedroom units, 19% of 2-bedroom units, and 7% of 3-bedroom units

Digging deeper into the unit breakdown, one-bedroom properties take the lion’s share, comprising 69% of total listings. These compact accommodations are ideal for solo travelers or couples looking for an intimate, no-frills option.

On the other hand, those needing a bit more space propel two-bedroom units to the second position, with a representation of 19%. If you’re traveling with a larger group or simply prefer more spacious quarters, you’ll find 7% of the listings offer accommodation in expansive three-bedroom units.

Thus, regardless of group size or personal space preference, LA’s Airbnb market offers a variety of options.

15.8% of listings have a minimum of 2 nights of stay while 64.0% of listings are rented for over 30 days

Diving deeper into the rental requirements of these properties, a significant fraction mandates a minimum of a two-night stay, making up nearly 16% of all listings.

A considerable majority falls into a long-term lease category; almost two-thirds of the total properties available on Airbnb in Los Angeles are rented for a duration exceeding 30 days.

This trend of extended stays reflects a distinctive preference among both hosts and guests, speaking to the cost-effectiveness for all involved parties: hosts secure longer periods of occupancy, and guests receive the benefit of more competitive rates.

LA, CA has an average annual revenue of $1,025,344

This impressive figure illustrates the popularity and profitability of the platform in the City of Angels. The accumulated income is generated by a variety of rentals, from intimate one-bedroom lofts in the heart of downtown to sprawling beachfront villas.

Despite market fluctuations, the constant demand for unique, home-like accommodations remains robust, contributing to the consistent income stream.

This data provides a snapshot of the thriving short-term rental market, indicating a promising future.

LA is in the top 20 cities with most listing in the US

With a substantial quantity of accommodations available to travelers, Los Angeles holds a prominent position among U.S. cities. It proudly ranks within the top 20 American cities for Airbnb listings amount, making it a prime location for hosts and guests alike.

Its vast selection ranges from luxurious villas in Beverly Hills to cool beachfront properties in Santa Monica and quaint apartments in downtown LA. This variety caters to different guest preferences, contributing significantly to its high ranking.

Whether visitors are looking for a taste of Hollywood glam or a serene escape, the city’s extensive listings provide an affordable alternative to traditional hotel stay.

The city has the highest occupancy rate with 71% and an average daily rate of $238

With an impressive occupancy rate of 71%, Los Angeles stands out among other cities. This means, on any given day, more than two-thirds of Airbnb listings are occupied.

Further enriching the appeal for hosts, the Angeleno market reflects a stunning $238 average daily rate. This considerably high figure is derived from costlier properties that are part of the overall listing pool, painting a lucrative picture for potential hosts in the city.


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