How to Choose the Perfect Wall Art for Your Home

Last updated on October 26, 2023

Wonder how to navigate your way through isles of fascinating artwork to find the “One” for your home? Read on!

Choosing artwork for your home’s décor might be challenging. If you’re new to selecting art, there are many options to consider, and it might be tricky to choose the appropriate one for your wall space.

Before purchasing artwork for your home, there are several factors to consider, one of which is its artistic appeal. Your home was created with love, and you should feel the same sentiment when picking your art piece. Before choosing an item that will express your originality, you must do a lot of thinking.

Fortunately, we have some notable expert advice that will not only assist you in selecting the correct artwork for your wall but also help you discover your personal preferences and likes. Here are some professional suggestions.

Create DIY Art Projects

epoxy resin art

Many experts believe that the finest art piece to hang is one that is deeply tied to your emotions, and to do that, you should create one yourself. Making DIY art is a lot of fun because it encourages you to experiment with different colors and materials. It truly allows you to express yourself, and you can simply customize a piece that reflects your personality while also complementing your home’s decor.

Epoxy Resin wall art as an alternative is a piece of genius that is currently popular all over the world. It’s a true symbol of elegance that’s simple to make at home with a few tools and some guidelines. Sites like will tell you exactly what you need to do to create a great epoxy artwork for yourself.

Painting on canvas is another excellent choice. You are free to use any material you desire, including oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolors, graded pencils, and so on. If this is your first time painting, practice a few times before beginning the actual project. There is a multitude of YouTube lessons available to assist you in creating a stunning painting. Don’t be frightened to let your inner artist out.

Look for Art Online

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are few art businesses open for sale, so your best bet right now is to hunt for materials online. This can also be a beneficial trick if you’re seeking artwork on a budget. However, before you buy a painting, make sure you do a lot of research and read reviews.

Many artists will get down with a customer and truly grasp their unique preferences before focusing on making a piece that reflects their beliefs and style. That way, you can have a piece that is completely original and is only owned by you. Aside from that, many online retailers sell primed items that would be more expensive in a physical store.

Select a Specific Theme

Before you head out shopping for wall art, it’s a good idea to first sit down and do some brainstorming. Grab a paper and pencil and write down some themes that you want to focus on. These could be floral, abstract, or 3D paintings, depending on the aesthetics of your house.

Also, be mindful of the color of the walls and the overall color palette of the room where the paintings will be displayed. Once you’ve figured all of that out, selecting a piece will be much easier since you’ll have a note to remind you of what you want to buy. There will be no ambiguity, and the entire procedure will be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Go to Vintage Stores

The new modern is vintage. There are a plethora of fantastic vintage shops selling eye-catching furnishings. What’s amazing about these shops is that they also have excellent repurposed décor items. If you like the 19th century, the pieces of art available in such shops should appeal to you and could be the missing puzzle piece of your home.

Apart from that, you’ll be astonished at what you may discover in goodwill stores, community art centers, and used furniture stores. These are some great places to visit if you’re on a budget and want to see some art. Even at these stores, you might find something special and feel love at first sight.

Figure out the Layout

Typically, you have already chosen a location for your wall art before purchasing it. When looking for wall art, though, you may fall in love with more than one frame. In that scenario, you must be prepared. Determine how you want to display all of your work as well as the frame’s shapes and sizes.

The internet has a wealth of innovative frame arrangement options. If you’re filling in a blank wall, you can be as creative as you want with the layout.  Depending on how much space you have on the wall, it’s often advisable to go with one single frame if it’s a wall behind a piece of furniture. It’s a good idea to bring these measurements with you to the store, rather than to make an estimated guess.

Choose Your Medium of Art Beforehand

wall art layout

Depending on the style of your interior, there are a variety of art mediums to choose from that can make fantastic additions to your house. These are (but not limited to):

  • Oil paintings
  • Charcoals
  • Pastels
  • Glass
  • Sculptures
  • Marble
  • Resin
  • Industrial Installations

There is no right or wrong in the subjective realm of art, so don’t be afraid to mix and combine different styles if you have a specific theme in mind. Mixing traditional interiors with contemporary art and vice versa can offer aesthetic appeal. You can also use a contrasting piece, such as a brightly colored picture in a white room, to achieve the same effect.

Make Sure Your Design Is Cohesive

Have you ever gone to a costume party just to find out it wasn’t a costume party? You were most likely the odd man out, and the circumstance would have been awkward for you. You don’t want the same thing to happen to your artwork.

Imagine having a well-decorated room with gorgeous fur rugs and a wonderfully soft sofa set, all of which attempt to portray a sober and gentle atmosphere, until you turn to face the fireplace and see a gecko glaring at you. That would be strange, wouldn’t it? This is why your paintings need to be consistent with the room. Avoid making impulsive purchases. If you like it, that does not necessarily mean it will fit well with the color pallet and overall look of the room.

Make Sure It’s Your Own Choice

As we are sometimes intimidated by the prospect of making decisions, it is our nature to bring others along. Whatever you choose, make sure the wall art you select is something you admire and will want to cherish for a long time. We often buy things that our friends and family adore, but once we get them home, we lose interest in them after a few days.

This is why it is necessary to invest in something you won’t throw away or won’t be able to sell for a good value? Because people’s opinions and preferences differ from yours, you need to choose what you think is best for your wall. Unless you share a home with a friend or loved one, the decision should be solely yours to avoid any guilt and regret later.

Finally, Add Lighting to Your Artwork

Last but not least, how you light your artwork makes a huge difference. It may easily change a drab, subdued piece into something that makes a big impact in your room. Artwork that isn’t properly lit will simply disappear in your home’s décor. This may be your preference, but when it comes to artwork, it’s still necessary to be aware of the importance of lighting.

The sort of light you choose has a significant impression on the colors of a painting; the best form of light for a room with paintings is plain old white light; but, if you just want a little pot lamp positioned right above your wall art, warm lights will suffice. The shift in expression is quite remarkable.

Find Your Picture-perfect Piece

With all of the tips we’ve provided, you should be able to choose wall art that completely alters the appearance of your space. Just remember to analyze the message behind the artwork, whether it’s a focal point or an accent piece, whether the art’s atmosphere complements the room it’ll be in, whether the work represents your individuality, and whether you’re comfortable seeing it every day.

Have a good time selecting the piece because decorating your home should be entertaining rather than burdensome.


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