How to Launch a Successful DIY Decor Business

Last updated on January 5, 2023

Here’s how you can turn your hobby and passion for DIY into a business venture. It might be easier than you think. Read on!

You’re an expert at completing DIY projects in your home, and you are interested in sharing your gift with others. You can do it all from creating decor from scratch to refurbishing old materials. Turning your passion into a business is possible if you take vital steps towards a successful start. 

Here are 4 essential tips for launching your own DIY decor business.

Create a Business Plan 


Before you can start purchasing materials or promoting your business, you must create a specific business plan. Your business plan will outline the type of business you will open, what services will be offered, and prices. 

Take your time to carefully consider important aspects of your business to ensure you have a solid plan to follow throughout the progression of starting your business. 

What type of business?

DIY decor covers a broad range of projects and focuses. To start a small business successfully, it is important to determine a specific area of DIY decor to focus on first. Rather than offering a wide amount of products, offer a niche that you are particularly skilled in. 

When you can show clients that you are an expert at something, they will be more likely to work with your business. 

Take your time to determine your favorite aspects of DIY decor or where you are most skilled. Base your initial business plan off of this idea to start your business in the right direction. 

What services will you offer?

Consider what your business will provide its clients. Selling, delivering, teaching, and planning are only a few of the potential services you could provide to your customers. Identify what type of relationship or how involved you want to be with your clients to decide what services you will offer through your business. 

Understanding the services you will provide before you start your business will help eliminate any confusion for or about your client base. 

What are your prices? 

Your prices will range from product to product, but it is necessary to establish a baseline to ensure your business is consistent. If you offer additional services such as delivery or classes, what will you charge? What’s the price of labor? 

Any decisions you can make before opening your DIY decor business will drastically assist you in starting your business with a clear plan that will appeal to potential clients. 

Decide on a Location

home decor store

Depending on how much you intend to sell or what you expect to keep in stock, you must make an informed decision about your business’s location. 

If you plan to work on a project-by-project basis, you may choose to simply run your business out of your home. Because you would be more client-based, you could control how many projects you take on, which would allow you to potentially only need a small space to work. 

If you plan to create and sell decor in bulk, you may need to rent a storefront or storage facility to keep all of your work. 

Contemplate how you will run your business to determine where you will work and how you will operate. 

Consider Delivery Options 


Your DIY decor business will possibly include large pieces of furniture or decorations. This would be difficult to move in your small sedan. If you intend to move larger pieces to different locations or even provide delivery for your clients, you will need a larger vehicle.

A truck will give you ample space to move your supplies, projects, and deliveries. With a spacious truck bed and the ability to tow, what you will be able to create and sell will be limitless. Because you will not need a truck everyday, consider renting rather than purchasing. For your small business, renting a truck can save you money and be the perfect financial solution.  

Any steps you can take to save you money while you are launching your new business will benefit you and your wallet greatly. 

Display Your Work to Promote Your Business 

interior design showcase

Before potential customers will purchase your products, they need to know what you’re capable of. Discovering a method for displaying your hard work will help you promote your business and gain new clients. 

Ideas for showcasing your work include:

  • Displaying your best work in the window of your store.
  • Creating a website for users to browse your creations. 
  • Being active on social media to exhibit your latest projects and best sellers.

Show your client base your skill and style by finding ways to get your work out there. The unique furniture, decor, and crafts you create will get the attention of customers interested in your type of business. Consider getting inspired by other DIY projects you can create on a budget.

Launching your own DIY decor business is possible if you follow key steps before beginning the process. With a well-thought-out plan and loads of talent, you will be able to successfully run your own small business and profit from your passion. 


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