2023 Bathroom Trends to Keep on Your Radar

Last updated on May 4, 2024

Follow these trends in 2023 if you want to keep your bathroom modern and well-decorated. Read on!

The bathroom has evolved from a purely functional area of the home to one of the most important areas of the home in recent times.

The bathroom is now seen as a key area in terms of mental health and wellness with masses of design potential, which means that there are constantly new trends emerging.

Here are a few bathroom trends that will emerge in 2023 to consider if you are planning on making upgrades or renovating your bathroom.

Backlit Mirrors

bathroom backlit mirror

Backlit mirrors are predicted to be a major trend in 2023 and one that can add style to your bathroom while also being practical.

Backlit mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes and will help you to feel like a celebrity when getting ready each morning!

Hybrid Furnishings

bathroom furniture

One interesting interior trend that is currently emerging is hybrid furnishings. The boundaries between different areas of the home are fading, which means that people are using different types of furniture in different areas of the home.

This is effective because it can create continuity throughout the home and make different areas used for different purposes. Bathrooms are now given as much attention as other areas of the home and hybrid furniture can make this space both more practical and stylish.

Open Showers

An Open Shower (No Door)

Open showers are also becoming a popular trend and it is easy to see why. There is an aspect of luxury and sophistication with an open shower compared to an enclosed area and can work well in small bathrooms by maximising space.

Not only this, but open showers are a lot more accessible and safe – this will be something that appeals to those looking to future-proof and those with mobility issues.

Terrazzo Making a Comeback

bathroom terazzo wall

Much like fashion, interior design is cyclical and items often come in and out of fashion. One trend that is making a comeback right now is terrazzo, which is the speckled flooring (actually marble chipping) that you will often see in hotels, restaurants and airports.

It first became popular during the 1920s when Art Deco was a major architecture and interior design trend and has been in and out of fashion since.

These are a few of the main bathroom design trends that you will want to keep an eye on in 2023. If you are planning a bathroom remodel or a few simple upgrades, these are all great options that could help to transform your space.

The bathroom is a key area of the home and one that needs to be functional, welcoming, stylish and relaxing.


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