8 Things to Remember When Designing Your Bathroom

Last updated on December 10, 2023

Designing or redesigning a bathroom? Here are eight things you need to remember and keep in mind. Read on!

Designing a bathroom can be extremely exciting. As homeowners, we spend a considerable large amount of our time at home in our bathrooms; it is our safe haven. But with so many elements, it is easy to get carried away. From choosing something as big as a bathroom vanity to deciding on smaller things such as bathroom organizers, it can get overwhelming. In the middle of trying to get everything done and ensuring that everything is perfect, it is not impossible to lose track of your vision. What ends up happening is you are left with a bathroom that is filled with a bunch of things you didn’t originally plan for or even wanted. 

Nowadays, it is so easy to go online and look at websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, or even Google to look for inspiration. A simple search and you’re presented with a number of images that you can mix and match to give you an idea of what you would want for your future bathroom. But having an image as inspiration is not nearly close to having enough information when designing your bathroom. In this article, we go through the different things every homeowner must remember when designing their next bathroom. 

Now, before you dive further into this article, with every item you must remember three important things; the who, the how, and the what. The “who” is extremely simple. Always remember who will be using the bathroom. Are you living alone and will be the sole user of that bathroom? Or are you sharing the bathroom with your husband? Or maybe your kids will be using the same bathroom as well? It’s crucial that with every decision you make, the “who” is considered. The next is the “how”. How do you use the bathroom? How do you need your bathroom to function? How does your daily bathroom routine flow? It’s important that your bathroom not only looks good but functions perfectly as well. Lastly, the “what”. Long gone are the days when bathrooms are made of plain white tiles and purely neutral colors. It is important to remember what you truly like and do not limit yourself when choosing the designs. 

Overall Theme

modern farmhouse bedroom

The first thing every homeowner must remember when designing their next bathroom is the overall theme. There are a number of themes that you can choose from for your bathroom. You can go for a tropical theme. A tropical-themed bathroom should be filled with light and greens, with wood or white accents. Whereas a Scandinavian-themed bathroom gears more towards a minimalist design with simple aesthetics and very few ornaments. 

You can also go for something a little more classic like a rustic-themed bathroom. A rustic-themed bathroom makes use of a lot of natural woods that are expertly crafted. On the completely opposite end of the stick is a modern bathroom. Much like the Scandinavian-themed bathroom, a modern bathroom focuses on lines. The only difference is a modern bathroom has high-contrasting elements. These are only a few of the themes you can choose from. Regardless of which theme you land on, as long as it is timeless and goes well with the rest of your home, you’ll be fine. 


neutral bathroom scheme

Lighting plays a key role in every space but especially in a bathroom. Typically, bathrooms aren’t the biggest room in a home, and where space is limited, lighting is key. Light has the ability to transform a room and making it look a lot bigger and spacier than it actually is. If you have a window in your bathroom, take full advantage of it and the natural lighting. Any source of natural lighting that you can get will work wonders for your bathroom. On the other hand, if you don’t have a window or only have a small window in your bathroom, ensure that you install great lighting for your bathroom. LED light bulbs come highly recommended for bathrooms. The farther from yellow the color of your bulb is, the better. 

Tiles and Flooring

bathroom toilet

As mentioned earlier, gone are the days when bathrooms are boring. You no longer have to stick to boring color palettes of whites and blacks. As much as you would want your bathroom design to go with the design of the rest of your home, your bathroom is actually one of the places you can explore more on the design. Of course, you must still try to incorporate elements of your home design into your bathroom design but don’t limit yourself to just that. 

One place you can incorporate an additional splash of color or flare is your tiles and flooring. There are a lot of available designs now for bathroom tiles that are fresh, modern, or quirky. You can opt to have accent walls or tiles as long as you stick to your overall theme and choose a design that you truly love and is timeless. 

Furniture and Fixture Placement

bathroom chair

Another key element to designing your next bathroom is deciding where to place your furniture and fixture. From your tub to your toilet, it’s important that you design your bathroom to be fully functional. Design your bathroom by how you use your bathroom. What does your daily routine look like? What’s the first thing you go to or use when you enter your bathroom? What should be next to your toilet or shower? These little details will play an essential role in your bathroom’s overall functionality.

Pro tip: if you have natural lighting in your bathroom and you typically use your bathroom vanity to do your makeup or prep in the morning, place your vanity as close to your window to take advantage of the natural lighting. 

Establish Dry and Wet Zones

painted bathroom

It is no secret that your bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home. There are a lot of slip and fall accidents reported in the United States. One of the ways you can avoid these accidents is by establishing dry and wet zones in your bathroom. Planning your bathroom design keeping in mind these dry and wet zones will help you minimize the risk of having an accident. 

Major Fixture

bathroom led lights

When designing your next bathroom, it’s always best to dedicate an ample amount of time to choose the major fixtures. Whether it’d be your bathtub, shower head, toilets, or sinks, don’t overlook the tiny details when choosing these fixtures. As technology advances, showers and tubs have grown in variation. When choosing between having a shower or a bathtub, several factors must be taken into consideration. The first factor is space. How much space do you have in your bathroom? A tub, although may look more luxurious, if you have limited space then a shower might be a more practical choice for you. Another factor you must take into consideration is your budget. Installing a bathtub can cost you twice as much as installing a shower will. Lastly, another factor you must consider is your bathroom routine. Most homeowners end up purchasing a bathtub and only use it every once in a blue moon. Before purchasing a bathtub, you must ask yourself first if you’ll be able to use it often and get your money’s worth out of it. 

Smart Storage

bathroom shelves

Given that your bathroom has limited storage, it’s best to plan ahead. Think of the best way you can maximize the limited space to fit all of the things you need to stock in your bathroom. From toiletries to your makeup and even cleaning materials, these will all need to be placed in your bathroom. Also, take into consideration the towels and linens you’ll be storing in your bathroom. There is a lot of available smart storage available online. Be as creative as you can when it comes to planning your storage.

Finishing Touches

shower design

Once you’re done planning everything, don’t forget to add your finishing touches. This is where you can go all out mixing and matching accent pieces that can give your bathroom a personal touch. Whether it’d be placing live plants or dried flowers on your vanity to little trinkets and trays to store your perfume, makeup, or skincare, it’s all up to you. The good thing about finishing touches is that there are a lot of affordable pieces which means that you can change it anytime you want or if you start getting bored with your bathroom interior. You can just go online or to your nearest department store and purchase new items to change it up a bit. 

Final Thoughts

Your bathroom is an essential space in your home. Whether you choose to hire someone to help you design your bathroom or choose to design everything on your own, it is best to figure out things one item at a time. Jumping from one thing to another may lead to you having a disorganized bathroom that will either not function well for you or end up looking like something you’re not satisfied with. Decide on what’s the most important to you and work from there. Don’t forget to think about how each piece will play into the rest of the pieces.


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