Making your living room decor so gorgeous that every guest envies it is not as difficult as it may seem. And we don’t even mean spending a ton of money on expensive luxurious decor pieces. Some clever tips are all you need to create your vision of a gorgeous living room.

Here are 10 inexpensive ideas that will make it seem like you’ve gone on a splurge when you actually have’t. Makes everyone green with envy.

Use Warm Colors

Whenever you add color or busy patterns to the room, choose soft hues that don’t fight each other. Warm colors create a simple but sophisticated look that is all the rage this year.

Mix Textures

To introduce more home decor interest, use different textures to create a well decorated look. Choose different furniture finishes, upholstered furniture fabric patterns, rugs and curtains.

Opt for Big Wall Art

If you want your living room look more luxurious, choose one large scale piece of art rather than a gallery wall of small pictures. The sheer size of it makes it look rich and sophisticated.

Get an Awesome Rug

An interesting rug will anchor the room visually and make it look complete. It’s a great accent and decor feature that’s easy to add and introduce new patterns and colors to the space.

Include a Vintage Accent

A truly gorgeous living room look is one that has a story to tell. To make it more original, include a vintage piece or two that you’ve picked up in a flea market or online.

Use Sculptural Pieces

Straight lines aren’t where it’s at and you need to make it a lot more interesting. Include interesting sculptural pieces of furniture or other accessories to add some curves to the decor.

The Focal Point

Make one accent piece the focal point and make sure it doesn’t have to fight for attention with other accents in the room. A statement mirror on the wall is a great option but you can experiment with other options, such as a chandelier or even a vignette too.

Introduce Color to an All White Room

White walls are perfectly fine but to make the decor click you have to make sure to introduce color and texture to the room with furniture, wall art and accessories. The empty canvas that it is obligates you to create a masterpiece.

Create Drama in a Dark Room

If your living room has dark walls, it’s an invitation to create drama by creating contrast, using busy patterns and metallic finishes. Use white framed wall pictures, a busy pattern rug, metallic vases, side tables, lamps.

Translucent Furniture


If you need to add something more to the living room without cramping up the space, choose translucent acrylic or glass furniture that doesn’t occupy visual space.

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