diy trundle bed ideas

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Need more sleeping space in a limited room? A DIY trundle is the answer and not only for kids – you can make it for guests too. You need to see these ideas.

Trundle beds are among the most functional pieces of furniture. You get double the sleeping space from a single piece of furniture. And if it’s a kids’ bed, it can be lots of fun too. While most of the time, you will use a trundle bed to accommodate sleepovers, they can work in a guest room as well.

In this list, we will show you some of the most creative trundle beds of all sizes. You just need to choose which project to do. Building a DIY bed with such function is, of course, an intermediate project, so do hone on your skills before you begin. Don’t get discouraged, though – it’s reasonably easy nonetheless!

How to Build a Trundle

Start by building the trundle frame to begin your project. Make sure to measure right, to fit the mattress that goes under the bed. Also, make sure to choose the wheels or furniture slider correctly.

The next step includes choosing the design of your new bed.

Teepee Bed

This trundle bed is designed to look like a teepee, and that’s what kids of all ages want in their room. You can build it and make them happy. These plans for the trundle bed will help you do it from start to finish.

Bunk Bed Makeover

One way to build a trundle bed is to dismantle it and hide one under another. That’s what this design is all about. Read the link to get the entire guidance.

Cute Girl’s Bed

If you’re building the bed for your little princess, you need to make it extra cute. And this project amps up the cuteness for sure. Check out this website for the full details and instructions.

Extra Height

In case your trundle bed needs more height, here’s an idea to increase height with casters. It’s a cheap project that can be done in one day. See the tutorial to learn how it’s done.


If you want your new bed to look better, there are some measures to be taken. Here’s how to hide seams in faux beams using a realistic faux beam strap. Check out the link to see how it’s done.

Twin Size

Here’s another great project to turn bunk beds into a twin size trundle bed. This piece of furniture can fit kids and adults alike. Follow the link to see how to do it.

On Wheels

If you need to make sure that your new project includes wheels to make the trundle easy to use, these are the plans to turn to. Read the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Built-in Look

This project makes the most of a tiny guest room. The trundle bed is functional and look pretty in the farmhouse style. See the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Fit the Mattress

Here’s how to make sure your mattress fits under the bed. A regular frame won’t do so you’ll have to make it. Luckily you can even scrap wood for this project. Follow the article to see how to do it.

Daybed and Reading Nook

trundle daybed and reading nook


This DIY trundle bed offers a nook for reading as well as extra sleeping space. It can be used as a daybed or a sleeping space for guests. Read the article to see how it’s done.

No Caster Wheels

You may not want to use the caster wheels to leave more space and fit the mattress. In this case, use the furniture slider. Follow this website to find out how to do it.

Made Out of Pallets

As with most DIY furniture projects, you can build your trundle from pallets too. This project uses this material to create rolling furniture. Follow this website to learn how to do it.