Top 10 Best Rated Tea Carts in 2020

Last updated on September 2, 2021

Looking for the best tea cart for your home? Here are the top 10 best rated tea carts in 2020. We’ve selected these options out of hundreds of candidates.

A good tea cart will prove to be priceless when it comes serving your guests. It can be used for several different purposes too. You should be able to use it to serve tea, coffee, snacks, drinks, even use it in the bathroom. Some tea carts can be used outside on the patio or poolside as well as inside. The right tea car can be used to create decor vignettes or blend into your interiors as well.

To find the best tea cart for your home, you need to know for what purpose you will use it. That’s why we’ve selected ten carts that serve different purposes. From serving your guests all around the house to making unique decorative accents. Check out this top list and choose the tea cart of your dreams!

What's Inside?

Silver Metal Tempered Glass Tea Cart

Silver metal tempered glass tea cart

This modern serving cart can be used for many purposes, not only as a tea cart. It can be used in parties, a home bar, and even in the bathroom. The slick design in the silver metal finish makes it a versatile item.

The cart is a 2-tier with a tempered glass surface. The caster wheels make it easy to move around the house. All in all, it’s a modern design multi-purpose cart that you’ll use everywhere.

Why it’s our pick? This tea cart is very versatile in a nice modern design. You get the most value for the money. It’s available on Amazon. (#ad)

Nathan James Utility Tea Cart

Nathan James utility tea cart

This black cast metal frame utility cart is a good looking item that can be used anywhere around the house too. You’ll be using it as a tea cart, as a coffees station, as a bar cart, and even as a side table. The design makes it so versatile; it will fit in any decor.

The 2-tier shelves are big enough to store and serve anything. The top shelf is made of tempered glass, and the bottom one is made of MDF board. Both are sturdy and durable. The cart moves on industrial grade cast wheels.

Why it’s our choice? This cart looks great in any decor, it’s spacious and durable. It’s available for an affordable price on Amazon. (#ad)

Wheeled Shabby Chic Tea Cart

Wheeled shabby chic tea cart

This tea cart has a shabby chic look with big rustic wheels. The design of the cart is unique, and it’s sure to make a conversation piece in your home decor. The three-tiered shelves will make the perfect tea serving cart with enough space.

The frame of the cart is well designed and made with a chrome finish. The shelves are made of tempered glass.

Why it’s our pick? This is a great tea cart that you’ll use to serve your guests as well as decorate your home. It’s available on Amazon. (#ad)

Vintage Metal Tea Cart

Vintage metal tea cart

If you’re going for the vintage look, this metal tea cart will fulfill your needs. This vintage style tea cart looks like it’s come to your house in heritage. It makes a conversation piece and a strong decor accent.

The cart’s body is a steel frame with mesh shelves. This makes the cart good enough for inside and outside use. The big wheels are fully functional, so you’ll be able to easily move the cart anywhere you want.

Why it’s a good choice? It’s a unique design cart in vintage style. The product is great if you’re going for the look. Available on Amazon. (#ad)

Rustic Wooden Tea Cart

Wooden tea cart

Looking for a rustic accent for your home decor? How about a fully functional wooden tea cart? There are many uses for this type of cart. You can use it to serve your guest inside and outside, and you can use it to create beautiful decor vignettes.

This tea cart is a small wood-crafted cart with two-tier shelves. While it isn’t very spacious, it’s enough to serve tea, snacks or drinks.

Why it’s a good choice? This wooden tea cart is perfect if you’re going for the rustic look. The price is affordable and it looks like a handmade item. It’s available on Amazon. (#ad)

White Resin Wicker Serving Tea Cart

White resin wicker tea cart

This white wicker-look serving cart is mostly used outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it indoors if you like the look. The resin wicker has all the benefits but none of the drawbacks of the real material.

The cart has a sturdy steel frame covered in resin wicker. It can withstand any weather and washes easily.

Why it’s our pick? The resin wicker tea cart is perfect for outdoor serving and stylish as an accent decor piece inside. It’s available on Amazon. (#ad)

Industrial Style Tea Cart

Industrial tea cart

If you need a sturdy and good looking cart, this industrial tea cart will do the job perfectly. It’s a well designed functional cart for serving your guests, and that blends in the decor when not used.

The cart frame is made of durable cast iron, and the shelves are made of solid rubberwood. This speaks volumes about the product’s quality. You’ll be able to carry even heavy objects in this cart. The cart employs foot breaks making it easy and safe to keep it stationary.

Why it’s our pick? This industrial style tea cart features great design and function. It’s available on Amazon. (#ad)

Antique Gold Bamboo Style Tea Cart

Gold bamboo tea cart

Looking for an accent piece to add to your home decor? Look no further than this antique gold bamboo style tea cart. It’s made to provide a unique feature with an iron frame in a golden finish to resemble bamboo.

The two-tiered glass shelves will provide you with enough serving space, or space for display items. You can create stunning decor vignettes with this cart. The caster wheels make it easy to push it around where needed too.

Why it’s a great choice? While this tea cart isn’t cheap, it makes a unique piece of decor. It’s perfect if that’s what you’re going for. Available on Houzz. (#ad)

Gordon Tea Cart

Gordon tea cart

This modern design tea cart is an excellent addition to the contemporary home decor. It’s a functional item with a lot of decor value. The cart is very spacious with three tiered shelves. That’s enough to serve and store anything.

Why it’s our choice? The Gordon tea cart is not a cheap option by far, but it packs a lot of decor value. It’s available on Houzz. (#ad)

Gold Marble Tea Cart

Gold marble tea cart

This unique design wooden tea cart in gold marble finish is a great way to add a luxe accent to your decor. It fulfills its serving function well, and the detail makes a brilliant conversation piece. You will be able to serve tea, coffee, drinks, food, and use it in any room of the house.

Why it’s our pick? While it’s an affordable item, this gold marble finish tea cart looks expensive and luxurious. It’s a unique accent that your home decor needs. Available on Houzz. (#ad)

Vintage Antique Tea Carts on Etsy

Etsy tea carts

If you’re looking for vintage antique tea carts specifically, there are some great unique options on Etsy. These carts are unique one-of-a-kind options that aren’t in mass production, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal. Check out these tea carts on Etsy. (#ad)

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