Top 10 Best Rated Picnic Tables for 2020

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Looking for a picnic table that would meet all your outdoor dining needs? We’ve made it easy for you to choose by making a list of the top 10 best-rated picnic tables for 2020.

Any outdoor dining activity – whether it’s a BBQ, tailgate party, or camping – needs seating (folding chairs) and dining accommodation.  No matter how crafty you can get with makeshift surfaces, a good picnic table will always be a winner. If you choose right, such a table is easy to carry with you and works as full-featured furniture.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a stationary picnic table to add to your outdoor space? It should not only be practical, but it should look good too. We’ve picked the top 10 options that meet all these criteria, and you have something to choose from to meet your specific needs. Check out these excellent picnic tables.

What's Inside?

Best Outdoor Picnic Table

Wooden foldable suitcase picnic table

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This is a nice picnic table that folds down to a suitcase. It has a wooden top in a nice finish and a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that’s easy to carry. You can literally carry this table with you anywhere. Take it with you to a park, to a camp, or just take it out in your backyard, it will prove as the perfect seating for the whole family. The table is big enough to seat four adults.

Why it’s our pick? It’s a nice looking and easy-to-use table that you can carry around with you.

Folding Picnic Table

Portable plastic foldable picnic table

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If you’re entertaining guests often and do it mostly outside, you may need more table space. Or perhaps you’re camping on any occasion you can get, taking a table surface with you is very welcome. This folding table will meet all your needs. You don’t need much space to store it either – it’s perfectly foldable into a small luggage sized box with a handle.

This table is made of sturdy plastic, and it’s well built. Once you put it together, you’ll hardly notice the seems where it folds. Especially if you use a tablecloth. It’s easy to fold and unfold, and it’s light enough to carry with you.

Why it’s our pick? It’s one of the most popular plastic foldable and portable picnic tables. And there’s a reason why – it’s a quality-made product.

Best Wooden Picnic Table

Rustic wooden picnic table with benches

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This beautiful picnic table with benches is a stylish addition to your outdoor space. Unlike portable options, this table is stationary and it’s rather heavy. Which is great if you’re not going to move it a lot. The metal frame does fold down should you need to store it away. The table top and bench tops are made of solid wood in a rustic finish. This gives the table a lot of decor value – it would make a nice focal point in any space.

Why it’s our pick? This is a great picnic table if you’re looking for stationary furniture that would add to your decor. It’s available on Amazon.

Best Picnic Benches

Foldable wooden picnic table with benches

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This wooden top picnic table is a replica of the traditional German beer table. At this price point, it’s excellent value for the money. You get a sturdy wooden top table with benches and iron frame. The table and seats fold down flat, so you can store it in any compact space, or take it with you to a park or a camp.

The benches can seat four adults, and the table, while narrow, will accommodate your picnic needs at 18 inches wide. It’s a great and good looking table for the backyard too.

Why choose this picnic table? It’s a sturdy and durable wooden top table that easily folds away for storage.

Composite Picnic Table

Collapsible picnic table with benches

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If you’re looking for an affordable solution that has built-in seating, this picnic table is the right choice for you. It has a steel frame and a durable plastic tabletop and bench surface. It’s a beautiful picnic table to be used for your outside BBQs and parties. And it collapses flat when you want to put it away. But you can leave this table outside at all times too. It’s weather and rust resistant and fairs well under any conditions. So there’s no need to collapse it and put it away every time.

The seating can accommodate six people and it strong enough to hold the weight. At the same time, the construction of this table is light enough to be moved quickly.

Why it’s our choice? It’s a full picnic table with seating. It’s portable, lightweight and durable.

Picnic Table with Umbrella

Foldable picnic table with umbrella

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If you’re looking for a small compact portable picnic table with its umbrella, this product might do the trick. It’s a small table that folds down to a suitcase, so it’s easy to carry it around anywhere. It’s a lightweight aluminum frame, and plastic surface build that you can bring in hand when folded. The only drawback is that it might be too small to accommodate four adults.

Why did we pick this table? It’s a compact option for a picnic table that you can carry with you anywhere.

Portable Picnic Table

Adjustable height foldable picnic table

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This portable picnic table has adjustable height and it folds down flat for easy carrying. The table can be used outside for picnics just as well as inside as an extra table surface. The 3-height system ensures you can set it up to meet your needs. The surface is made of durable plastic in a slight texture. It makes a nice looking style and gives a scratch free surface. The frame is made of steel tubing – light and sturdy.

Why did we choose this product? It’s a great adjustable picnic table that will meet any needs outside or inside.

8′ Picnic Table

8 ft table

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The benches and tabletop of this picnic table are made from heavy-gauge metal mesh and it is outfitted with protective blue thermoplastic coating. The high-gloss coating creates a smooth surface that remains cool to the touch and provides comfortable seating even when exposed to the sun.

The thermoplastic coating is resistant to fading, vandalism and mold. It will also guarantee maintenance-free durability even after years of high-traffic use. Its frame is made of rugged galvanized tubular steel and a black powder coat finish is used to safeguard it against rust and make it resilient against the elements. The corners of the benches and table are beveled for safety.

Why this table? Because it’s big, durable, sturdy, and weather proof. It’s exactly what you’re looking for in a large picnic set.

Round Picnic Table

round table

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To encourage socialization with family members and friends this unique picnic table has a circular design with 3 attached benches. A patio umbrella can fit into a hole that’s drilled into the center of the table to provide shaded outdoor lounging.

The wood with its natural blonde finish gives the set an appealing appearance that can complement any garden or backyard. It is made of weather-resistant wood and designed to accommodate as many as 6 adults, 2 individuals per bench, to enjoy good company and delicious food. Its weight capacity is 500 pounds.

The set is made of cedar and has a strong smell; however, a stain is recommended for wood protection, especially if the set is intended for outdoor use, and this will also help to keep down the strong cedar smell.

Why choose this picnic table? Because it’s a popular model that lives up to the hype. It’s studry and compact. Ideal for smaller backyards.

Small Picnic Table

small table

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This picnic table is small, simple and can be set up within minutes. It is lightweight and yet very sturdy, which makes it ideal for outdoor events like camping, parties, picnic, fishing and barbecue. It has wooden legs and the table top is also made of wood. It can also be fully rolled up, which means it saves on space and transporting and storing it is quite convenient.

Choose this table for something small and lightweight that is also sturdy. It’s the stylish choice for any picnic.

Hexagon Picnic Table

hexagon picnic table

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This chic picnic table combines walk-in, easy-access seating with hard-wearing construction. Solid recycled plastic is used to make the seats, tabletop and the table frame. No metal is in the table frame; therefore, there is no rusting to worry about. These factors indicate that your family will be able to enjoy this table for many years to come. It is an ideal option for discerning homeowners who are looking for remarkable outdoor furniture for their patio or other outdoor areas.

Why choose this table? If you like the convenience of the hexagon design and other options aren’t suitable.

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