Top 8 Best Cordless Heated Blankets in 2020

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Looking for the warmest and the most comfortable cordless heated blanket? These are the best picks that will warm you up without having to plug in. Read on!

A heated blanket will save you during a chilly night. You can curl up under one with a good book and warm yourself better than with a cup of hot tea. The warmth will last a lot longer too. The only problem with electric blankets is that they have to be plugged into a power outlet. This has two caveats. For one, you have to be near one at all times. Secondly, there’s a safety concern (even though they are generally safe). None of these problems apply to cordless heater blankets. This story is about them.

So, the benefits of cordless blankets are clear. They need no power outlet to work (usually powered by a battery which only needs to be charged). They are very portable too – you will not be tied to a couch near a power outlet. And you don’t have to worry about falling asleep and getting overheated because they will either shut down automatically or run out of power anyway.

Cordless has some drawbacks, of course. They are not as powerful or efficient as their corded counterparts. The battery is usually small and low-capacity. Their size is on the smaller side too because of this. You have to know the limitations when using them.

How do you choose the best cordless heated blanket?

We suggest you consider these aspects:

  • Consider the size you need. Choose from a full blanket, throw, or a lap blanket. Keep in mind that cordless blankets decrease in efficiency with a larger size.
  • How portable you need it – are you going to take with you on the go?
  • How you want it to power up – most of them have a battery but some may use a USB power bank or a 12V car socket.

You have a few considerations to make before choosing, but it isn’t such a difficult decision to make. Want it even easier? Here are top-rated 8 picks that cover almost all cordless heated blankets you can find on the market. We’ve used our extensive research process to pick them out for a well-rounded top list. For transparency, be aware that we are compensated for qualified purchases on Amazon (links tagged #ad) – at no expense to you whatsoever.

Which blanket will you curl up in?

What's Inside?

Cordless Heated Throw

Cordless Heated Throw
Travel Super Soft Electric Heated Throw

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A small heated throw like this is very convenient in use around the home and while traveling. It is powered by a battery and doesn’t need to be plugged in.

Pros: can adjust heat easily between low, medium, and high settings with a built-in LED controller; has auto-off timer can be set into 15/30/60 minutes; it can be folded into a pillow that is warm; very soft to use.

Cons: not machine washable.

Battery Operated Heated Blanket

Battery Operated Heated Blanket
lomitech Camping Heated Blanket

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This battery-operated heated blanket can be charged and used without any cords. It will work anywhere around the house and you can take it with yourself on the go.

Pros: multi-functional which can be transformed into a sleeveless jacket, throw, mattress or a shawl; portable, waterproof and very convenient; rechargeable; has an auto-off feature; has a built-in storage bag.

Cons: a bit small for its size.

Cordless Heated Blanket

Cordless Heated Blanke
GENERAL ARMOR USB Electric Heated Blanket Throw

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This cordless heated blanket isn’t big but it’s very versatile. It can work as a lap blanket, a throw, or button-up around your shoulders.

Pros: the heating element is removable before washed by hand or machine; the blanket is very soft and nice color; perfect size and the remote is easy to use; controllable temperature level.

Cons: it will lose warm quickly when it is unplugged; a bit small in size.

Electric Lap Blanket

Electric Lap Blanket
Convenient Gadgets & Gifts USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket

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This lap blanket can also be a shawl. And it plugs into USB to charge. You can use it without any cords.

Pros: this USB Heating Blanket is a soft plush velour blanket surrounding a heating pad; has 2 levels of heat; a perfect alternative for workplaces that do not allow office desk heaters; a very soft blanket and just the right size for the lap.

Cons: doesn’t heat up entirely; it is a bit smaller than what appears in the image.

Portable Heated Blanket

GMAYOO USB Electric Heated Plush Throw Blanket with Pillowcase

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It’s a versatile heated blanket that can be charged via USB. This means you can even charge it from a power bank and use it without having to plug it in.

Pros: has very soft fabric and high quality made; internal heating elements are made of high-grade carbon fiber for rapid warming; can be used as a shawl, blanket, or pillowcase; adjustable temperature; anti-pill.

Cons: the product is a bit small; internal heat is not that sufficient.

USB Heated Blanket

Usb Heated Blanket
PerfectPrime HP0810 Soft Fleece Portable USB Power Heating Throw

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Get a power bank for this heated blanket and it will keep you warm anywhere. It’s USB battery-powered and you can use it without any cords just the way you want.

Pros: it uses microfleece fiber that lasts longer, resists stains and fades better than cotton; 3 heat setting to choose from; warm and comfortable at the same time.

Cons: heated area does not cover the whole surface of the blanket; it should include a QC 3.0 power bank.

Battery Operated Heated Stadium Blanket

Battery Operated Heated Stadium Blanket
Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Outdoor Sports Events

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Get this blanket if you frequent sports stadium games often. It will keep you warm the entire game if your favorite team doesn’t.

Pros: water-resistant exterior; battery delivers 5+ hours of continuous heat; long-lasting heat; you can take it anywhere because it’s portable; comfortable all around; has ports to plug in your phone using a battery pack.

Cons: temperature control on high depletes the battery quickly.

12V Electric Blanket

12v Electric Blanket
Stalwart 75-hblanket Blue Heated Automotive Blanket

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This is for your car. You can have it as an emergency blanket to keep you warm when the car engine is off. Or you can use it at your next tailgating event.

Pros: perfect cold-weather accessory for your car or emergency kit; has a 96-inch cord that can even reach backseat passenger; lightweight and warms well; travel friendly; it heats up quickly and the fabric is soft.

Cons: not machine washable; no temperature control.

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