Adding shelving to your living space makes for more functionality and organization. They allow you to keep knick-knacks, pictures, and other items up and off of functional living spaces and they are typically very easy to set up. Floating shelves are a sleek and modern shelving solution that are incredibly sturdy. You don’t have to worry about bulky, stand-alone shelving units taking up floor space in your home. They’re called floating shelves because they appear to float on the wall without supports. Even though they appear to be free-floating without support, they are extremely strong.

You’ll be delighted to know that floating shelves is a project you can easily do on your own. Check out these 20 DIY floating shelves projects for inspiration.

Live Edge Floating Shelves

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This how-to shows you how to make a floating shelf using a much harder and more valuable single piece of wood.  This is good for higher end woods like solid oak or cherry.

Floating Shelves for Under $150

It’s not that these shelves are made of some high-end material, it’s just that there are a lot of them. This project outlines making a shelving unit system meant to transfer tons of books, lamps, toys, and other items onto it.  So you’ll need a lot of wood, paint, and hardware.

Simple Floating Shelf

These instructions use a lot more hardware, routing, and otherwise hands-on steps than I’m used to for a DIY but the finished product looks phenomenal.  Keep in mind that more hard ware and more tools translates to more money spent on this project.

DIY Floating Shelves for $20 Each

It’s not $7 dollars but $20 isn’t bad.  The best part about these types of posts is that you know what the cost will be up front.  There’s nothing worse than getting into a project only to find out there was some uber-expensive part the author left out.

How to Build Simple Floating Shelves

This post focuses on a broad overview of how you build the shelves and then you can apply that using any type of wood, length, height, etc you want.  You can build long shelves, short shelves, one shelf or two shelves.  It’s like the Dr. Suess of floating shelves.

Rustic Shelf with IKEA Brackets

They actually sell these types of floating shelves at IKEA but if you want to make your own look, you can simply buy the brackets and make your own board.  These shelves are a single plank with a metal bracket at each end that holds the board in place.  Very easy to set up and install.

Open Pipe Shelving

Pipe shelving is very rustic and industrial looking which is cool.  Instead of the shelves being the primary pieces affixed to the wall, the pipes are and they hold up the shelving units.  A very creative approach.

Open Shelving in Dining Room

If all of the other floating shelves we mention in this post are for a handful of items at most, the dining room shelving could house an entire book collection as well as other knock-knacks.  This guide shows you how to make full wall length shelving in your dining room so you can store whatever you need there.

Quick, Easy & Cheap DIY Floating Shelves

Virtually every other tutorial in this list aside from the plant shelves uses multiple pieces of wood to build a floating shelf.  This one uses a single stained plank with two pocket holes for hanging the shelf.  That approach definitely makes things easier.  Less cutting, less measuring, less drilling, and, well, you get the idea.

Floating Plant Shelves from a Birch Wood Slice

You have to see this tutorial on how to build #DIY birch tree slice floating shelves #HomeDecorIdeas #RusticDecor #LivingRoomDecor


Most floating shelves are large enough to at least hold a few items if not an entire book collection.  The birch wood round shelves however are specifically for your plants.  These little things are unobtrusive and super creative.  They are designed to hold one plant each and built in groups together on the wall.

DIY Simple Floating Shelves

Like the previous two simple projects, the Easy Floating Shelf is also a low cost, simple version of a floating shelf.  It’s hollow on the bottom making for easy access to hard ware to later remove the shelf if you need to.  This tutorial is lacking some instruction but still has some good tips.

How to Make a $7 Floating Shelf

Need to make a shelf on the cheap?  This post is for you.  These are more like floating boxes and they are super inexpensive to make.  The finished product is surprisingly sharp looking for the price.

How to Make an Easy Floating Shelf

You have to see this tutorial on how to build #DIY rustic floating shelves #HomeDecorIdeas #RusticDecor #LivingRoomDecor


If you want a bare-bones process for a floating shelf this tutorial shows you how to make one without all the frills.  Basically you’ll just be making a plain wood shelf with removable cove.  This is one of the few tutorials where the whole shelf portion is removable so you can detach the main studs underneath if need be.

DIY Rustic Floating Shelves

Here’s another rustic step-by-step for floating shelves.  The hardest part about following instructions from a post online is when the images are not good.  This post has some of the highest resolution images I’ve ever seen and each step is very well documented.  If any other posts are confusing for you this one will do the trick.

Alternate DIY Rustic Shelves

These are a different kind of rustic shelves than the previous tutorial we mentioned.  Most floating shelves you only see the surface that you’re placing items on and all the hardware and wood attached to the wall is hidden.  In this tutorial, the boards and supports are visible so it’s not really a true floating shelf in the traditional sense.  These are still very sturdy and good looking though.

Repurposed Books DIY Bookshelf

Got a taste for artistic flair?  Using old books to make your floating shelves is a good way to upcycle old stuff.  It’s also a great conversation piece for pretty much anyone that sees it.  The tutorial walks you through the various ways you can combine hardware and old re-purposed materials to build floating shelves from old pieces of literature.

DIY Tree Shelf

This is a fun one especially if you have kids.  The tree shelf is exactly what it sounds like, a shelf that branches out like a tree on the wall.  Items can be placed on the branches that extend out.  It’s definitely taller and attracts a lot more attention than traditional floating shelves but a great project if you want something outside the box.

DIY Repurposed Cake Pan Shelf

If you want a unique take on the floating shelf this one is for you.  The author makes a smaller shelf out of household items like drawer pulls and a spring pan.  It’s great for holding small items and it looks super trendy.

Simple DIY Floating Shelves

This DIYer builds a series of three floating shelves in a bathroom using simple materials.  The cool part of this tutorial is that not only do you get a materials list she also shows you a complete list of tools needed for the job.  The Simply Designing tutorial is also a great example of how to make a smaller space look taller through use of the shelves.

DIY Rustic Modern Floating Shelves

This is an easy step-by-step with images showing you the materials and process for making a set of rustic looking floating shelves. Using store-bought lumber and some stain, this tutorial shows you how to make a two-toned floating shelf and even a foolproof way to order all the right materials.