20 Shabby Chic Outdoor Ideas to Inspire Your Spring Makeover

Last updated on October 2, 2023

Looking to update your outdoor spaces come spring? Here are 20 brilliant shabby chic outdoor decor ideas to inspire your makeover.

Styling is for everyone. You don’t need to spend big bucks just to get Instagram-worthy spaces. Old furniture can be cleaned, upcycled, or paired with other items to bring out their potential. It doesn’t take a lot of money to do so. You may not even have to spend anything at all.

The shabby chic outdoor ideas below illustrate this effect. The pieces may not be perfect but they have their own charm. Sometimes the imperfections make them even more interesting than expensive luxury items. Use the following as inspiration for your own outdoor makeovers.

Cozy Porch Swing

An old sofa was turned into a fun swing chair using hooks and chains. The wood was painted white to match the cushions and the columns. A rug, chair, side table, flower vase, and candle lamps add style to the porch.

Repurposed Indoor Furnishings

An indoor woven grass bench now serves as a beautiful coffee table while pillows were brought outside to soften the look of a metal seat.

Spring-inspired Porch

This house welcomed spring with open arms and vivid colors. Old pillows gave way to brighter ones. The red roses balance out the greens.

Coastal Meets Country

This porch looks like a coastal retreat in the middle of a country farm. The white of the chairs and window matches well with the wooden floor and plant box.

Garden Party Florals

Even humble backyard furniture can look pretty with a bit of cleaning and a dash of fresh blooms. This space is ready for a garden party.

Neutral Farmhouse Porch

Neutral colors dominate the farmhouse porch with light gray walls, white windows, gray floors, black & white signs, and a checkered tablecloth. Warm tones are provided by the plant box, wicker chairs, and placemats.

Symmetrical Outdoor Styling

The hardwood door is framed on both sides by topiaries in tall wicker baskets and white patio chairs. A patterned monochrome outdoor rug completes the entrance.

Laidback Balcony

Styling does not have to be expensive or extravagant. This balcony looks clean and cozy even with sparse furnishings and décor.

Breakfast Patio

This outdoor breakfast nook is great for lazy weekends with the family. A long stone bench and old woven chairs provide plenty of seating around the farmhouse table.

Calming Patio Decor

Imagine spending mornings in this outdoor space sitting on the floral chairs. The stone and metal table has a small candle lamp on top that features a spherical weave. Lovely even for apartment patio decor.

Outdoor Storefront Styling

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box like what the stylist did at this store. It features a nesting stone chicken surrounded by fresh greens.

Cottage Farmhouse Porch

Simple yet elegant porch with cushions in pastel colors as a perfect complement to the spring. The small coffee table is perfect for holdings drinks, snacks, or reading materials.

DIY Barrel Outdoor Table

Consider using existing materials to make outdoor furniture like this one with a stained flat board that sits on a half barrel, secured by wooden legs.

Upcycled Bar

A second-hand furniture piece was turned into a mobile bar with the addition of caster wheels at the bottom and a pipe handle on one side.

Farmhouse Porch Bed

A shaded outdoor space can be a great place to stay for relaxation. Here the owner has chosen to put a simple porch bed at the far corner while a utility rack holds trinkets on the other side.

Front Veranda Makeover

An old veranda get s a new lease on life with updated furnishings. New white chairs with yellow and black cushions really pop out. A wicker coffee table holds a wooden tray with a large candle holder, a ball of rope, and a seashell.

Outdoor Summer Style

This patio design will get you in the mood for summer with the colorful patterned pillows, wooden candle lamp, and flowering plants.

Modern Outdoor Area

You have to see this shabby chic outdoor space decor idea with modern furniture. Love it!
Source: www.instagram.com

This style features clean lines and understated elegance that would make minimalists proud. The use of neutral colors makes it easy to fit in any setting. Pillows add a splash of color.

Thrift Store Basket Table

You have to see this shabby chic outdoor space decor idea with a thrift store basket table. Love it!
Source: www.instagram.com

An example of styling on a budget featuring a cheap storage basket with an MDF top for a quick and easy side table. The board can be painted in any color to suit the environment.

Bali-themed Outdoor Design

A chilled out patio filled with wicker furniture in their natural color. These include a coffee table, an overhead lamp, a picnic basket, and chairs.


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