While farmhouse decor has always had a place in the world of home decor, the trend has recently experienced a rebirth. There are few things more sought after than farmhouse style furniture, fabrics, signs, and outdoor items.

The quintessential admirers of this style strive to emulate in their homes would embody the warm welcoming feel of a traditional rural farmhouse. Few things announce to visitors what lies within more than a well decorate porch. With some simple style ideas, you too can recreate the appeal of the farmhouse porch.

Country Sign

A warm farmhouse vibe is accomplished with a country-style sign to welcome guests to the home.

Rustic Wreath

A wreath is the perfect addition to a home’s entrance. It can be easily switched out to reflect the current season and gives a warm homey feel before even setting foot inside.

Farmhouse Bench

If you have the space, adding a bench to your porch or front-door entry is not only a lovely focal point, but is also very practical.

Farm Animal Items

The farmhouse look is easily accomplished with adding an item or two with farm animals depicted on them. A decorative cow throw pillow adds just the right pop of country charm.

Storm Door

A country-style storm door with its curly wood cut out looks amazing as a screen door, while fully embodying the farmhouse feel so many admire.

Farmhouse Storage Containers

Adding a crate and galvanized container to your porch adds that ideal pop of farmhouse functionality.

Greenery Arrangement

Adding some greenery to a porch is the best way to introduce the concept of bringing the outdoors in, one characteristic of farmhouse living.

Large-Scale Signage

When it comes to farmhouse style, large signs top the charts. They add a graphic punch and deliver the ultimate country message of sending out a warm welcome to guests.

Unique House-Number Sign

The repurposing vibe is alive and well in the farmhouse ideal as few things are thrown away; instead, items are given new uses by repurposing them. A unique number sign is a great way to get creative.

Vintage Ladder

Using vintage ladders are all the rage as shelving units, blanket holders, or just to add some rustic style. One on a porch adorned with hanging lanterns adds a perfect touch of whimsy and character.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic-style furniture speaks volumes when it comes to the farmhouse country feel. A rustic wood chair and crate table work together to create the perfect entryway nook to enjoy that morning cup of tea.

The Power of Wood

Having a basket with wood at the front door says that a warm hearth is awaiting within. Few things seem more farmhouse than the crackle and scent of a wood-burning fire.

Functional Furniture

Adding a couple of functional furniture pieces to a porch is both practical and homey-feeling. A rustic chair as a planter display is an ideal way to add the repurposed look to your farmhouse porch.

Bright Front Door

The very first thing people are told when they want to increase their curb appeal is to paint their front door. This can also be said when it comes to cultivating farmhouse appeal as it adds just the right pop of color.

Stenciled House Number

Check out this #farmhouse porch decor idea with a stenciled house number. Love it! #HomeDecorIdeas

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Traditional number plates at the front of a home are a thing of the past. Now, a stenciled number on the front door is both practical and unique, adding the perfect touch of whimsy and charm.

Throw Pillows

If you want to make a large-scale space seem more intimate, breaking it up with some cozy throw pillows is just the right touch. Adding them to a porch invites people to linger just a little longer and enjoy the view.

Vintage Window

Old windows just scream farmhouse. Turning a vintage window into a window box display for flowers is a lovely way to repurpose something that could very well have belonged to a farmhouse or old home at one time or another.

Feed Bucket

Add a feed bucket to your porch for the ultimate in farmhouse function. The bucket calls to mind a myriad of farm animals while adding a touch of storage as well.

Fried Green Tomatoes Sign

Adding a southern-style Fried Green Tomatoes sign calls that rural diner or farmers market stall to mind. It also provides the perfect graphic punch to warm the entryway.

Seating Area

Creating an intimate seating area with a bench, some plants, and a rug encourages the farmhouse lifestyle of sitting out front, sipping lemonade, swapping tales, and watching the sunset.

Vintage Lantern

Warm the porch at night with the soft reminiscent glow of a vintage lantern, guiding visitors to the home.

Farmhouse Equipment

If you have come across a piece of farmhouse equipment in your travels, consider repurposing it for a porch decor item. It is a one-of-a-kind way to make a rural splash in a space.

Barn Sign

Even if you don’t actually have a barn, a sign suggesting there is one and in which direction to look can help guide the direction of your decor style.

Welcome Mat

Adding a welcome mat to a porch is a practical place for people to wipe their feet, as well as delivering the positive message of country hospitality.

Create a Vignette

Creating a vignette, or story, on a porch is the perfect ode to the layering so characteristic of farmhouse style. Placing a few related items together like a table, some greenery, and containers is far more decoratively powerful than having an isolated item here or there.

Wicker Furniture

Painted wicker furniture has the rustic and country appeal for outdoor living that just begs for people to slow down and settle into a slower pace of life.

Rustic White Wood Pieces

Having a small rustic wooden table painted white with an accompanying chair adds the perfect country cottage warmth and simplicity to a porch space.

Chippy-Painted Furniture

Chippy-painted furniture adds the vintage farmhouse appeal as it beckons to times past.

Quilt-Pattern Wood Art

As quilts are the ultimate in country cozy charm, adding a quilt-style pattern to wood planks as an art piece adds the perfect artistic flair for any porch space.

Rustic Furniture

Few items create such a charming and cozy vibe as weathered and vintage rustic furniture. This porch has a very welcoming homey feel that we’d all love to replicate.