If you have a TV at home (and you probably do) you need a place to keep it and you have to do it in a way that doesn’t mess up your decor. Better yet, an attractive TV stand can spruce up your home decor and it can be a great way to freshen it up quickly. It can provide you with extra storage space and room for display by making the electronics look like part of your home style.

Building a TV stand is also an option and this way allows you to save a pretty penny. Making your own rustic piece of furniture will enable you to have a unique accent in your home decor. So if you’re up for it, there are 10 DIY tutorials that will lead you along the way.

X-Base Rustic TV Stand

This rustic TV stand certainly looks impressive. It provides you with lots of display and storage space and makes the TV look at home. Building it at home will cost you less than $100.

Sliding Door Console

Lovely Anna White has these plans for a sliding door console and it’s a wonderful piece of furniture to build. It has tons of space for closed and open storage and makes your TV look good.

TV Stand from Crates

Check out how to build a TV stand from crates

Via Pinterest

We love simple DIY projects that result in useful items. You can make a lot of things form crates and this is one of them. The project is pretty much straightforward.

Reclaimed Wood and Pipe TV Stand

This DIY TV stand has a look of industrial and rustic and it’s a wonderful accent in any home decor. We just love this decor vignette and encourage you to build this piece of furniture yourself. The tutorial explains how to do it well.

Rolling Console Table

Having a rolling media console table is not so much about function as it is about style. A touch of industrial style will definitely make your decor more interesting. It’s a breeze to build it by following the tutorial as well.

Farmhouse TV Stand

We see more and more farmhouse style in your pictures on Pinterest and we love this trend. It takes rustic to another level and it’s full of goodness. So why not build this simple but gorgeous farmhouse TV stand at home?

DIY Crate TV Stand

Another project for wooden crates. It’s easy simple and quick, you can have a piece of furniture done in just a few minutes. So check out the tutorial for full details and let’s get working.

Pallet Media Console

If you like the way pallets add rustic warmth to your decor you have to have this media console at home. It’s a simple project but the impact is high. Check out the tutorial to learn how to turn pallets into this lovely piece of furniture.

Corner TV Shelf

When you have very limited space and you want to use it effectively you need to get creative. This project for a corner TV shelf is one of those cases. Use an empty corner of a room to place a TV and add a lot of decor value at the same time.

Farmhouse Sideboard TV Stand

Another way to introduce farmhouse style into your home and what a way it is. This sideboard table can be used for so much more than a TV stand with lots of storage space. It will definitely be a gem of an accent in your decor.