15 Creative Microwave Over Stove Ideas for Your Kitchen

Last updated on May 18, 2024

Learn how to maximize kitchen space and style with smart microwave over stove placement ideas.

Custom Ventilation Panel

custom ventilation panel

Integrate a microwave above your stove with a sleek panel that doubles as a ventilation system, maintaining a streamlined look and saving space.

Pull-out Microwave Shelf

pull out microwave shelf

A pull-out shelf provides a convenient slide-out feature for easy access and space-saving efficiency, cleverly concealed when your appliance is not in use.

Floating Microwave Cubby

floating microwave cubby

Suspended above the stove, a floating microwave cubby frees up counter space and offers a sleek, modern appearance.

Shelf-mounted Microwave

shelf mounted microwave

A shelf-mounted microwave saves counter space, keeping the appliance at eye level and within easy reach while cooking.

Compact Built-in Design

compact built in design

A sleek, space-saving option, the compact built-in microwave fits snuggly above the stove, blending seamlessly with cabinetry for a streamlined kitchen aesthetic.

Microwave With Bottom Controls

microwave with bottom controls

Positioning the microwave’s controls at the bottom facilitates easier access and adjusts sightlines, harmonizing with the user’s natural gaze when standing at the stove.

Slide-away Microwave Door

slide away microwave door

A slide-away microwave door retracts smoothly alongside the unit, providing unobstructed access to the stove and saving precious space in tighter kitchen layouts.

Dual-Purpose Microwave Shelf

dual purpose microwave shelf

A dual-purpose microwave shelf combines cooking convenience with additional storage, allowing you to utilize the space above your stove efficiently.

Integrated Microwave Lighting

integrated microwave lighting

Illuminate your culinary space and enhance functionality by embedding lighting within the microwave unit, providing visibility for both cooking and navigation of the kitchen area at a glance.

Glass Front Microwave Cabinet

glass front microwave cabinet

A glass-front cabinet provides a sleek, semi-transparent housing for your microwave, blending functionality with decorative appeal while keeping the appliance in easy reach above your stove.

Retractable Microwave Platform

retractable microwave platform

A retractable microwave platform offers a space-saving solution, sliding out for use and tucking away when not needed, keeping your kitchen aesthetic clean and uncluttered.

Stove-top Microwave Mirror

stove top microwave mirror

Reflect your kitchen’s aesthetic with a mirrored microwave facade that stylishly blends with the cooktop below, giving a seamless look to your cooking space.

Smart Microwave Niche

smart microwave niche

A Smart Microwave Niche integrates technology, allowing you to control cooking times and settings through voice commands or a smartphone app, seamlessly fitting above your stove.

Under-Counter Microwave Access

under counter microwave access

This design deftly positions your microwave beneath the countertop, offering a discreet and space-saving solution that keeps your kitchen aesthetic clean and uncluttered.

Angular Corner Microwave Mount

angular corner microwave mount

Maximize underused corner space by installing the microwave at an angle, allowing for an ergonomically-friendly and space-efficient kitchen layout.

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