15 Built-in Microwave Cabinet Ideas to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Last updated on May 18, 2024

Discover innovative built-in microwave cabinet ideas to maximize your kitchen’s functionality and style.

Vertical Lift Door Microwave Cabinet

This design features a cabinet door that opens upwards, providing easy access while saving counter space and maintaining a sleek, modern look.

Pull-Out Microwave Drawer Shelf

This design slides out smoothly, allowing convenient access to the microwave while seamlessly blending into the cabinetry when not in use.

Custom Art Panel Microwave Door

Blend your microwave seamlessly into your kitchen’s decor with a door that features a custom art panel, turning the appliance into part of the artistic expression of your space.

Floating Shelf Microwave Station

A floating shelf microwave station elevates your microwave, freeing up valuable counter space while adding a sleek, modern touch to your kitchen design.

Angled Corner Microwave Cabinet

Maximizing often underused space, this design fits snugly into any kitchen corner, offering a smart, space-saving solution for streamlined cooking.

Retractable Microwave Garage

This design features a microwave that slides back or drops down behind closed panels when not in use, maintaining a sleek and clutter-free kitchen aesthetic.

Microwave Shelf With Built-In Lighting

Illuminate your culinary space with a microwave shelf featuring integrated lighting, enhancing visibility and adding a touch of ambiance to your kitchen decor.

Sliding Barn Door Microwave Cabinet

This design cleverly conceals your microwave behind a rustic barn door, sliding smoothly to save space and add a dash of country charm to your kitchen.

Microwave Cubby in Kitchen Island

Integrating the microwave into your kitchen island not only saves counter space but also keeps your appliance conveniently at arm’s reach while maintaining a clutter-free look.

Microwave Nook in Coffee Station

Integrate your microwave into a cozy coffee station nook, maximizing kitchen space and keeping all your morning necessities within easy reach.

Top-Hinged Flip-Up Microwave Door

This design features a door that swings upwards, allowing for easy access and sleek integration into upper cabinetry, maximizing kitchen space efficiency.

Microwave Base Cabinet With Spice Racks

This design cleverly combines your microwave storage with built-in spice racks, ensuring all your cooking essentials are within arm’s reach.

Dual Microwave and Oven Column Cabinet

Stacking your microwave and oven in a column cabinet maximizes vertical space, creating a streamlined look while keeping essential appliances within easy reach.

Glass Front Microwave Showcase Cabinet

This design features a translucent front, turning your microwave into a focal point while maintaining a sleek, coordinated look in your kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Microwave Cabinet

Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this cabinet melds environmental consciousness with modern kitchen design, providing a durable and stylish home for your microwave.

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