bike rack ideas

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Need a rack where to store your bikes? Build one using one of these ideas. Tutorials and plans are included.

We care about storing things, even if those things are your bikes. You may be storing it in your garage, your backyard, or even your apartment. And no matter what space it is, you need to make sure it’s stored safely and that it doesn’t clutter up your home.

We have a bunch of ideas for a DIY bike rack that takes into account everything. You will be able to build a rack that stores any bike (including kids bikes, scooters, and various boards). And it will look good too. If it’s an apartment, we will make sure it takes up minimal space and the rack looks good in your decor. Let’s begin.

Crib Rail

This has to be one of the most unique recycling and upcycling projects around. Using an old crib rail to make a bike rack. It’s functional and looks good. Read this website to learn how it’s done.

Wooden Rack

Build a bike rack for your exact needs using wood. It gives you all the flexibility you need. And the design comes out attractive too. Check out this website to learn how it’s done.

Garage Rack

This DIY garage rack makes it simple. All you need is a bunch of 2x4s. One of the easiest woodworking projects ever. Follow the article for the full plans and instructions.

Wall Mounted

This rack is truly unique. Have you seen anything like that before? It’s a decorative shelf and a rack in one. You’ll never shy away from storing your bike in your apartment again! Check out the link to see how it’s done.

Rack for Tiny Apartment

DIY bike rack for tiny apt


We don’t have a tutorial for this compact bike rack, but the idea is brilliant. It is ideal for small apartments where you don’t have enough room for a big stand. The wall mount construction makes hanging the bike simple.

Floating Wall-Mounted

We love solutions that have aesthetics in mind. After all, if you’re going to keep your bike in your apartment, it doesn’t mean it should turn it into a garage. This floating rack is beautiful. Read this website to see how it’s done.

PVC Rack

These are simple directions on how to make a bike rack use PVC pipe that can be easily cut at home without a lot of equipment and connected for an organized garage. See the article to get the full details and instructions.

Hanging Rack

This rack shelf is a thing of beauty. It’s functional and looks attractive. And it stores a bunch of bikes too. See the link for the full plans.

Store All Your Bikes and Boards

What if your whole family has a bunch of bikes, scooters, and boards that all need a place to be stored? Just any rack won’t do, you need to build a whole station for them. Follow the tutorial to get the full details and instructions.


And here’s another way to squeeze the bike into confined spaces. You won’t even notice the rack without a bike present. Check out the link to learn how it’s done.

Bike and Scooter Rack

Wrangle up those bikes and scooters in your garage and get them organized with this easy DIY bike and scooter rack. Check out the link to see the full plans.

Backyard Rack

Rather than cluttering up your garage or backyard, you can build this bike rack and keep your bikes safe and organized. See the tutorial to find out how it’s done.

Scrap Wood

Create this easy portable Bike Rack out of scrap wood. It’s amazing how simple this project is. Read the link for the full plans and instructions.