10 Key Insights into Airbnb Statistics Chicago, IL

Last updated on December 9, 2023

Dive into our comprehensive analysis as we unravel the intriguing patterns and trends shaping the Airbnb landscape in Chicago, Illinois, backed by solid data and compelling statistics.

Diving deep into the world of Airbnb in Chicago, Illinois, this article will provide you with the most recent and relevant statistics. Whether you’re a host looking to optimize your listing or a traveler seeking the best deals, we’ve got you covered.

diving deep into the world of airbnb in chicago illinois this article will provide you with the

We’ll explore data on average rental prices, occupancy rates, top neighborhoods, and much more. Stick around as we delve into these insightful figures, offering a comprehensive understanding of the Airbnb landscape in the Windy City.

There are over 4,500 Airbnb listings in Chigao with 78% of them as rental properties

Chicago’s Airbnb landscape is quite vast with more than 4,500 dwellings for visitors to choose from. Predominantly, these listings are residential accommodations, forming a substantial 78%. This demonstrates a vast majority of homeowners in the city are cashing in on the home-sharing trend to provide a home-away-from-home experience for tourists, short-term residents or business travelers.

21% of rental units are private rooms and 1% are shared rooms

Delving deeper into the statistics reveals the categorization of Chicago’s Airbnb listings. A significant majority of the offerings (78%) consists of entire rental properties. However, there’s also substantial availability of private rooms – making up 21% of the current listings. These are a wonderful option for budget-conscious travelers wanting a more homely atmosphere.

On the other hand, shared rooms only account for a tiny 1% of the listings. They cater to the budget trippers, offering a more social and communal experience.

$174 is the average daily rate with $2,334 revenue

Delving more deeply into the financial aspect, let’s consider the average profit from an Airbnb in Chicago. With guests paying an average of $174 per night, the profit potential is quite appealing.

In looking at the overall average revenue, hosts should anticipate approximately $2,334 every month. Despite fluctuations due to offseason or peak tourist periods, the solid return represents an enticing allure for potential hosts considering the Airbnb path.

Chicago, IL has an occupancy rate of 65%

A vital element in considering Airbnb viability as a host is the occupancy rate. In Chicago, it stands at 65%. This indicates the fraction of time a property is rented out throughout the year. Future hosts should factor this into their decision-making process, primarily because it directly impacts potential earnings. A higher occupancy rate often equals greater income. But, it can also mean more maintenance and turnover costs. Remember, balancing revenue and expenditures is key to making a profit in the Airbnb business.

a two-bedroom Chicago investment property can earn an annual income of $45,221

Investors looking to maximize their earnings should consider a two-bedroom property, as those tend to generate the highest annual income. With an approximate sum of $45,221, it significantly outperforms other offerings. This figure is drawn from analyzing the average Chicago Airbnb host’s revenue data, as well as industry insights.

Given the city’s high traffic of tourists, business travelers, and students, two-bedroom rentals are incredibly profitable due to their appeal to groups and families seeking cost-effective and communal living arrangements. However, remember to account for costs related to property management, repairs, and maintenance – these contribute to the net earnings too.

70% median occupancy rate in March peaks at 100%

Due to a surge in seasonal events and tourism, it’s observed that the median Airbnb occupancy rate in Chicago jumps from 70% to peak at a full 100% in March.

This sudden rise creates a competitive and profitable scenario for hosts.

Therefore, considering this time for a new listing or tweaking your availability could potentially maximize your occupancy and returns.

The average revenue during the peak season is $4,781

The peak tourism season in Chicago, which typically spans the summer months, drastically boosts revenue for Airbnb hosts in Chicago.

A noticeable surge occurs in the income generation, with the typical host garnering a substantial $4,781.

This significant increase underscores the vitality of strategic timing for Chicago hosts who aim to optimize their earning potential.

Logan Square has the most listings with 292 and 74% of annual revenue

Delving deeper into the neighborhood data, it’s clear why Logan Square stands out. This area boasts 292 Airbnb listings, eclipsing other Chicago neighborhoods. The impressive figure represents a significant portion of the city’s total offerings.

The lion’s share of annual revenue, a whopping 74%, is credited to Logan Square bookings. This denotes a strong preference among guests for this neighborhood, making it a lucrative investment spot for potential hosts.

The best property size is a 2-bedroom Airbnb rental

An optimal choice in terms of size for an Airbnb rental in Chicago is a two-bedroom property. This selection caters to small families, groups of friends, and even business travelers who prefer the extra space.

It appeals to a broad market, raising the chances of sustained bookings throughout the year. With Chicago’s diverse travelers’ profile, such accommodations ensure steady income, enhancing the profitability of your rental business.

It is crucial, however, to design and equip the space to cater to the needs and tastes of various traveler categories.

Logan Square has an occupancy rate of 77%

This bustling neighborhood proves to be a favorite among guests, boasting an impressive 77% occupancy rate. Its popularity is likely due to a blend of trendy eateries, rich cultural history, and chic boutiques. These factors not only draw a crowd, but they keep guests in the area throughout their stay, meaning the rate stays consistently high. This high occupancy underpins the potential profitability of investing in Airbnb properties in Logan Square. With such robust guest interest, hosts can enjoy significant returns.


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