Whether it’s an outdoor gathering of friends and family or a dinner party inside, you want to be sure you’re well-stocked with drinks and refreshments for everyone. A table or even a bookshelf will do passably well for stocking your hard liquor, wine, and mixers at first, but your own separate bar will add much more style along with functionality.

A bar you made yourself is even better because it’s sure to spark conversations once your guests learn you completed one of these cool DIY bar projects yourself. With the right materials and some basic instructions, you can have a home bar that your neighbors wouldn’t be able to buy at the local furniture store.

Pallet Bar

Take old wooden shipping pallets and attache them together to create your own home bar. Before attaching them, each pallet gets sanded down to remove any splinters before you can stain or paint it. This low-cost DIY bar project requires three full size wood pallets, along with wood screws, a cordless drill, a saw and the wood stain of your choice. A popular stain color for this project is deep cherrywood, though blonde wood stain or chestnut are also good choices for this project.

Bottle Cap Bar Top

Use your bottle cap collection to add color to an existing solid color wood bar top. Depending on the size of the bar top and the number of bottle caps, you can create designs and color gradients that will liven up even the dullest bar top. If you prefer, you can paint the bar black or possibly a deep shade of blue or purple before gluing on the bottle caps once the paint dries.

Backyard Tiki Bar

This hand-built structure gets built from a set of plans you can download for free off the Popular Mechanics website. Other needed materials include cedar fence boards, bolts, brackets, deck screws, pressure treated radius deck boards and pressure treated fence posts.

Outdoor Bar

This project uses all recycled materials to build a DIY bar for your outdoor patio or back porch. Recycled wood pallets, ceramic tiles, plywood, and wood trim are just some of the needed materials.

How to Build Your Own Bar

Using oak veneer plywood, this DIY bar project results in a permanent bar constructed in your home, which can be a corner or section of any room with the right amount of space available.

Three Shelved DIY Bar Cart

This project revives an old metal cart by using a wire brush and drill to remove rust and any dirt. Once taken apart, cleaned and fitted back together, the cart gets spray-painted gold and the trays are painted with designs of your choice.

Bar Cart With a Removable Tray

This purchased standard bar cart gets a new look with a wood tray fabricated and kept on the top section of the cart. Decorative metal straps then get screwed to each corner of the tray for a more vintage look.

Rattan Bar Cart

This easy DIY bar project involves simply sanding and repainting an old rattan cart with a bright color and stocking it with all your needed bar supplies.

Bar Cart From an Old Bookcase

If you have an old bookcase you no longer use, you can give it new life as a bar cart that’s portable and stylish. The wood shelf in this example was refinished and coated with a new stain color. The final step is simply screwing casters to each corner of the shelf’s bottom.

Industrial Bar Cart

How to build a DIY industrial bar cart

Tutorial: imgur.com

This three-shelve cart is made with black pipe and wood, and it’s great for mixing cocktails because you can store everything you need in one place. You can cut the wood shelves into dimensions of your choice, often according to available space. For more of an industrial look, you can distress the wood with the claw end of a hammer or with other sharp-ended tools.

Mobile Outdoor Bar Cart

This is one you build yourself from wood cut to the right dimensions, and it’s finished with a folding top for easier storage.

IKEA Kallex Bar

With a Kallex long shelf and two Kallex square shelves from Ikea, this project involves fitting them together and placing a piece of fitted glass over the bar top.

Simple Rolling Bar Cart

This bar project takes wood left over from a larger remodeling project, instructs you how to cut and fit it together, and build a simple but elegant rolling bar cart with top and bottom shelves.

Upcycled Bar Cart

How to build a DIY upcycled bar cart

Tutorial: houseologie.com

This project is fashioned from an old metal rolling cart that you take apart and remove any debris or rust before repainting it. Metal legs are attached to the three shelves, and wheels are screwed in place to the bottom of each leg of the cart.

Turn an Old Changing Table into a DIY Bar

Instead of putting your baby’s old changing table out on the curb or donating it, this project lets you transform it into a home bar that you can move around as needed. After cleaning, sanding and repainting, you can even add a wine rack to the middle or lower shelf.