Why You May Want and Need Custom Fireplace Doors

Last updated on October 12, 2023

Custom glass fireplace doors may not seem like something at the top of your wish list. However, when it comes to home improvement, investing in a set of custom replacement doors may be just the thing you need — for more reasons than you might think. For safety, efficiency, and overall design, custom fireplace doors offer numerous benefits to homeowners. It might just be exactly what you need. 

The Type of Fireplace

prefab fireplace

When it comes time to purchase, update, or replace fireplace doors, investigating custom fireplace doors should always be one of your first considerations. One of the most important things to note concerns the type of fireplace installed in your home — whether its a prefab or masonry fireplace.

The difference between these two can make all the difference. Knowing where to start and what to look for is important. Checking out buying guides and doing your research will make purchasing custom fireplace doors that much easier. 

Masonry Fireplace

masonry fireplace

Masonry fireplace doors are more standardly sized– there are common models that many big-name stores make doors for. Home Depot or Lowes fireplace doors might work for masonry fireplaces. Stock doors will not always be a perfect fit, but they can be a quick fix for a masonry fireplace. A custom-made masonry fireplace door will always be more precise, and secure, however other options do exist for these style fireplaces. 

Prefab Fireplace

prefab fireplace

Prefabricated “prefab” fireplaces, their sizes and shapes can vary immensely. Everything from its brand, to its dimensions, play a role in selecting the right doors. With this variety and unique element of prefabricated fireplaces, buying custom-built glass fireplace doors is really the only option. Most big box stores, like Lowes or Home Depot, don’t even carry stock doors for these kinds of fireplaces. Custom prefab fireplace doors are a necessary investment for any home that has one installed to ensure safety, efficiency, and good design.  

Prefab fireplaces need custom doors because they require certain ventilation to operate safely. A precise seal, measured specifically to your fireplace, is necessary for these kinds of fireplaces to meet safety standards. With a custom-built fireplace door, you will be able to measure the exact dimensions for your home’s prefab fireplace, which means the seal will be tight and fit the shape without any gaping or unsteadiness. 


fireplace glass doors

Regardless of masonry or prefab, custom glass fireplace doors are always an investment worth making. With a perfect fit, you will be guaranteed efficiency with your fireplace overall. Due to the use of a chimney flue, a seal is important for keeping conditioned air inside and preventing drafts. Seeing as a chimney flue is essentially a window to the outdoors, custom made fireplace doors will help regulate the temperature of your home and minimize any effects of escaping heating or AC. 

Visual Appeal

modern fireplace decor

Custom-built doors are also great for more than practicality; they can provide a clean, sleek refurbish to an outdated or poorly maintained fireplace. A room can be perfectly decorated, but a rusty, old fireplace can make an entire room seem drab. With clean frames, clear, polished glass, and a secure fit, a custom prefab or masonry fireplace door can bring your living area to the next level. Having nights around the fire will have never looked so good! 


fireplace safety

Safety concerns are also a great reason to invest in custom replacement fireplace doors. To make sure fireplaces are ventilating properly will help eliminate worries of fire-related mistakes. Doors also keep ash and dust in, that could otherwise escape. If still hot, they could easily spark on carpet, rugs, or furniture and start an unwanted, uncontrolled fire in your home. Fireplace doors will help you sleep easy at night, knowing that your fireplace has been properly taken care of.


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