What Causes a Lot of Flies in the House?

Last updated on January 5, 2023

Flies are more than just a nuisance; they can carry an array of diseases that can leave you feeling ill or give you a life-threatening disease. There is no better reason than that to keep them away from your home.

But, what is it that attracts them to your house in the first place? Understanding this will allow you to remove the temptation and protect your home from flies.

Of course, it’s a good idea to invest in fly control devices, such as electric zapper. This will help to catch any flies that do decide to visit. If you’re stilling having trouble with flies after making these changes and investing in some fly control devices, it might be time to consider a professional.

Food Debris

This is perhaps the biggest pull for a fly. Remember that a tiny crumb is nothing to you but can be a reasonable meal to a fly.

Food debris and decaying food are almost irresistible to most flies. They can sense the aroma from a distance of 7km! Of course, this is too far for them generally to travel as it would take several days.

But, it does illustrate the power of decaying food. A fly going past your house will detect the aroma and one to take a look. Once you have one fly you’re likely to get more.

To avoid this you need to clean down your sides with a disinfectant after you’ve prepared food, place all waste in a sealed bin, and wash all plates and crockery straight away.


This is less likely to attract the flies but it is going to help them stay. Flies need water in the same way that most living creatures need to stay hydrated. If you have sources of water in and around your home it will make it a more attractive environment for the flies.

You should also note that mosquitoes need standing water in order to breed. It’s essential you remove any standing water from your home to ensure you’re not attracting mosquitoes.

This can be difficult if you have pets but you’ll need to learn to put water down for them when they need it and then pick it up again


Most homes now have a compost pile as it is seen as environmentally friendly. Of course, this is still decaying matter and is likely to attract flies and other pests.

If you have a large enough garden then you should ensure the compost pile is a good distance from your house, the further the better. If this is not an option then you need to make sure the compost pile is sealed, using a specific compost bin.

This will reduce the attraction.

Alongside the electrical device mentioned above, you may want to consider planting peppermint and other herbs that deter flies from your home. A fly spray can be effective but it can also be harmful to humans; the electrical approach is the most convenient and safest for you and your family.

Being vigilant will prevent the flies from laying eggs in your home; which could lead to a serious infestation the following year.


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