7 Most Effective Ways How to Convince People to Recycle and Reduce Waste

Last updated on September 30, 2023

Want to reduce waste and convince people to recycle? Here are seven effective ways of how to reduce waste at home. Read on!

Every day, everywhere, as long as humanity exists, waste is inevitable. However, we can reduce waste. Of course, that is why you landed on this page.

Gladly, we have seven tactics that will help you reduce waste at home as well as help you convince others to recycle. And, these are the most effective tactics.

Just to mention, think of composting, reuse, avoid plastic, recycle, carry food and water, and only cook what you need. 

Finally, keep animals and reduce paper.

What’s more? Most of the tactics we have provided here will also help you to save money. 

Let’s dive in.

Keep Animals

pet toys

Animals are great friends, and almost every family owns at least one pet. It could be a dog or a cat. Did you know that you could give food remains to these animals instead of throwing away as long as the food is good?

Well, now, you know. You don’t have to cook fresh food for your dog; it can as well feed on what you cannot clear.

Again, there are companies out there that collect food from weddings, restaurants, colleges, and the like and give it to the pigs. Nonetheless, there are precaution measures they take to ensure that the food is safe for pigs.

On the other hand, if you rare pigs or a neighbor does, pigs can eat anything, even stale food. Instead of throwing it away, why not give it to the pigs? Definitely, this is the best way to reduce waste. Isn’t that so?

Reduce Paper

paper mail

If you no longer need some emails delivered to your email inbox, be kind to yourself and request the sender not to send you those mails again. After that, consider calling electricity and water companies and ask them to send you an email in place of a mail.

Trust me; it is fast to receive information through an email than a mail. So, yes, while you are trying to save waste, you will also get timely information concerning your bills. Moreover, it is also efficient when you move since your email address remains the same, but the mail address changes with location.

Alternatively, you could opt to make calls in the respective offices to make inquiries whenever you need to do so. Do you really need newspapers anymore? I bet not. You can use Google to know what is happening around the world, at any time, right?

Carry Food and Water

bottled water

Will you go out the entire day or almost the whole day? Then, carry your own water and food. Not only is it healthy and economical, but effective in reducing waste. This is why.

When you carry your own water, you will use a reusable container. If you are like me, you may even opt for a thermos that can help keep the water warm all day long as long as it is there. This is mostly the best way to go when the weather is cold, but you still want to take some water.

Another benefit of carrying water is that you carry enough according to how much you consume in a day. As such, it is impossible to crave junk foods, as you will be feeling full.

Cook Just What You Need


It happens all the time; you cook food that you cannot finish in one meal. The next day, you don’t want to eat the same food. So, you throw it away. Well, how about you cook only what you can take in a single meal?

Food goes bad fast, especially if you do not own a freezer, and temperatures outside are high. I have seen it happen. The solution here is to cook just enough food. Sometimes it is cumbersome, but if you want to reduce waste, this is the way to go. Measure if you must, but ensure you have enough food, not excess. Additionally, you can use same day rubbish removal services to dispose of the wastages properly.



When you think of buying anything to use in your kitchen, think about buying reusable things. Reusable items are items you can use several times before disposing of. Others may not even be disposed of if they become of great value to you. For instance, think about 20-liters water bottles. Instead of throwing this away, why not grow vegetables around your home? Otherwise, add some beauty by increasing flowers around the house.

You don’t want to plant anything around your home? No problem, think of storing water in those bottles to use it in case there is no water in your taps.

On the other hand, bottles that can otherwise be used for food storage should not be thrown away, especially if they have good lids. Use them to store food in the freezer.

Avoid Plastic


Though plastic bags are slowly dying in most countries, some countries are still using them. Their ease of accessibility makes them the best option for most people. However, plastic does not decompose. While most people know this, they will still want to use plastic bags.

The truth is, buying plastic bags is not only a way of increasing waste in your home, but it is also a way of misusing money. Think about it; you buy a reusable bag today. Once you use it to buy groceries, wash it, and once dry, store it in a good place.

The next day you go to buy groceries, you will use the same bag, hence, reduce waste at home and save cash.

Nonetheless, when buying these reusable bags, ensure that they are made of high-quality material so that they can last long.

Repair or Reuse the Old Clothes

clothes without dresser

Yes, you heard me right. I do this all the time, using old cotton clothes as rugs. Why should you buy a rug to mop your house while the old cotton sweater or towel can do a perfect job? Not worth it. So, if the towel is too old or it has discolored enough, don’t throw it away, use it for mopping your house.

On the other hand, clothes that still look good and smart but are torn could be repaired instead of throwing away.

However, to ensure that the repaired clothes won’t embarrass you or your kid, do it professionally or hire a professional to do it for you.

But here’s one crucial hint, if you love repairing clothes instead of discarding, be sure always to buy high-quality products.


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