A bathroom renovation is one of the best home improvement projects that will bring the greatest return on your investment if it’s done right. Achieving this requires creating a plan that will address its functionality as well, since there are so many demands placed on this room. Functionality is achieved with ease of maneuverability and storage solutions, as we live in an age where each family member has his own set of grooming and hygienic products that each require their own home.

Create plans according to the number of people using the space on a regular basis, and whether they use it at the same time. Functionality in this case could be improved by installing double sinks to accommodate two people simultaneously. Your plans should include ample storage, which could envelope a large mirror or two, and a large vanity with lots of shelves and drawers to help keep your bathroom well organized and free of clutter. Consider multifunctional accessories, like a heated towel rack or shelves that incorporate a towel rack.

A beautiful bathroom is one that looks great at all times. Determine what level of maintenance best suits your lifestyle before choosing materials and finishes. As a general rule, glossy finishes require much more upkeep than would matte finishes. A tempered glass vessel sink, for example, would be considered high maintenance, so keep this in mind before making your decision. Rustic bathroom decor accents, on the other hand, can handle wear and tear while still keeping the visual appeal for years to come.

One of the most important elements of a spectacular bathroom is the tile, which covers the floor and the tub or shower walls. Choose from impressive glass or stone tiles for a real impact. Another vital element often neglected is the lighting. Add lots of light sources and connect each to a dimmer switch that enables the user to groom himself with ease, but also relax in an inviting large soaker tub, with the lights dimmed.