The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the home. You can decorate this space in a way that will bring smiles to the faces of all home residents and guests. Small additions like funny toilet paper holders will keep this area a light-hearted and enjoyable one.

Acknowledging The Obvious

Funny toilet papers are often designed to acknowledge the obvious. Although the bathroom is where people often go to get clean, it is also where they come to relieve themselves. You can invest in standing toilet paper holders that feature 3D characters with highly expressive faces and their hands raised to cover their noses. Not only will these make bathroom guests laugh, but they can also serve as a gentle reminder to light a match, turn on the fan, crack the window or help themselves to the air freshener.


Toilet paper doesn’t weigh much, which is why it is often shown in cartoons as being used as weights. Some funny toilet paper holders are designed to look like barbells that are being held up by ripped, muscular men and women who are straining under their weight. Much like holders that acknowledge the obvious, these designs also have a very practical application. They can be used to put out two rolls of paper rather than just one. They are great in households with lots of live-in residents and in bathrooms that get a lot of guests.

Everyday Objects

Funny toilet paper holders don’t have to call out foul smells or mock muscular people. They can simply mimic the style of everyday objects while performing an entirely different function. For instance, you can buy a toilet paper holder that looks just like a fax machine. Rather than emitting faxes, it can send out a stream of toilet paper squares.

Some of the best funny toilet paper holders can be found online. The web is the perfect place to go if you have a special theme that you’re interested. You can even find suppliers who will create your own custom-designed holders if you have a specific joke that you want your holder to tell.