25 Magical Mushroom Lamp Ideas for Your Fairytale Space

Last updated on April 5, 2023

Mushroom lamps are a new trend in home decor. Want to add a quirky, unique accent to spice things up? Get one of these.

mushroom table lamp

Mushroom lamps offer a unique and stylish accent to any room. These lamps come in various sizes and colors, making them suitable for any interior design style. They make the home cozier and warmer, and yet they add character to the decor.

They add warmth and quirky minimalism to the space with their soft glow and beige tones while providing an inviting, relaxing atmosphere.

These lamps become even more inviting with natural materials like wood or rattan furniture pieces and plants.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, mushroom lamps will make your home stand out!

Minimalists Mushroom Lamp

Guten Morgen Mushroom Lamp mushroom lamp
Source: @alina_ahoi

This is your minimalist mushroom lamp design. It’s warm and uses beige tones, white accents, and clean lines. Combining the mushroom lamp with other elements creates an atmosphere that encourages relaxation.

Incorporate natural materials like wood or rattan furniture and plants to bring life into the room. Complete this look with unique accessories, such as a vintage rug or artwork, to give it a personal touch.

Red Spring Mushroom Lamp

Kaitlin Spring Mushroom Lamp mushroom lamp
Source: @kspring

This bold red mushroom lamp works against any room’s dark wooden color palette. It’s beautiful and unique, and it’s easily a centerpiece of any area it is placed.

You can also recreate your mushroom lamps and add more accents to their surroundings. Put in some decorative plants, drinks, and other matching items.

Pink Mushroom Lamp

This pink mushroom lamp is quaint and tiny! Standing 10.5″ tall, this imported Italian lamp is EU wired and has a sleek adapter for easy installation. The lamp’s soft glow creates a calming atmosphere that will never get old. It’s perfect for a classic living room design.

Evening Candle Lamp

Check out this mushroom evening candle lamp. It features a beautiful ornate base and soft LED glow, creating a gentle ambiance for nighttime relaxation.

The lamp evokes an intimate evening experience with sweet scents and flickering flames that add sparkle to the darkened room.

Orange Sunrise Mushroom Lamp

Make your room brighter every day with this orange mushroom lamp. It’s not too small and not too big either. This lamp fits on the table, coffee table, or any surface on which you want to place it.

This mushroom lamp adds a warm glow above it, while white shelving provides storage and interior styling. Pops of orange create an eye-catching contrast that ties the whole look together.

Mini White Mushroom Lamp

Aga ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶ mushroom lamp
Source: @popvenus

Work this mini mushroom lamp into your space. The unique lamp features a mushroom-shaped base crafted from natural wood, with a white fabric shade that casts a soft, warm light into the space.

The light fixture creates an inviting atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, or office. It’s sure to be an eye-catching piece for all who see it!

The Collectible Lamp

Collectables mushroom lamp
Source: @anoukyve

Check out this collectible lamp item that is perfect for a minimalist’s home. This lamp features a unique design with an intricate mushroom-shaped base crafted from durable materials for long-lasting use.

The soft glow of the light creates a cozy atmosphere, while the vibrant colors bring an eye-catching pop of color to your space. This charming lamp is easily open to the eye candies of any room!

DIY Mushroom Lamp

DIY Mushroom Lamp mushroom lamp
Source: @jedvintage

How about a DIY mushroom lamp? Make this a focal point in your home. A vintage piece like this is a great addition to your beautiful house. It’s white, big, and creates a cozier for your home. Add more vintage accessories for the overall feel.

Unique German Mushroom

German Mushroom by StarLux mushroom lamp
Source: @deerstedt

If you want that retro design, this mushroom lamp is for you. The unique German-style lamp features an eye-catching 1970s design that will draw attention and admiration. Enjoy the retro feel of your home and let others love this style too.

Checkered Mushroom Lamp

The handmade ceramic checkered mushroom lamp is handbuilt from clay, glazed in a soft pattern, and decorated with checkerboard designs.

The wonky design of the mushroom shape adds an interesting touch that makes it stand out in any room. This table lamp illuminates the room with soft light.

Tiny Orange Mushroom Lamp

Orange Mushroom Lamp mushroom lamp
Source: @alichuree

This tiny orange mushroom lamp is everything. This classic style of lamp is perfect for adding a touch of texture and charm to any room. Its round lampshade has been crafted from natural materials like wood or rattan, which gives it an earthy aesthetic.

The lamp’s base is made from metal in muted tones like brass or bronze, giving it an old-fashioned look that pairs perfectly with the more rustic shade.

Place this mushroom lamp in any living room, bedroom, or office space to create a relaxing atmosphere and add vintage flair to your decor.

Retro Mushroom Lamp

Retro Mushroom Lamp mushroom lamp
Source: @shopkanyon

Make it proper retro with this retro orange lamp. This charming lamp combines vintage and modern styles, perfectly suited for any room.

The warm yellow light radiates from the mushroom-shaped base, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The delicate details of the mushroom and its intricate design add subtle touches of sophistication to any room. The mushroom lamp can be used as an accent piece in front rooms or as a nightlight in bedrooms and nurseries.

With its vintage look and modern appeal, this mushroom lamp will surely be a conversation starter in any space!

Centerpiece Mushroom Lamp

The centerpiece mushroom lamp is iconic with its shape and warm glow. Surrounding it are pieces from iconic designers to make it a show of elegance and style.

The overall look is completed with white and wood accents that bring out the warmth of the mushroom lamp and create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room.

Vacation Mushroom Lamp

This vacation mushroom lamp is your perfect home item getaway. It’s a centerpiece design that adds both warmth and sophistication to the space with its soft lighting.

Complete the look with cozy seating areas featuring mid-century furniture such as sofas or armchairs upholstered in neutral colors that add a touch of classic comfort and accents like fur rugs or Danish-inspired coffee tables.

You can also add Scandinavian design artwork hanging on the walls for added beauty and texture – giving this interior space an overall timeless yet stylish appeal!

Iconic White Wood Design

The iconic white and wood design of this lamp screams tradition. The neutral colors of the piece blend beautifully with any existing interior styling.

Placed beside a knoll couch or a better armchair, this Saarinen-inspired mushroom lamp will give your living space an undeniably vintage ambiance that can be complemented by adding other iconic pieces, chairs or chairs Vitra designs.

Classic Mushroom Lamp

You don’t need to complicate your space. Instead, use this classic mushroom design. The playful lamp adds a touch of whimsy to the space.

The neutrals found in the light fixtures echo vintage furniture pieces and create an inviting atmosphere for guests to gather around.

With its minimal yet timeless style, this decor scheme blends classic and modern decor in one space.

Spiral Mushroom Lamp Decor

This spiral mushroom lamp design is handcrafted and made from high-quality materials. The lamp features an intricate design of intertwining swirls and colors that create a stunning effect.

The classic shape is perfect for adding a touch of retro style to any space, while the vibrant colors bring life and energy to the room.

Whether placed on an end table or hung from the ceiling, this rare vintage piece will surely draw attention and admiration.

Vintage Table Lamp

Frank Bentler Table Lamp mushroom lamp
Source: @deerstedt

Do you love retro? Then, this is perfect for your style and aesthetics. Its unique shape and vibrant color bring a touch of different charm to any room, making it an eye-catching centerpiece for your home.

Corners Love Mushroom Lamp

Beautify every corner with this corner love mushroom lamp. The lamp casts a warm glow over the space. The bench adds an industrial touch, contrasting its sleek metal frame and wood accents.

There is also artwork hung on the walls in white frames that complete the look and ties everything together.

Cozy Mushroom Lamp

This is your perfect sign to get a cozy mushroom lamp. The centerpiece of the design is a white and wood mid-century furniture piece and the mushroom lamp on top. Complete the look with easy living touches, like a few potted plants and some cozy cushions in muted colors.

The overall effect is one of Scandinavian design and slow living – perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Relaxing Weekend Mushroom Lamp

Make it an always relaxing weekend with this beautiful relaxing lamp. The sleek and sculptural lamp is designed in the mid-century modern style, with a white shade for timeless elegance and wood legs for an organic feel.

Its eye-catching design will make heads turn. Accessorize it further with minimal interior styling components or add colorful art books.

Vinterior Mushroom Lamp

This cozy, modern design combines vintage furniture, built-in shelves for books, and a unique mushroom lamp for an eye-catching centerpiece. Soft rugs in warm colors create a sense of comfort and complete the look.

As a focal point, add this vintage lamp for that cozy and homey feel. There’s just no place like home, and with this lamp, it’s all the more calming and comforting to be anywhere in the world but your turf.

Classic Mushroom Lamp

Its classic shape and simple white and wood design make it an eye-catching piece in any space. This classic lamp gives off a warm, inviting glow that perfectly complements coffee table books, mid-century furniture, and acrylic artwork.

Pair the lamp with vintage-style decorations to create a unique mid-century look.

Standing Mushroom Lamp

This standing mushroom lamp offers more light for your space. The white and wood decor creates a modern, minimalistic look that instantly upgrades your space.

To complete the look, accessorize with artwork and books on your shelf for an artful touch. Add some unconventional items for a pop of color and to bring in elements of nature – creating the perfect atmosphere for slow living!

Paper Mache Type Lamp

This paper mache-type ceramic lamp is to die for! The glazed ivory ceramic creates a serene atmosphere and adds a subtle hint of style. The lamp is an ideal piece for any modern home.


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